A Lifetime With You Chapter 11

A Lifetime With You Chapter 11

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She looked down at her ankle and wondered if she twisted it again when she struggled the day before. It was red and swollen now. She sat on the bed and massaged her ankle for a while before putting on slippers and limping downstairs. “Young missus, you’re awake.” The housekeeper had been waiting for Ava in the living room. As she was worried that Ava would wake up in the middle of the night, she didn’t sleep all night. “There’s some porridge in the kitchen. I’ll bring some out for you.” “Thank you.” Ava supported herself by holding onto the table and sat down. She felt really uncomfortable all over. She probably wouldn’t be able to go to work today. As she ate the porridge, she texted her boss to ask for the day off. After thinking for a moment, she sent Selden a message asking to see him about her swollen ankle.

After breakfast, Ava planned to rest for a while before leaving the house. However, a call from Karen ruined her plans.

“Come to Municipal’s People Hospital at eleven in the morning for a check up.” Ava frowned, and she had an ominous feeling about this. “What kind of check up?” Karen said as though it was the most natural thing in the world to say, “What else? A fertility check up, of course! You’re still not pregnant after two years of marriage. There’s definitely something wrong with you!” Ava said calmly and coldly, “There’s nothing…” “Beep, beep…” Karen had already hung up.

Ava was exasperated. Karen had always been rude to her. Hence, if she didn’t go to the hospital for fertility check-up this time, Karen would definitely use it as an excuse to stir up trouble in the future. Ava decided to just go for the check-up, hoping that Karen would shut up when the result showed that there was nothing wrong with her body. After getting changed, Ava endured the pain in her ankle and drove to the hospital. Karen told Ava to go to the hospital at eleven, but she was an hour late and only showed up at twelve.

Moreover, Beth was with Karen, and there was a triumphant expression on her face. Ava tightened her grip on the strap of her handbag. Beth must have told Karen that she was pregnant with Damien’s baby. Sure enough, the first thing Karen said was, “You don’t have to go for the checkup anymore.” Ava gritted her teeth and said nothing. Karen took out a document from her handbag and tossed it at Ava. She let out a cold and disdainful snort. “Here’s the divorce agreement. Just sign it. The Nagel family will give you a million USD as compensation.” Ava picked up the document from the floor. As she stared at the words on it, she suddenly felt extremely dizzy.She closed her eyes for a moment to compose herself. She then opened her eyes and said calmly, “I will not sign this agreement.” “What right do you have to not sign it?” Karen emanated an extremely powerful and oppressive aura as she said, “Fine. If you don’t want to sign it, give me a son now! Otherwise, you don’t have a choice!” Ava threw the agreement onto the chair and straightened her back. “No matter what you say, I will not sign this agreement. If you don’t mind your grandchild’s mother being a mistress, go ahead and let Beth Nagel give birth to the baby. That way, I don’t even need to worry about getting pregnant.” After she said that, she turned around and left. “Ava Nagel, stop right there!” Karen grabbed her wrist to stop her from leaving. “Sign this agreement! You tried everything possible to marry into our family just for money, didn’t you? Fine, sign the agreement, and I’ll give you ten million USD. That should be enough for you!” Ava shoved Karen’s hand away. “Even if you give me a hundred million, I won’t agree to the divorce!” Karen yelled angrily, “Ava Nagel, why are you so shameless? I’m already being very nice to you!” They were quarrelling so loudly that many passersby had stopped to watch them. Karen cared about her reputation a lot. When she saw that so many people were watching them, she lowered her voice. “Be obedient and sign the agreement so that we can part on good terms. Otherwise, don’t blame me for treating you like the piece of shit you are in the future!” Ava insisted, “I will not sign it.”


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