A Lifetime With You Chapter 12

A Lifetime With You Chapter 12

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Karen sneered and nodded as she pointed at Ava and said, “Fine. Since you don’t want to sign it, go and do a fertility check-up immediately! As my daughter-in-law, this is the least you could do!”

Ava bit her lower lip and decided to compromise. Unless she proved that she wasn’t infertile, Karen would continue coming after her.

Ava entered the examination room.

Only then did Beth walk over to Karen. She looked well-behaved and docile as she said, “Auntie, it’s okay if my sister doesn’t want a divorce. I don’t mind. As long as I can give birth to the baby safely. 1 will be happy.” Karen was pleased. She had always wanted an obedient daughter-in-law like this. She patted the back of Beth’s hand and said softly, “Don’t worry. I will definitely make sure that they get a divorce. A mistress’ daughter has no right to be my grandson’s mother!” Beth said obediently, “Anything you say, auntie. But please don’t make things too hard for yourself. I don’t mind not marrying Damien…” Karen said, “I must ensure that my grandson’s mother has a good reputation! Don’t think too much. I’ll definitely make sure that they get a divorce!” Beth pretended to look touched and nodded, but she was actually internally cursing Karen. Karen said a lot of things, but at the end of the day, she only cared about her grandson’s reputation. What a selfish woman!

Ava waited in the examination room for a while. Soon, a nurse came in.

But the nurse turned out to be a man.

Ava was taken aback. This was when the doctor and another nurse came in. Both of them were men


What was going on? While putting on a pair of gloves, the doctor pointed at the operating table next to him. “Take off your pants, lie on the bed, and open your legs.”

Ava’s expression turned cold. She immediately understood what was going on.
Karen didn’t arrange for her to have a fertility check up. Instead, everything was a set up to humiliate her.
She was a woman. Why would she take off her pants and show her private part to three men? If word got out about this, her reputation would be utterly destroyed. Moreover, Damien hated her in the first place. If he knew that she had exposed herself to three men like this, he would probably find her even more disgusting. “Sorry. I don’t want to do this check up anymore,” Ava said and tried to sidestep them and walk away.
However, one of the male nurses stood in her way, and there was a hint of malice on his face. “We
are sorry. But since you’re in the examination room already, you have no choice but to do the checkup.”
“Why didn’t I know that the hospital has such a rule?” Ava looked vigilantly at him. “Get out of my way, or I’ll call the police!”
The man smiled and put his arms around Ava. He then dragged her to the hospital bed. “What are you doing? Let me go!” Ava struggled. “Help! Someone, please help… Uhmmm!” Another man rushed over and covered her mouth so that she couldn’t ask for help. Ava waved her hands and feet desperately. While struggling, she knocked over the surgical rack beside her, and metal surgical instruments fell to the ground. The surgical instruments produced loud clangs as they hit the floor, and Ava immediately had an idea. She kept pushing everything besides the operating table onto the floor, hoping that the sounds they made would attract someone’s attention. “Hold her arm!” One of the men ordered. Two men immediately restrained Ava’s hands and feet. The other men grabbed a gauze and stuffed it into Ava’s mouth so that she couldn’t cry for help. Ava was only a woman. Of course, she couldn’t fight against three strong men. She wasn’t able to resist at all as the men stuffed the gauze into her mouth. Her limbs were also held down. Right now, she was laying on the operating table like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered. One of the men pried her legs open. He extended his hand to pull down her pants.
“Someone please save me…” “Damien, can you come and save me?” “Damien…” Ava thought.


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