A Lifetime With You Chapter 13

A Lifetime With You Chapter 13

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The door of the examination room was kicked open. Ava widened her eyes and immediately turned to look at the door. Could it be that Damien was here to save her… The man who rushed in from the door was tall and slender. Unfortunately, he wasn’t Damien

It was Selden.

Ava’s gaze dimmed in an instant. “What are you doing?” Selden rushed forward and punched the man who was about to take off Ava’s pants to the ground.

There were flames of fury in his beautiful eyes as he glared at the other two men.

He clenched his fists tightly and mercilessly beat them up.

He was punching them so forcefully that it was as though he wanted to kill them. Now that Ava was no longer restrained, she quickly removed the gauze from her mouth. She then rushed over to stop Selden. “Selden, that’s enough already.” Ava grabbed his hand. “You would get into trouble if you continue punching them!” Selden’s beautiful eyes were still bloodshot. He grasped Ava’s arm and asked anxiously, “How are you? Are you okay?” Ava nodded “I’m fine. Thank god, you came in time. They haven’t done anything to me yet.” Selden nodded, but he tightened his grip on Ava worriedly.

The hospital’s security guards finally arrived. Selden pointed at the three men on the ground, who had been badly beaten up by him. He said icily, “These three people pretended to be staff members of the hospital and tried to molest a patient. Send all of them to the police station and investigate who sent them here!”

Ava clenched her fists. She knew who sent these men here. It was Karen, her mother-in-law who had always despised her.

She just never expected Karen to do such a thing so that Damien would divorce her. If she ended up getting molested by these men, her reputation would be tarnished forever. After struggling against these men, Ava’s ankle injury had worsened. The men used a lot of force when they held her legs down, and there were bruises around her ankle. She was in so much pain that she couldn’t even walk. Selden carried her in his arms and walked towards his office. Ava didn’t like to be so intimate with Selden, and she struggled. “Selden, let me down. I can walk!” Selden glanced at her with a smile, and his beautiful eyes were once again full of tenderness.” “No, I just want to hold you.”

Ava became a little angry. “Can you not act like this… Ah!” Before she could finish speaking, Selden suddenly moved his arms a little, and Ava thought that she was falling. She was so scared that she cried out and subconsciously reach out to wrap her arms around Selden’s neck so that she wouldn’t fall down. Because of this, her body was now pressed against Selden’s. At first glance, the two of them looked like a couple in love. This time, Ava became angry for real. Selden had always been a playboy who flirted with beautiful women all the time. But Ava wasn’t that kind of person. Moreover, she was a married woman, and she shouldn’t get too close to other men. “Selden, let me go! If you continue to carry me, I’m going to get angry!” There was still a sultry smile on Selden’s face. He deliberately lowered his head so that his face was close to Ava’s as he said, “Hey, Ava, you’re still as adorable as ever. I feel like kissing you. What do I do?” Ava stared at him angrily. “Go ahead if you dare!” Selden wasn’t perturbed at all. He continued to inch his face towards Ava’s. He looked like he was really about to kiss her. Ava was so petrified that she tried to inch backwards, but she was in Selden’s arms. There was nowhere she could go.


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