A Lifetime With You Chapter 14

A Lifetime With You Chapter 14

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Seeing that the shameless Selden was about to really kiss her, Ava had no choice but to reach out and cover his mouth.

“Selden, if you continue to act like this, I swear I will never speak to you again!” Ava said with a cold and solemn expression.

Selden looked like he still wanted to fool around, but he moved his face away. This was when the elevator doors slid open, and he walked inside with Ava in his arms. “Ava, how could you shun me like that? I really do like you with all my heart.” Selden sighed and confessed his feelings to Ava. Even though he sounded like he was joking, his gaze was solemn. Ava snorted and didn’t take his words seriously at all. She struggled again and said, “Let me go!”

Selden compromised and said, “Alright, alright. I’ll let you go the moment we arrive at my office. I promise!”

Ava really couldn’t struggle against Selden, so she gave up and emphasized solemnly. “You better keep your word, or I will never talk to you again!” Selden glanced at her in exasperation. “When have I ever lied to you?” Ava really couldn’t think of any instances where Selden had lied to her. But given the behavior of this playboy just now, she was full of distrust for him, so she just snorted in response. The elevator doors slid open, and Selden carried Ava into his office. He didn’t notice that two people had been following them all the way. After Selden closed the office door, Karen walked out from the shadow and looked at the photographs she had just taken on her cell phone. In these photographs, Ava and Selden looked extremely intimate. She cursed in disgust, “I didn’t expect Ava to have hooked up with some random man out there!”

There was an innocent expression on Beth’s face, and she seemed to be speaking up for Ava. “Auntie, you may have misunderstood things. That man is just my sister’s friend. They could be said to be childhood sweethearts.” Karen immediately grasped the main point. “They are childhood sweethearts? So, they’ve been hooking up for a long time?” Beth pretended to cover up for Ava and said, “No… No, they’re just normal friends.” Karen frowned and said in disgust. “Is that how normal friends are supposed to act? In my opinion, they are definitely hooking up behind everyone’s back!” 2 “That slitty woman might have cheated on my son!” 2 “How shameless!”

“I must expose her in front of Damien so that he would divorce her. After all, my grandson’s mother must not be a mistress!” Karen thought.

She waved in dismissal and said, “Alright. Why don’t you go home first for now?” When Beth heard these words, her eyes immediately welled up with tears. She cut a piteous sight as she said, “Auntie, I can’t go home. If my father finds out that I’m pregnant with my sister’s husband’s

baby, he would definitely force me to get an abortion!” Karen immediately said, “No way! That’s the Radbury family’s grandson!” Beth started sobbing and said nothing. Karen thought about it for a moment and said, “Why don’t you stay in your sister’s mansion for the time being? Just tell her that I told her to take good care of you. If she dares to mistreat you, let me know. I’ll stand up for you!”

What Beth wanted was to stay in Silky Way Manor where Karen lived. But she didn’t mind staying in Ava’s place to torture her sister either, so she nodded obediently and agreed.

“Thank you, auntie.”

Karen nodded and said, “After you move in, take the opportunity to monitor that woman for me. See if she messes around with random men, and if you spot anything, notify me. Do you understand?” Of course Beth understood. She quickly agreed.

After Beth left, Karen immediately chose a photograph in which Ava and Selden looked the most intimate. She then sent it to Damien.


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