A Lifetime With You Chapter 15

A Lifetime With You Chapter 15

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Before pressing the “send” button, Karen hesitated. This wouldn’t do. The background of this photograph was a hospital. Ava would probably be able to explain herself. Karen decided to get someone to photoshop the background of the photograph into a hotel.

That way, the photograph would serve as proof that Ava was cheating on Damien At that time, that woman wouldn’t be able to explain herself.

After treating Ava’s ankle injury, Selden decided to take the rest of the day off to send her home.

It took Ava half an hour to talk Selden out of sending her home. In the end, Selden compromised, But he made Ava promise to treat him to three meals. Ava breathed a long sigh of relief the moment she entered the cab. Why was her friend like that? He was always fooling around with her and deriving pleasure from it.

At night

Ava sat on the sofa and waited as the butler prepared dinner.

This was when the doorbell rang. Surprised, Ava looked at the door. Dahlia Garden Mansion had never had a guest. And it was already late at night… “Coming!” The butler called out and ran towards the door to open it. Her body then stiffened, and she said in surprise, “Young master!” Ava’s heart skipped a beat. Stunned, she looked at the door. There was a tall and handsome man at the door. It was really Damien. Why… Why did he come home all of a sudden? Damien entered the mansion quietly. He took off his suit jacket and handed it to the housekeeper. He then loosened and removed his tie with one hand as he walked towards the sofa and sat down in a languid manner. He looked so relaxed and leisurely that he seemed like an ordinary man who had just come home from work.

Ava was shocked, and she looked at him with a bewildered expression on her face. What was going on? Had Damien gone crazy? Or was he back to mercilessly torture and humiliate her again like last night? At the thought of this, Ava’s face turned deathly pale. “This must be it,” she thought.

Ava’s entire body was tense as she looked vigilantly at Damien But Damien merely sat quietly on the sofa with a hand on the armrest. He seemed to be focusing on whatever was playing on the television.

The lights from the television flickered in his jet black eyes It might be Ava’s imagination, but he appeared exceptionally tender right now

After stealing a few glances at him, Ava quickly looked away

This was so strange. What exactly was he trying to do?

“Young master, young missus. It is time for dinner,” the butler said respectfully. Ava came back to her senses and hummed in reply. She put on her slippers and limped towards the dining table.

She could hear Damien’s footsteps behind her. Ava felt a chill run down her spine, and she was about to turn to look at him when he suddenly picked her up and carried her in his arms.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Ava felt uncomfortable all over, and she looked vigilantly at Damien

Damien’s head was lowered, and his gaze was extremely icy, as though there wasn’t a single hint of emotion in his eyes. “Bringing you to the dining room. What else?” Ava blushed a little and glared at him. She then looked away. She thought that Damien was about to bully her again. Who would have expected him to actually treat her well for once? But now that he was suddenly being so nice… Ava had an ominous feeling about this.

They finished the meal amid an eerie silence.

Damien put down his chopsticks and looked at Ava. Ava looked back at him and said in exasperation, “What?” Damien said expressionlessly, “Do you want to sleep?” Ava glared at him. She knew that this man was up to no good! It turned out that he only came back today to have s*x with her. What a b*stard! “No!” Ava said and limped towards the sofa. Damien got up and followed her. He then picked her up and carried her in his arms again.

Ava immediately let her guard up. Was this man about to force her to have s*x with him?


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