A Lifetime With You Chapter 16

A Lifetime With You Chapter 16

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“Damien, what are you doing? Let go of me!” Ava struggled hard. Damien tightened his grip on her, and it was impossible for her to break free. Ava took a deep breath. Just as she opened her mouth to scold Damien, he had already thrown her onto the sofa.

As soon as Ava landed on the sofa, she quickly grabbed a pillow and shielded herself with it

But Damien merely glanced indifferently at her before turning around and going upstairs. “Huh?” Ava was taken aback. He suddenly carried her just to put her on the sofa? Was that the only reason?

What trick was Damien playing today?

After he went upstairs, he never came down again.

Ava’s mind was in a mess. She watched television absentmindedly until it was the middle of the night. However, she still felt extremely alert, and she didn’t feel like sleeping at all. The clock on the wall showed that it was twelve o’clock already. Ava glanced at the stairs and bit her lower lip. As Damien was sleeping in the master bedroom, she had no choice but to sleep in the guest room today. Looking at the spiral staircase, Ava didn’t feel like going upstairs at all. She asked the butler to give her a blanket. She decided to just sleep on the sofa. The butler soon brought the blanket over. She wrapped herself in the blanket, lay on the sofa, and continued watching television. She reckoned that she would probably become tired and fall asleep at some point. She finally went into a daze and felt a little sleepy. However, amid the silence, the sound of a door being opened could be heard. Ava immediately looked at the corridor. Damien had walked out of the room! He walked down the stairs and strode towards Ava. He then stood in front of the sofa and looked at Ava, who was wrapped up in the blanket. “Do you want to sleep?” He said these words again. Ava blinked and said, “I will sleep on the sofa.” Damien stared at her and said nothing for a while. All of a sudden, Ava’s heart skipped a beat. She cowered into her blanket. “What… What are you doing?” Damien actually carried her in his arms together with the blanket. “Going to sleep with you,” he said. Recalling the painful torture of the night before, Ava decided that she didn’t want to sleep with him again no matter what. She struggled with all her might.

“Damien, you b*stard. Let me go! If you dare to touch me, I… I will kill you!” Damien looked down at her and fashed a half-smile so fleeting that it disappeared in a flash. Ava thought that she might have been seeing things.

Ever since they got married, he had never smiled in front of her. Damien threw her onto the bed and pulled the blanket off her body.

He then lay down beside her and wrapped his arms around her.

After that, he did nothing else. Ava slowly stopped struggling. Did Damien really mean it literally when he said that he was going to sleep with her?

Was that all?

Damien’s arms were tightly wrapped around her waist. His exquisite and well-defined face was buried in the nook of her neck, and his warm breaths fell upon her delicate skin. This man actually fell asleep just like that. Ava’s heart started beating even more rapidly. Since he wasn’t planning to have s*x with her, why did he come home? And why was he hugging her to sleep like this? Was he finally willing to accept her as his wife two years after their marriage? This assumption made Ava so nervous that her heart was beating rapidly in her chest. Her palms were sweating profusely. Was it really so… Ava couldn’t sleep, and she only fell asleep in a daze when it was about to be morning. She was almost asleep when her cell phone rang all of a sudden. She fumbled for her phone and immediately became wide awake when she saw the name on the caller display.


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