A Lifetime With You Chapter 9

A Lifetime With You Chapter 9

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After two years of marriage, Damien had never returned to Dahlia Garden Mansion unless it was in the middle of the night when he was drunk. But right now, he was sitting on the sofa in the living room.

With a gloomy expression, he raised his head and stared coldly and indifferently at Ava Ava stood rooted to the spot at the door for a moment. She then walked into the living room and asked softly, “Why are you back?” Damien flashed a half-smile. “Why? Am I not welcomed here?”

There was a surge of bitterness in Ava’s chest. Of course, she was always hoping that he would come home. It was just that this wish of hers had never come true before this. Now that he was suddenly back, she was in disbelief. Moreover, she had an ominous feeling about this. “What’s the reason you’re here today?” Ava got straight to the point. Damien fixed his gaze on her and said, “Come here.”

Ava was a little wary. “Why?” Damien repeated coldly, “I’m telling you to come here.” The housekeeper could tell that there was something wrong with the atmosphere. She quickly fled to the kitchen, trying to appear insignificant Ava bit her lower lip and took a step forward boldly. “What do you want… Ah!” Before she could finish speaking, Damien had grabbed her wrist and pinned her down on the sofa. Their faces were only inches away from each other’s. Ava was frightened and nervous, and her heart was beating wildly against her chest. “Damien, what are you trying to do?” Damien reached out and clutched her chin, and he was gabbing exactly the same part of Ava’s chin that Selden touched just now. “Ava, you’re getting bolder and bolder indeed,” Damien said warningly, and his tone was dangerous. Ava sneered. She finally understood why this man came back. It must be because of what happened during the family dinner today. Before he took her away, he told Karen that he would punish her after they got home. It seemed that he was about to get even with her now. Ava glared indignantly at him and said, “How am I getting bolder? Just because I couldn’t take it anymore when your mother humiliated me today?” “It’s not just this matter. Ava, you don’t even know how to act like a married woman, huh?” He tightened his grip on Ava’s chin. “Since you belong to me, you should know better than to act shamelessly and mess around with random men out there. You might not mind embarrassing yourself, but I care about my reputation!” 11

She was shameless? She messed around with other men? Ava smiled bitterly. “How about you, then? Haven’t you considered the fact that you might be ruining your own reputation and embarrassing yourself when you mess around with those celebrities, models, and random women?” Damien narrowed his eyes. “Why? Does it bother you?” These words hurt Ava greatly. Of course it bothered her. It bothered her so much that she was sad every day and could hardly fall asleep at night. But of course she didn’t dare to let Damien know this. With a sneer, she lied. “It doesn’t bother me. I just find you dirty.” As soon as she finished speaking, the atmosphere in the living room went silent. Damien’s expression was horrifyingly dark, and his gaze was icy. “You find me dirty? Then why did you try all means and methods to f*ck me back then?” Damien’s voice was extremely cold, and as he spoke, he had already inserted a hand into Ava’s blouse. “Don’t you remember how you seduced me that night? Do you need me to act it out for you so that I can remind you of what a shameless sl*t you are?” B “What are you doing? Let go of me!” Ava struggled. Damien’s palm was as cold as ice and as warm as fire at the same time, making her tremble all over. Damien grabbed her wrist forcefully, and as she continued struggling, he inched even closer to her. Their bodies were pressed together, and Damien’s skin was so warm that she felt as if she was going to be burnt to ashes. She panicked profusely.


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