A Man Like None Other Chapter 1504 by desire novel

Chapter 1504 Exchange

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Ryker, the patriarch of the Deragon family, was a Martial Arts Marquis. Yet, he simply could not fight back against Jared at all.

“I can still save my mother even if I kill you!” Jared stared at Ryker and slowly tightened his grip.

Ryker felt as if his neck was about to be crushed by Jared. At that moment, Edgar muttered something under his breath. Black mist enveloped his body, and he slowly disappeared.

As Jared’s attention was on Ryker, he did not notice the disappearing Edgar. “Jared, let my father go, or I’ll kill your mother and the girl.”

Edgar’s voice came from all directions as if it was coming from the abyss!

Jared turned around and finally noticed that Edgar had disappeared.

“If you dare to hurt Renee or my mother, I’ll make sure your father suffers a fate worse than death.”

He threw a punch at Ryker after he uttered those words, causing the latter to spit out a mouthful of teeth.

“If that’s the case, then I guess you don’t need to see your mother and Renee anymore…”

Edgar’s voice faded into the horizon.

Seeing that Edgar was about to leave, Jared shouted, “Wait!”

He would not stand idly by when Renee and his mother were in danger.

“Why? Are you afraid? If you are, then let my father go.”

Edgar let out a cold snort.

“We can make an exchange. You let Renee and my mother go, and I’ll let your father go.”

Jared did not trust Edgar’s character, so there was no way he would let Ryker go first.

“Are you joking? You want to exchange two people for one. That’s impossible. I’ll let Renee go if you let my father go. You only have one option, or this conversation is over.”

Edgar sounded indifferent as if he did not care whether Ryker lived or died.

Jared was now in a disadvantageous position.

Whether it was Renee or his mother, he couldn’t risk putting them in danger.

However, Edgar did not appear to be particularly concerned about his father’s life. It was as if he did not mind if the exchange did not happen.

Edgar noticed Jared’s hesitation and urged the latter, “I’m going to give you three seconds. If you don’t agree, I’ll head back and kill them all!”

“Okay, I promise!”

Jared nodded.

I’ll use Ryker to get Renee back first. My mother is unlikely to be in jeopardy anytime soon, given that she has been imprisoned for the past twenty years. If Ryker wanted to do something, he would have already done so. He must have some concerns.

Edgar said, “Okay. Let’s do the exchange at the martial arts arena tomorrow. Don’t try to play any dirty tricks.”

“Okay!” Jared agreed without hesitation.

The martial arts arena was the competition ground for the Warriors Alliance. There must be a reason Edgar chose that place, but Jared was not afraid of him.

Edgar finally left. In reality, he had left a long time ago. What was left was only a wisp of his spiritual sense talking to Jared.

Edgar had used teleportation magecraft to disappear into the void.

Jared had been too careless, or else he would not have given Edgar the chance to use teleportation magecraft.

Rayleigh and The Villainous Four approached him.

Rayleigh glanced at Ryker, who was in a bloody mess with a complicated expression.

The Deragon family used to be famous in the martial arts world of Jadeborough.

However, things made a turn for the worse for the family after Ryker became the patriarch. Ryker was now reduced to a bloody state and even imprisoned by Jared.

“Jared, let’s return. If Lizbeth knows you’re still alive, she will be delighted,” Rayleigh said to Jared.

Jared nodded. With The Villainous Four escorting Ryker, they returned to Medicine God Sect.


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