Alpha Leo and the Heart of Fire by Moonlight Muse Chapter 113

Alpha Leo and the Heart of Fire by Moonlight Muse Chapter 113

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I turn when Raihana, Delsanra and Liam show up, and a part of me wonders why Dante didn’t come inside the caverns; I have a strong feeling it is something to do with the balance or some shit. He has kept a lot of Judah’s men at bay. From the mind link, I know there are more than just werewolves out there.

I push the thoughts away as Liam places his hand on the entrance in front of us and the other two read the inscriptions.

“It’s several sealing spells… from what I can make out, and what we know is, only those with Endora’s powers within them canunlock it…” Delsanra murmurs with a frown.

A wave of power radiates off Liam, and I feel it hit back, forcing us all back. He jerks his hand back, and I can feel his anger. “Even last time it repelled me…” He murmurs in frustration.

“Well then, how about you leave this to the ladies.” Raihana says, winking at Liam, as she steps forward.

“Of course. Go right ahead.” He says, stepping back and letting her pass.

“I’m her descendant, maybe it’ll work,” Raihana remarks, touching the stone. She frowns, but I feel the same force push us back, although it’s less this time. She mutters a curse before wrinkling her nose and brushing her hand clean.

Delsanra frowns. “But you don’t really hold Endora’s powers… I cut that tether. There has to be a way.”

“Obviously. Judah’s in there, Azura’s scent is faint, but I smelt it, they’re here.” I say, my eyes falling on something on the floor.

I crouch down, my heart racing when I pick up a chain that is half covered in dust and dirt. I brush it off and stand up. It’s broken, as if it had been torn from her neck in the struggle, but it’s the exact same necklace Azura was wearing before I left her for the takeover.

“Is it hers?” Liam asks quietly. I nod, clenching my jaw and slip it into my pocket.

There’s hope and there’s f*cking pain. We are close, yet so f*cking far.

“No harm in trying, but if we need Endora’s actual power and that’s the case, then how did Judah get in there? How about we try to use force? How damn strong was she? Like she’s been dead for decades, can she just stop being a damn nuisance?!” Raihana says with frustration, stepping back before she begins chanting something. Runes begin glowing along her hands and arms, and her hair is floating around her.

Delsanra takes a deep breath, and I see her shift, it isn’t a big change, as her cheekbones become more refined, her lashes are thicker,

and she looks… prettier. Her eyes are bright red and her nails have grown.

Power radiates off both women as Liam raises his own hand, a blue aura blasting from his hands and at the door. All three powers mix as they focus on the entrance.

I frown as I scan the area. The entire ceiling and walls are shaking. Whatever is going up there, was affecting the entire foundation of this place.

We need to move fast. How did Judah get in there? He didn’t have that kind of power, so how…

There has to be a f*cking way.

The runes and engravings on the stone seem to emanate a dark energy. I can feel it, the potent evil of this place. I scan the entrance.

once again, wondering if Judah knows we are here. Would he try to harm her further?

I’m waiting, on f*cking edge, fearing the pain that may return if he harms Azura.

Focus Leo…

I crouch down, looking at the runes along the bottoms. A certain inscription at the bottom catches my attention. I frown. Was that there moments ago?

“Can either of you read what it says right here?” I ask, pointing to it.

Raihana glances at me, her eyes blazing.

“That wasn’t there…” She says, her power eases up before she crouches down. “The key is within the darkness.”

The women exchange looks, “Any spell come to mind?” Delsanra asks, both frowning when Liam tilts his head and snaps his fingers.

“Witches tend to lack at solving standard riddles… what if we need to think outside of the box?” He suggests, as Raihana looks at him sharply.

“Poorly disguised insult.” She says haughtily, standing up.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to insult you, but what if the message at the bottom is an actual statement and not a spell.” Liam says, but what he said made sense and I zone them out.

“Maybe it’s something else that we need…. Not Endora’s powers…” I cut in.

“What do you mean?” Delsanra asks.

“The key lies within the darkness. What if that is literally the answer? Judah got in. He is a f*cking evil bastard. Maybe it’s those who have darkness within them who can open this shit?” I say, each passing moment feeling like years. I need to get to them.

“Darkness…” Delsanra says and nods. “My demon side… maybe it will work!”

The entire place rumbles again, and I faintly hear an explosion in the distance.

“And maybe I can somehow help… there is darkness within me.” I say quietly. We all have it… and I had let mine fester for years… sure I have let it go now, but it still remains.

“Let’s try.” Liam says. This time Raihana doesn’t join in, and I place my hand on the stone. Instead of forcing their power at it this time both Liam and Delsanra place their hands on the stone on either side of me.

I close my eyes trying to draw on the darkest, most bitter thoughts inside of me. The anger and resentment I had built over the years, I let it come up, trying to remember the anger, not the reasoning that Azura helped me see. Liam snarls and I feel a force slam him back.

“Join the club…” Raihana murmurs.

“There’s darkness within me, though.”

Liam says, frowning. 1

“Hmm, maybe just not enough…” Raihana replies quietly.

Nothing seems to be happening. I frown in

concentration, forcing my aura at the wall, as Delsanra’s power coats it in a thick layer and just when I think nothing is going to happen, I hear the rumble of the rock.

At the same time, I feel the power from the left. From the corner of my eye, I see Raihana and Liam step forward both with their power at the ready as a group of werewolves run at them.

A powerful explosion makes the ceiling shake violently, dirt and stones raining down on us.

“Be careful that the place doesn’t collapse. Go easy on the power!” Delsanra cries as the entire wall shudders and we both move back as the entrance begins to open.

I glance back at Liam and Raihana to see them engaging with the wolves,

“You two get inside!” Liam growls as suddenly an explosion goes off and his blue aura swirls around us like a shield, I run

inside but before Delsanra can follow, a dark flash of smoke rushes past me and I hear a gasp before the wall slams shut.

The first thing that hits me is Azura’s scent and her emotions.

I turn just in time to see Judah spin around, his eyes blazing as he looks at me.

“You!” He hisses. “How did you get in here?”

“Leo…” A wave of relief washes over me at her voice, but I don’t turn, both her and Corrado’s scents giving me the strength I didn’t know I needed. The three steadily beating hearts making that heavy weight of dread that had been weighing down on me.

ease up.

My family is f*cking safe.

It may have only been five hours max since they have been taken, but it was far too f*cking long.

“Well, so nice of you to join me, Leo Rossi.”

Judah sneers, circling me.

Despite his outer calm, I can sense his unease. He wasn’t expecting anyone to show up, or probably not this soon.

“Nice… when I’m f*cking done with you, that’ll feel pretty nice.” My eyes flash as I look at him. “You touched my family… I told you before if you mess with Schurke Wolf…

you will f*cking die. This time… it’s Leo

Rossi you f*cking messed with… which is a thousand f*cking times worse…” He’s circling me, and when he turns, my eyes go to Azura. She’s on her knees, with Corrado’s head in her lap. Her hands are raised as a vibrant shield encases them. The bruises on her make my blood boil with rage, even in such a state, she is protecting our pups.

Our eyes meet for a split second and I give her a faint smile.

“That’s my girl.’ I say through the link.

Her heart skips a beat and although she doesn’t reply, I know she’s heard me.

My attention snaps back to Judah in time to see his gaze fleetingly linger on the table.

“Only one will walk out of here tonight, and it isn’t going to be you.” Judah sneers.

“How about we put that to the f*cking test.”

I growl venomously.

He smirks cockily and I wonder how his cockiness will vanish when he finds out that I have everything we need to kill him. I see Azura’s shield flicker, but no matter how much I f*cking want to go over to her, I know I need to deal with Judah first.

I can smell wolfsbane in the air, probably to weaken Azura. I need to get this shit over with.

I launch myself at him – he’s fast, sidestepping me in time, but I’ve analysed the footage of him for long enough to know

exactly how he moves. It’s basic physics, after all. I turn in a flash, slamming my straight into his stomach.


“I don’t know why you’re so f*cking hell- bent on my woman, but the moment she stepped into my life; she became mine. Your first f*cking mistake was not backing the f*ck off right then.” I growl viciously,

kicking him again.

He attacks back, his claws ripping into me, and I slam him back, my aura radiating off me, as I draw the two daggers. I’ll use the sword when I have a proper opening.

“Try what you want, you’ll never win.” Judah sneers, grabbing the blade of my dagger and trying to yank it from my hold and failing. His smoky aura surrounds his hand before he lets go and runs to the table, grabbing his Jagdkommando. “Now let’s see who’s the better weapons master, a mere young alpha pup or me!”

“Oh yeah, you’re a lot f*cking older than you say, right?” I say coldly as our blades clash. I can hear Corrado’s whimpers, and see the way Azura hugs him as she slowly turns, her eyes on the table on the far side.

“Obviously.” He snarls.

“Yeah… after all, the real Judah Gallahan. died f*cking years ago.”

He simply sneers, and I smirk when my

blade slices his cheek, his eyes flash and I raise an eyebrow cockily.

“The pup drew the first blood, it seems.” I taunt.

“Not for long!” He lunges at me and this time I barely block his move. The knife rips into my left flank but I knock it aside, slamming the hilt of one of my daggers into his neck. He grunts, stumbling back before I slash through his chest.

“You can never get rid of me, no matter how hard you try, there is no way to kill me!” He spits.

“That’s not what I read about Shadow Wraiths…” I say calmly, watching him intently.

He tenses and I hear his heart thudding as his eyes flash in surprise.

“What did you just say?” He asks.

“You f*cking heard me, but I’ll willingly repeat myself. I know exactly how to kill a wraith.” I say venomously, letting my aura radiate off me as I plunge my dagger straight through him. It goes right through him and he falls back onto the ground. He hisses as I dig the other side of the dagger into the ground.

“Do share, I’d love to know too.” Azura says stepping forward, I glance towards the side. to see a shield enveloping our son as she walks towards me, my heart skips a beat and I pull her close, trying to calm my thundering heart as I kiss her forehead. The sparks of the bond are the only thing that makes me believe this is real.

Fuck she’s alive and ok… I inhale the scent of her hair, letting it calm me.

Her heart is racing, and I can feel her emotions, her belief that I’d come, her determination, fear, anger and hope…

‘I got you.’ I say quietly.

I’ll always be there for you.

We both turn to Judah, who has now yanked the dagger out and lurches to his feet. Azura takes a step away from me, tensing as her power envelops her hands.

“I can’t be killed.” He says, laughing sinisterly, “Even if you know what I am!”

A little too f*cking overconfident.

“The thing is, that’s where you are wrong, Judah, or should I say, Dimitri Ivanov?” I say challengingly.

His face pales, and for the first f*cking time.

I see the flicker of fear in his eyes.

I guess my intuition was one hundred f*cking percent correct.

Time for the hunter to become the hunted…


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