Alpha Leo and the Heart of Fire by Moonlight Muse Chapter 115

A few weeks have passed since that night, and everything is falling into place. But there were also several important things that we had to do in the past few weeks, from the rebuilding of parts of the pack that were damaged to the funerals of those who passed away, and being there for the families of those who had lost someone.

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Construction wise everything is fixed, but the mark that the attack left on this pack would remain…

I had also delayed choosing my beta and delta at my own ceremony, because I was torn between who to pick. I had a few

options or five, should I say. Although I had told Dad that I would announce them soon

after everything that had happened, it had been delayed, but tomorrow, I am holding a small assembly where I will make the announcement.

“Ready?” I ask Jax, taking one last drag on my cigarette before putting it out.

He runs his fingers through his hair, as we both look at the door to Shane’s house. “No, but let’s get this sh*t over with. She won’t take it well.”

Yeah, we both f*cking knew that… After her surge of strength on the night of the attack, she had returned to her quiet state. I had given her a few simple tasks to do, after everything with Judah had happened, and she had carried them out perfectly. However, since things were normal again, she had once again confined herself to her house.

But it showed that she did have the strength to live on and rebuild her life.

I knock on the door, at the same time Jax rings the doorbell. We exchange looks, but it’s not long before the door is pulled open by Kareena. She’s just showered, her hair still wet and she’s dressed in one of Shane’s shirts and a pair of leggings.

Yeah, it isn’t f*ckin easy to get over your mate…

“Alpha, Jax… Everything ok? I wasn’t expecting visitors.” She says. “Is that your way of saying we aren’t welcome?” Jax asks, c*cking a brow. “Do I get the option to refuse?” She asks, before looking at me, “Come on in.”

Yeah, I’m not sure this is going to work…

There are bags under her eyes as she leads the way to the lounge. I can tell it’s not been used. Guess she is still spending most of her time in her room. She doesn’t sit, simply crossing her arms as she leans against the fireplace.

‘Clearly wants us gone fast.’ Jax says through the link, smirking.

‘Don’t p*ss her off then.’ I say, sitting back. ”

There’s something we want to talk to you about. Mind taking a seat.”

An indirect order that I knew she won’t disobey. She brushes her hair back and takes a seat on the sofa opposite us. But she’s on edge, almost as if not trusting us.

“What’s this about?” She asks.

“About you. You’re not holding up great, and I know that living without your mate isn’t f*cking easy. I know how it feels

thinking you’d rather die than be without them… I get that, and I can’t f*cking imagine losing Azura… So I won’t say I get your pain, because only you can f*cking explain that.” I look down, knowing no matter how much I tried to imagine it,

nothing compares to actually losing your mate.

“Someone I know once said, and I quote… that losing my mate is like living in darkness. The pain of going another day

without them feels like a terrifying eternity that never ends. The sky no longer shines.

with the sun and the night is devoid of its sparkling stars. The warmth on my skin feels empty, and the smile and laughter of those around me is something I can no longer understand… My sun and stars are gone, and my heart yearns for one more touch, one more promise, one more moment … but there is nothing. Just the hollow feeling of being a shell with no purpose…’ “}

I glance over at her and she’s looking down. I can’t see her face, but I know she’s in tears as I continue. “But we humans are selfish… We want our loved ones to live on without their mates… because deep down we know that those mates who are gone would never want you to live like this. They would want to see you happy…”

“What do you want Leo?” She asks me now, looking up at me and I see it, the raw pain that she’s in, the pain she’s fighting to squash.

“We… I have a proposition for you.” Jax says. I glance over at him. He’s serious now and Kareena looks at him. “I know that Shane is not replaceable, and this isn’t to replace him, but to give you a tether to hold on to, so you can live your life and make Shane proud.” She frowns, but she’s listening. “Tell me Kar, you knew Shane better than any of us. He would want you to live on, right?” Jax continues.

She doesn’t reply, but we both know that that is a f*cking fact.

“Obviously he would.” I say. “And that’s why here’s the proposal. Let Jax mark you, so it eases the pain.”

Jax glances at me and I know it was pretty straight up, but there is no way to sugarcoat that sh*t. Kareena didn’t react. She’s simply staring at me, as if trying to comprehend what I just said.

A tension settles in the room and Kareena’s heart begins thudding. I guess it sank in…

“Are you two for real?” She asks, a hurt expression in her eyes.

“If you think of it in a logical manner-” Jax began.

“A logical manner? I just lost my mate! And you two think I can just move on and let some random guy mark me?” She’s angry and her eyes flash as she stands up.

“Not a random guy Kar, Shane was like a brother to me. I’m not doing this for my own. gain.” Jax counters firmly, standing up. Both are glaring at each other, and I know he’s taken offence to her words.

“Yeah, so you can rub it into my face that you’ve done me a favour?” She asks coldly.

Jax shakes his head. “No. I’m only doing this for Shane, not you.” He growls.

“Well, news flash Adams, I don’t need you to do this for me. Now can you both leave? Please?” She asks, looking at me. Her chest

is heaving as she glares at the floor, her jaw clenched.

I stand up, “Think it over, the offer stands, think of what Shane would want for you…” I say glancing at Jax, who is frowning. “Come

on Jax.”

She doesn’t move, standing there staring at the floor as we leave her alone. She is living alone but the only reason I allow her to be alone was on the condition that she wore a band that kept track of her heart rate, if there is any irregularity someone would come and check up on her. But since the last time she tried to take her own life, she hasn’t tried anything again.

“That went as predicted.” Jax remarks,

when we are far enough from the house to not be overheard.

“Yeah, well, let’s see now… we did our f*cking part, the rest is up to her… I just hope she realises that Shane would not want her to f*cking give up on life.” I say, remembering a conversation from long ago with Shane, before he found Kareena as his mate.

“The part of the mate bond that I don’t like is how it ties our mates to us completely… I fear the aftermath it will take on my mate if something was to happen to me… I want her to live on Leo, I want her to fulfil all her dreams and not have her life end at me…’

We’ll try our best Shane, we’ll f*cking try to make sure she gets to live her life to the fullest… but didn’t he realise we would all

always feel the absence of his presence from our lives?

Him… Jackie… I wish they were here…

I return to the Villa, which is currently still getting some work carried out to it, lost in my own thoughts. Deciding to go get a drink from the fridge before I found my s*xy little p*ycho, I head towards the kitchen. I smile faintly, thinking of my Baby Girl. Lately, her stomach was not something you’d miss and every time I see her I remember that we are going to have a little one to take care of before we know it.

I’m halfway to the kitchen, my gaze going to the open door. I can see Winona making something at the counter. She has her head

down, whilst Dad leans against the far counter, his eyes on her as he drinks his coffee.

I frown slightly, refusing to believe what everything I have witnessed points at.

There’s no f*cking way… That sh*t doesn’t make sense to me.

I shake my head, entering the kitchen and making my presence known with my aura. Instantly Dad’s eyes snap to mine and Winona gives me a small smile before she places the milkshake and the biscuits onto a tray. Clearly a snack for Corrado.

“Leo, you’re back. I popped down a short while ago, wanting to discuss if you had everything in place regarding the announcement of titles tomorrow?” He asks.

“You could have mind-linked me, but yeah, all that sh*t’s in place.” I say, frowning as I try to push the assumption I had out of my head. Dad hadn’t move with us and he hadn’t really given me a solid reason for his delay. I mean, he always f*cking wanted to live with us, and Azura and Corrado wanted it too.

Sure, I had my own theories as to why, like the f*cking tense scene that was in place until I walked in.

“You had your block up.” Dad says, placing his mug down. “Thanks for the coffee.” He adds to Winona as she’s about to leave the room.

She tenses, her heart thudding before she gives a small smile and rushes from the room.

I raise an eyebrow, walking over to the fridge and taking out a bottle of water as I think back to how well they got on months ago… Speaking of Winona, since the attack something else had changed in her too. She felt… stronger. I’m no longer sure if she’s an omega.

“So, when do you plan to move in?” I ask before I can stop myself.

Dad raises his eyebrow.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. You are a young family, a new one at that. You lot need your privacy.” He says seriously.

I scoff. “Don’t give me that sh*t. The truth will work.”

“I have no idea what you’re going on about.” Dad says curtly in a tone that reminds me, that although he may come off f*cking nice, he had a temper just like the rest of us.

“Do I need to really f*cking point it out to you?” I counter icily, just as I hear footsteps, and a delicious scent that I f*cking love fills my nose and I turn to see my girl walk in. She looks f*cking fine in baggy pants and a crop top.

“You’re back.” She says as our eyes lock. I close the gap between us, pulling her into my arms and kiss her lips passionately. My hand strokes the side of her stomach, whilst

I grip the back of her neck with my other hand. I relish the way her nails dig into my

neck as she kisses me back. After a few

moments, I slowly break the kiss, brushing my nose against hers before moving back.

“Yeah, just now.” I say, kissing her neck, before placing the water bottle down and locking my arms around her from behind, my hand resting on her stomach. “So, as I was saying…” I begin looking at Dad, my eyes cold as I say the f*cking words I just didn’t want to ever have to f*cking say. “The reason you’re not moving in, is because of

whatever sh*t’s going on between you and Winona, correct?”

Azura gasps, but I don’t look at her, my eyes fixed on Dad…


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