Alpha Leo and the Heart of Fire by Moonlight Muse Chapter 116

I look between the father and son, shocked at Leo’s words. Sure, there has been some tension between Winona and Marcel, but with everything going on, I never paid much attention to it.

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Leo’s arms are firmly around me, so I can’t move either. Stuck between their intense stare off. Marcel frowns, a flash of irritation on his face.

“I have no idea what you are going on about,

Leo. I have a few things I need to handle.”

“Can we not f*cking do this? I’m not st*pid. I want an answer.” Leo persists.

“There is nothing to say. You have a misconception. Excuse me.” Marcel replies firmly, before walking past us and out of the door.

Leo frowns, but despite the cold look on his face, his touch is tender as he caresses my


“There’s definitely something… but I don’t think Marcel will say anything. Shall we ask Winona?” I suggest as Leo exhales, clearly irritated, before his eyes meet mine and he

tilts his head.

“Yeah… She might be f*cking easier to get information out of.” He replies, his hand wraps around my neck as he forces my head back, and kisses me.

I can feel his hunger, passion and irritation in that kiss and although I know a round of rough s*x might make him feel better, I

think we need to address this. It isn’t the

first time he has subtly mentioned their behaviour in passing, but I think he was trying to deny it up until now…

I had my own assumption, but-

“What is it?” He asks, making my eyes widen.

These d*mn walls…

Leo flicks my ear, his tongue piercing, hitting my stud, and I shiver as he slowly nibbles on it, his hand around my throat

tightening, as the other squeezes my left


“Someone might see us.” I whisper, my

heart thumping.

“Then you should keep your volume down.” Leo growls.

As much as that makes my p*ssy clench, we need to talk to Winona. I pull away, turning, I tiptoe and kiss his jaw softly. The slight stubble that he has growing, p*ickles my lips and I kiss him again.

Goddess, this man is so d*mn s*xy I could tie him to a bed and f*ck him night and day.

Leo smirks c*ckily, and I narrow my eyes, realising he heard my thoughts again. 1

“No, I didn’t mean that. I mean, I need my legs to function…”

His smirk simply grows as he advances on me until my a*s hits the cabinet behind me, and he places his hand on either side of me on the counter.

“I’m up for all of that, however… you will be the one who gets tied up.” He says huskily. I bite my lip. 1

Oh, I wouldn’t mind that…

But instead, I slowly push him away. “We have plenty of time for that later. Now come on, our son has been waiting for you. By the way, how did it go with Kareena?” I ask, I know they mean well, both Leo and Jax, but I also know that it isn’t so easy to just move on and allow someone else to just mark you. Plus, it hasn’t even been that long since Shane has passed away. 1

“Not great, but that’s to be expected. I know it was insensitive, soon even, but I don’t want to lose her.” He says, frowning slightly.

“I know Blue Eyes… but she needs time…” I say softly.

“Time that we don’t have.” He replies.

I nod, hearing a door shut and know it’s Winona since she went to drop Corrado to one of the pack kid’s birthday parties.

“Come on.” I say, feeling sorry for the poor soul we were about to question. Winona will c*ack like glass with a little pressure. I smile deviously as I lead the way down the hall to see her collecting some toys from the floor in the living room.

“Hey, you’re back.” I say, bending down and helping her with a few of the blocks.

“You sit Azura, I’ll do this.” She


You’re pregnant.”

“Exactly, I’m just pregnant.” I reply, “Trust

me, I’m still very flexible.”

I wink at Leo, making Winona blush.

There’s something extremely satisfying about getting her all embarrassed and flustered. 1

‘You really do have an evil streak.’ He


‘Of course.’ I reply as I place the blocks into the pack, and sit down on the sofa.

“Winona, I have a few questions that I wanted to ask you.” Leo says seriously.

Her smile fades and she looks at us, worry

clear on her face.

“Oh? What is it?” She asks worriedly as she zips up the pack of blocks.

“What’s going on between you and Dad?” Leo says. Her face pales and her heart thunders loudly as she looks up, reminding me of a deer caught in headlights. 1

She looks at the door, then at both of us, and for a moment, I feel guilty. I didn’t mean to make her feel cornered…

“Hey, it’s ok… We’re just concerned. You

two act a little… ok really on edge around one another. I mean, when I first came, you were all smiles when you talked to him, and you lot planned that party and stuff together … and now you two avoid one another…” I say.

She shakes her head, but I don’t miss the way she swallows. “There is nothing going on between us, there is no issue, everything is ok.” She says, looking between Leo and me and d*mn, if she wasn’t so sweet, I

would have pushed her further. It’s these pregnancy hormones, I’m becoming mush.

Leo is watching her calculatingly. ‘Let me try this another way.’

‘Go ahead Sherlock.’ I say crossing my arms, as Winona begins rearranging the toys in the toy box. Toys that are already pretty organised…

“So, it’s Dad.” He says coldly.

I look at him sharply and Winona looks up at him slowly, almost as if not understanding what he means. I don’t understand either.

“What do you mean?” She asks worriedly.

“He did something to you, didn’t he?” Leo asks walking closer to her. She moves back against the wall where she is kneeling on the floor, her heart thundering and I frown watching him. “You can tell me, if anyone in this pack ever tries to take advantage of anyone else, they will be punished. I don’t care if it’s my father or anyone. Did he assault you?” 1

“Leo!” I gasp at the same time that Winona gasps, covering her mouth in horror.

“You can’t really be thinking your father would do that, would you?” She asks Leo, her voice shaky.

‘See?’ Leo says through the link, and I realise he said that to make her talk… Smart but rough…

“He’s a man, why can’t he? You two have been around one another a lot lately, alone too… Tell me, Winona, has he crossed a line he shouldn’t have?” Leo snarls crouching down in front of her.

“Leo…” I say, I know we want answers, but her eyes are filled with tears, and I quickly move to her side, but before I can even hug her, I see a small frown cross her face.

“He has not crossed any line! Alpha Marcel is a good man, who has done nothing but be kind to me. Please don’t talk about him like that. What if he hears?” She whispers.

Leo c*cks a brow as he takes out a cigarette and a lighter. I see an emotion in his eyes, but it’s only there for a few moments before his expression is cold again.

“So, you’re more concerned if he overhears?” He says as he lights his cigarette. “Then tell me, if he hasn’t done anything, then what’s the f*cking issue?”

“There is no issue. I promise you I will never hurt you…but please don’t blame your father.” She whispers before she stands up and rushes to the door. She pulls it open, and it shuts with a rather loud slam after her.

Leo smokes his cigarette, and I tilt my head.

“Harsh much?”

He doesn’t respond as he stands up, staring at the door. “Had to be…”

“What is it?” I ask, walking over to him. He

looks down at me, a small frown on his face.

“Her last sentence… I promise I will never hurt you…” He scoffs, shaking his head. “I can’t wrap my head around it.” He runs his fingers through his hair, and it takes me a

moment to click.

Whoa… wait what?!

“D*mn, are you saying them two got the hots for one another? D*mn Daddy Marcel

likes the Nanny.” I snicker, earning a cold glare from Leo, one that doesn’t bother me as I smirk. “Sooo is Winnie going to be like “I trail off, realising what she meant.

I promise I’ll never hurt you.

I almost said something insensitive….

“Leo… if they like one another- wait, do they? Or is it just one way?” I shake my head, confused.

“It’s definitely both of them… I saw the way she treated Dad when he was fatally injured.

The way he looked at her before he left… the

signs were all there, it just felt too f*cking far-fetched to me… She just turned twenty- seven…” He mutters.

“Yeah… but love doesn’t have a number.”

“Love?” Leo says, turning his back to me.

I place a hand on his back. “Is it like Marcel to just casually date? And Winona?”

He looks over his shoulder at me and shakes his head. “No… and I know Winona has turned down many men. Trust me, I f*cking know.”

“Then… I guess there’s something there… I personally think she is refusing to let herself feel because of you… Because she doesn’t want to hurt you…” I trail off, unable to finish my sentence.

“By taking Mom’s place.” He finishes for me. His voice is quiet, and I can feel the sadness there, but there isn’t anger. I look up at him and nod slowly. “I wouldn’t hold that against them… not if it’s what they really want.” He says quietly. 1

I’m proud of the way he’s dealing with this.

“Dad’s been alone for far too long, but f*cking hell, Winona?” 2

I smirk as I wrap my arms around him from behind.

“Yeah, it’s pretty d*mn shocking. What is with you Rossis and liking younger

women?” I muse.

“Hey, that sounds f*cking weird. Don’t go around saying that sh*t.” He mutters.

I simply smirk.

“Well… this would be the third Rossi.” I snicker, grabbing his c*otch and giving it a tight squeeze, before I let go and run off.

“Azura!” He growls.

I stick my tongue out as I pull open the door and run down the hallway of our new home…


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