Alpha Leo and the Heart of Fire by Moonlight Muse Chapter 117


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It’s the following day and we are at the assembly. Leo is standing in front of the huge screen, wearing a black suit with a white shirt that has a few buttons left open. He scans the room consisting of the most important members of the pack,

along with the top-ranked warriors, and the Five. I’m sitting next to Corrado, whowatches his father with complete adoration. A big smile on his face as he listens to Leo make the introduction.

I smile softly and put my arm around him, he glances at me and snuggles closer before looking back at Leo.

My s*xy Alpha…

He’s so d*mn gorgeous…

Leo’s ice-blue eyes flick to me, his chiselled jaw and that pout of his making me lick my lips and after a moment he looks away again.

‘Tease.’ He says through the link as silence falls over the room, and Leo continues to talk. “As you all know, now that I’m Alpha, I need to choose my second and third in command. Beta Raj deserves to take a break too, and we have been without a Delta for a while. As many of you know, I have my side business, one that is going through a lot of changes recently, and one I will slowly direct into new fields.”

I watch him, feeling proud of him. He had told me some of his new plans and he had taken my suggestions on board too. I can just see the incredible things he will achieve.

“It was a hard decision to make, when I have not one but five whom I trust for these positions. So, I’ve decided to do things a little differently. I will have two Betas and three Deltas. Jax Addams and Li Sheng Yu, will be my Betas. With Ace Axton, Dan Jobs, and Jin Hayashi as my Deltas.”

I look at the five, and Ace is giving Leo the narrow-eyed look. Dan seems surprised, and the rest are serious as they listen to Leo. “As well as being Delta, each will be assigned to a separate area to lead. Ace will be head of security, Jin will be head of weaponry and training, and Dan will be head of research. I know they will do this job efficiently. After all, the seven of us work together perfectly “Leo looks at his hands for a moment, a frown on his face and I know he’s remembering Shane. “So, can the five of you get up here so I can swear you in?”

“Let’s go get our knighthood boys.” Ace says, making me smile. “Shame I don’t have a sword.” Leo replies, taking the knife that is in the box o the table in front of him. “Raj.” Raj steps forward, and Leo becomes serious once again.

“I Raj Kapoor, relinquish the title of Beta of the Sangue Pack, and will continue to serve this pack with everything I have.” He says solemnly.

Leo nods as he looks at Jax.

“Do you, Jax Addams, accept the position as one of the Beta’s of the Sangue Pack, do you swear your allegiance to me, your Alpha Leo Rossi?”

“I Jax Addams, accept the position…”

The vows continue. One by one they slit their hands and shake with Leo’s, and soon all five are officially initiated into their new ranks. Everyone stands up and claps. Just like their mates, I’m proud of this moment. Proud to see Leo become the true Alpha he was born to be. All six of them deserve these positions and, as they hug each other, I smile. They were always meant to be a team and always will be. AZURA.



Babies are gremlins, little minions who like to kick and punch you, knowing we will never lift a finger to them.

I’m lying down with my huge belly that puts mount Everest to shame, blocking my view of my hunky mate. I bet the inside of my stomach is black and blue with all these attacks on me.

I hate that it’s women who have to go through this and not men.

D*mn them with their perfect abs, they get to have the fun with their d*cks and it’s us women who suffer. I’m full-term, yet this little Rossi devil doesn’t want to make an appearance.

I’m so mad right now.

I watch him slick his hair back, his white shirt hangs open, his grey pants hugging those muscular thighs… and that a*s…

“I hate you.” I growl. Leo smirks as he looks at me. “Keep hating me, there’s something incredibly enticing about rage s*x.” He says arrogantly, coming over to me. I frown as I sit up. I’m stretched like a balloon, and it is beginning to tire me out. The pain in my back is constant and I feel drained… Leo’s smirk fades and I see the concern in his eyes, but he masks it as he lifts me onto his lap. “Not long now.” He says quietly, stroking my stomach. I feel our pup kick his hand hard and he chuckles. “It’s as angry as you are. I think our pup is almost ready to come out now.” He says, as I rest my head on his shoulder – exhausted, the pain in my spine is pretty bad.

Kiara has tried to heal me too, but the pup is quite powerful, hence why I’m so drained.

I blame the d*mn Rossi genes.

“You hold the Asheton bloodline, S*xy

Mama; I’d say it is a bit of both of us.” He says, kissing my neck hungrily.

I don’t argue, the delicious waves of pleasure making me sigh softly. I grab his freshly styled locks and yank his head up, kissing his lips roughly. ‘Seems like I have the perfect way to satiate that anger.’ He teases, but his hands are already working on the buttons of my dress. “Good, now make yourself useful and f*ck me.” I reply breathlessly, as his hand rubs over my panties.

His eyes flash as he rips my panties off before he flips me onto the bed.

Leaning over me, he grips my dress from the bodice and tears it right off me,

leaving me in just my bra. It’s only for a couple of seconds before that ends up on the floor too. His eyes rake over me, and like always, the hunger and desire in them tell me how much he wants me no matter how I look. He leans over me, making sure not to put much weight on my stomach, kissing my lips once, before he grabs a c*shion. Placing it under my lower back, he grips my thighs and pushes them open and I gasp when I feel his tongue flick over my p*ssy. I whimper as pleasure rushes through “F*ck Leo.” I gasp, my hand tangling into his hair. He doesn’t stop, tasting every inch of me before I feel his tongue growing and it delves deep into me. I can feel my juices trickle out of me as he tongue f*cks

me nice and deep. and I feel my org*sm building to that incredible high that I truly love.

“F*ck Leo!” I moan. “That’s it, baby, right there.”

My cries grow as his tongue f*cks me faster, flicking and twirling around my cl*t in between. My org*sm hits me hard and I groan in pleasure as my vision darkens and I can see white dots. He slips his tongue out and I gasp when he plunges two fingers into “Leo!” I grab his wrist, but he doesn’t stop, and a second org*sm rips through me.”


I gasp as I yank him up and kiss him hard. I sit up, unzipping his pants. He helps me pull them off as he fondles my breasts, sucking on my nipple. I blush knowing that I was already leaking a little from them. Not that he cares. He shamelessly sucks on it before. doing the same to the other. I whimper, reaching behind me and down between us to grab his c*ck. I stroke it a few times before I straddle him and direct it to my entrance. He grabs my hips as I slowly ease onto his c*ck, only for him to slam up into me. I hiss as I feel extremely full before I start to ride him. I tilt my head back,

pleasure rocking through me. I brace my hands on his thighs as he grabs my breasts, f*cking me nice and hard.

I gasp when the gremlin kicks again, but I’m far too focused on the pleasure my man is inflicting on me to care about the pain. “F*ck baby girl, that’s it.” Leo growls, his hand reaching up and tangling in my hair as he f*cks me hard and fast.

“I’m close…” I moan, the s*xy sinful sound of our skin hitting against one another, filling the room and mixing with our moans and our racing hearts. “Don’t come until I say so, Beautiful.” He commands as he speeds up and I cry out teetering on the edge. His grip on me is tight as he chases his own release.

“Leo… f*ck, I can’t hold on!” I gasp, whimpering when my release rips throughme. I let out a moan of ecstasy.

Leo growls, kissing me hard as he slams into me with a final few thrusts releasing his own load into me.

I gasp, pulling back, to give my stomach room, “F*ck that was… so good.” I

moan, as Leo yanks me onto the bed next to him, and I pull him close by the collar of his shirt, kissing him hungrily.

“But I told you not to come…” Leo says, hist cold eyes looking down at me.

I raise an eyebrow, loving when he looks at me like that. “Shame I didn’t obey.” I say tauntingly, making him grab my hair and tug my head up.

“Seems I need to teach you a lesson.” He growls with a devilish smirk that makes my core knot all over again…

“What do you have in mind?” I ask as his hand wraps around my throat, and he leans in for one hot bruising kiss…

I have just had a long soak in the bath and pulled on some loungewear when I come out of the bathroom to see Leo on the phone. He’s massaging his temples and I frown, wrapping my soft fluffy cardigan around myself. “I’ll meet you there.” He says, hanging up and tossing the phone onto the bed. “What’s wrong?” I ask. My a*s still feels raw from his sizzling hot yet painful punishment.

“Mishiko said Kareena’s gotten worse.

We’re going to go down again and I’m going to try to talk to her again.” Leo says.

I sigh as I sit down next to him. “She’s hurting… but it’s only been a few months.” I say softly. Not long after everything settled down, Kareena found out she was pregnant. It seems she had conceived just before Shane’s death, and when she ended up in the hospital for her attempted suicide, there had been no need to perform a blood test or urine sample, so no one had figured it out at the time. And with that revelation, the men had become even more adamant about her making it. Whilst me, Sera and Mishiko understand that she needs time, oh, and Dan. He is probably the most sensitive of the guys.

But I have to give them one thing, the bro code between them is incredible. The way they are there for one another and for

Kareena is incredible to see. She is trying to live now, even going to work, trying to leave the house for the baby, but I can see the toll his absence is taking on her. “I know… let’s try this one more time…” Leo says sighing. “That child needs his mother.” “Let me come with you this time.” I say, standing up. He looks down at me. “You up for it?” He asks, stroking my sore a*s. I glare at him. “Perfectly fine.”

He smirks. “Good, that a*s really can take a lot.” He says, kissing my stomach.

My core clenches and I pull him up.

“Mmm, it sure can…” I say as he kisses me again before we are forced to step apart and make our way out of the Villa. The place that is now fully home, now that all my stuff from the Blood Moon had been delivered too. Marcel hasn’t moved in with us… He refuses to discuss anything to do with Winona, and even lost his temper once. He lives in an apartment, and I know Leo would have wanted him here, although he never voiced I just wish Marcel understood that he was wanted here… Winona also never mentioned it ever again, but on the rare occasion when they do run into one another, I can see the feelings they have for one another, feelings they so desperately try to hide from one another. I just wish they weren’t so d*mn stubborn. They both need to get laid. “I can hear your thoughts and I really don’t want to think of Dad like that.” Leosays and I smirk.

“Well then, stop eavesdropping on my thoughts.”

“Barrier baby girl.” He says c*ckily.

The mood becomes heavy once again when we see Dan waiting there for us. We greet one another and my mind goes to

Kareena once more. Dan had offered to have a word with her, too. This time, we will take a different approach. He had been trying to get her to focus on other things, but nothing was working.

I now look up at the house. Only one light is on and it’s in the master bedroom.

“Does she know we’re coming?” I ask.

“Yes,” Dan says as Leo wraps his arm around me, leading me to the door…


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