Alpha Leo and the Heart of Fire by Moonlight Muse Chapter 118

Alpha Leo and the Heart of Fire by Moonlight Muse Chapter 118

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We ring the doorbell and it’s opened by Mishiko, the smell of home-cooked pizza wafts past my nose.

Oh, d*mn, this smells so good! “D*mn, who’s cooking?” I say, rubbing my tummy. Mishiko smiles.

“Sera.” She replies, stepping aside and letting us enter. “Are Ace and Jin here?” I ask as Leo brushes my wet locks off my face. My hair still isn’t dry from my shower. “Yes, we are.” Ace says popping his head through the door.

“Self-invited.” Kareena says, c*cking a brow pointedly at Ace. “You practically keep my woman half the time, so I’m welcome.” He says dismissively, and Sera frowns at him as Kareena’s brows furrow and she disappears back into the kitchen.

She looks awful, her shoulders stick out like blades, and she’s lost a lot of weight.

But before I can worry about anyone else, I have a bone to pick with my mate. I place my hands on my non-existent waist and glare at Leo. “Where’s Jax and Li Sheng at?” Jin asks. “We never knew this was a party.” Dan remarks. “Whatever… So, there was an entire party going on here and if I didn’t ask to come along, you would have eaten pizza without me?” I ask Leo accusingly. “No, seriously, I didn’t f*cking know all these b*stards were going to be here.” Leo says and I give him a dirty look. “I don’t care if you did or not, you should have invited me.” I grumble, making Ace smirk.

“Answer to the missus now Leo.” He says, but I get distracted as I spot Kareena through the archway to the kitchen.

She’s alive… but empty, and suddenly I see someone else in her. As she slowly runs her finger along the counter, her eyes cast downwards and her dark brown locks fall in front of her face. My gaze dips to her stomach. She’s not as big as me but she’s showing a lot now… My heart thumps, and Leo looks at me sharply as I’m suddenly enveloped with emotions I can’t control. My eyes sting with tears and I quickly glance towards the stairs.

“I need to wee.” I say, grabbing the banister. I’m barely two steps up, when Leo grabs my wrist. “Let the woman at least go to the bathroom. She’s already ready to pop.” Sera scolds Leo, but he doesn’t let go of me. ‘Azura.’

I know I can’t hide anything, and I slowly look down at him. Our eyes meet and I know he knows what I’m thinking.

‘That baby… is just like me Leo… only Indigo didn’t want to live for me… She’s trying… and I really hope that Kareena continues to fight.’ I say through the link. ‘She will.’ Leo says, tugging me into his arms. I turn to my side, wanting to feel him completely against me, something that isn’t completely possible with my belly right now. No one says anything and when I finally look around, I realise the hallway is deserted. I’m grateful for their consideration. I close my eyes, resting my head against Leo’s chest. We will get Kareena into a better state of mind… The doorbell rings and I slowly move back when Mishiko comes out of the lounge, and goes to open the door for Jax and Li Sheng. “I brought beer.” Jax says, holding up a few cases. “Great.” Mishiko smiles, letting them come in, and Li Sheng closes the door behind them as we all head to the living room.

It’s about an hour later and I think we all enjoyed our pizza. Whilst the men now

drank the beer, as they also criticise the taste, Jax included.

Kareena has been silent, although she did talk when she was asked a question, but for the most part she didn’t contribute much. I observed her as we ate,

seeing the way she was forcing herself to eat.

She is trying… she’s trying for her pup… I saw the way she caressed her

stomach, the pain that glimmered in her eyes before she’d lower her head…

She now stands up and begins collecting the plates. I stand up, following suit. “I feel bad that the pregnant ladies are the ones working.” Ace says looking at Sera who is still eating. She gives him a scathing glare. “Then get your a*s up and take the dishes, I cooked.” She scolds, making me snicker.

“Yeah, stop being a s*xist pig and pull your weight.” I add.

Leo smirks.

“And that’s why you should keep your mouth shut.” Jax says, as Dan stands up to help. 1 “Yeah, do my share, Dan.” Ace says to Dan, making Jin shake his head. How old are you guys?” Mishiko shakes her head.

“Clearly not mature enough.” Sera says, as I leave the room.

My smile fades as I watch Kareena scrape the plates into the bin. “Hey…” I say,

“Hey…” She replies, giving me a smile that doesn’t reach her eyes.

“How are you holding up with the pregnancy? Is the little one being good?” I ask.

She smiles slightly, placing a hand on her stomach. “He kicks a lot at night, but he’s being good…” Her eyes sparkle with tears, and she turns as she places the plates in on the worktop.

Dan and Li Sheng place the rest of the stuff on the counters, bringing in everything from the lounge.

“Hot drinks?” I ask.

“Jax said he’s ordered some in from the café. Should be here soon.” Li Sheng says.

I nod as Dan glances at me.

‘Want me to stay?’ He asks through the link.

‘Let me try to talk to her first?’ I suggest.

He gives me a small nod as he leaves the room.

‘You going to be ok talking to her?’ Leo asks.

‘Did Dan snitch?’ I ask, putting the sauce bottles back in the fridge.

‘Barrier Baby Girl? You really do suck at keeping those walls up.’ Leo’s s*xy

c*cky voice comes back.

‘Oh, well, stop prying in my head.’ I pout, as I turn to Kareena, who is loading the dishwasher.

“You know, not many people here know, but in the battle that took place with Endora, my mother died.” I say, this topic hurts…

She looks up at me, frowning slightly.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t realise you were alive. back then.” She says, tilting her head as if she’s doing the calculations.

“I wasn’t. She was pregnant with me, but she was adamant to fight in the battle… and die.”

She pauses from loading the dishwasher, confusion on her face, but she doesn’t speak waiting for me to continue.

“My sperm donor, her mate? He was abusive and a cheat. When Alejandro found out… it was his pack my parents were in… well, he sent him to his death as a punishment for abusing Indigo – my biological mother.”

I know people here generally know that I’m not Mama and Dad’s biological daughter, but not many know the full truth.

“Well, she didn’t want to lose him… She somehow stuck by him because he was her mate and with his death… she became a shell of her former self… wanting to die, even when she had me inside of her.” I take a breath as she looks at me. The pain and understanding in her eyes making me continue. “Today when I saw you, I realise that that baby inside of you is like me. He needs his Mama, he always will. Not everyone is lucky to find people like Mama and Dad. You’re not like Indigo though. Her mate was abusive. Shane was a hero… She didn’t even last long. You’re here months on trying to survive for your prince. I know you don’t want to accept Jax’s offer but you know… he loved Shane, he wants to see you live Kareena, and you don’t even need to be in a relationship-”

“And if his mate shows up?” She cuts in. ” Then what? How will things go? Sure he can reject me and move on since I am not looking for love but… what if the bond makes me start seeing him as security?”

She presses her lips together and I realise that this is her hesitation…


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