Alpha Leo and the Heart of Fire by Moonlight Muse Chapter 120

Alpha Leo and the Heart of Fire by Moonlight Muse Chapter 120

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I enter pack grounds, driving slowly as I look up at the Blood Moon. Things always feel a little lonely on a Blood Moon… I sigh heavily, looking at the bags in the passenger side of the car and smile slightly.

I have been over at Alejandro’s pack today and Kiara has given me plenty of things for Azura. She is very excited about the baby’s

arrival, however, Azura hadn’t wanted everyone to come, not wanting everyone fussing over her. Telling her family to come once she’s in labour if they must. She’s going to have the baby soon; she’s been getting pains on and off for the last few days and I can’t wait to hold my grandchild in my hands. I don’t remember much about Leo as a child, and with Leo not really allowing me as much time with Corrado, I missed out on the newborn stage,

something I am looking forward to.

Although I don’t think I’ll be very good with newborns.

I glance back at the bags on the seat next to me, deciding to stop at Leo’s and drop these off first. I need to ask if there’s anything they need me to do for when Elijah and Scarlett come down tomorrow.

With Leo as Alpha, life is peaceful, but at the same time, it’s a little empty… I have far too much time on my hands now… These are the times I do wish I had someone by my side, and then there’s a certain someone that I can’t seem to get out of my mind. She cares… I saw that when I nearly died… but perhaps those feelings just aren’t strong enough. I don’t even know what I want. She’s young and may meet her mate. She clearly doesn’t want me, so why am I still going over this?

It irritates me.

I park up outside the villa, deciding to go on foot from here. I walk around to the other side, grabbing the bags from the car.

“Alpha Marcel.” The guard greets from his post at the gates. “Charles.” I greet him with a nod. “The Alpha and Luna are not in.” He says as he holds out the scanner pad and I place my hand on it. Leo is extremely careful with security, and I don’t blame him. Not after what happened last time. “That’s fine. I just have some things I’ll leave inside for them.” I say and he nods as the gates open, and I step through them, heading up to the house. I reach the front door, entering the passcode, and scan my thumb. I would rather not ring the doorbell. I look at the time on my watch, it’s late… past eleven and I know Rosaline will be in her own quarters by now, Corrado will be asleep and Winona… Well, I don’t think she’d want to see me.

I shut the door after me quietly; I haven’t seen her for at least three weeks… the only time I saw her was when she brought

Corrado home from school when I came down one of the times and that was only through the window, since he had come into the lounge by himself. Otherwise, she avoids me like the d*mn plague. I’ll just leave them here; I don’t really want to mind link them at this time of night. I walk down the hallway, deciding to place them against the wall where no one can trip over them. With Azura pregnant, she needs to be careful. I place the bags on the ground, about to turn away, when a faint delicious scent fills my nose.

I tense, turning sharply as I stare down the hallway. My entire body seems to go into overdrive, and I find myself sniffing the air.

The intoxicating scent… the pull… This reminds me of the mate bond… When I had found Petra… My eyes blaze and I’m no longer in charge as my wolf surges forward like a beast on the prowl. I need to find that scent… My heart races as I walk down the hall, the scent getting stronger. It’s a little familiar yet so intense and delicious I can’t pinpoint it. The kitchen lights are on, and the smell is even more amplified here. I enter the kitchen, my eyes blazing gold as they land on the delicate frame behind the counter, making a cup of tea. Her eyes fly open and for the first time since I’ve known her, her eyes dazzle a brilliant honey topaz shade. 1 “Mine.” I snarl, unable to stop myself. The word rings in the large kitchen, overriding the thundering of our hearts.

She gasps, the spoon falling from her delicate fingers as she stares at me in shock. Her eyes return to normal as she backs away. Her heart is thundering as I try to regain control of my emotions. “How can this be?” She whispers, her hand clutched to her chest. She looks even more beautiful than before if that is even possible. She’s in satin white pyjamas and for a moment I wonder if this is reality or a dream.

“If you think about it, we have never seen each other under a blood moon.” I say quietly, perhaps it is a good thing… the timing feels better now… But what I can’t get my head around is did the Moon Goddess really give me a second chance mate? And it turns out to be the woman that I want… My life hasn’t been one full of happiness… This just feels too good to be true… is it a dream?

“Winona.” I say quietly, approaching her. She’s rooted to her spot, staring at me. I don’t know what to do… She’s not happy. I can see the turmoil in her eyes. The pain of her unspoken rejection tugs inside of me… My wolf is more alive than he ever has been, I’ve only ever felt his rage in battle or anger, this emotion is different… he wants her as much as I do, but I’m no longer sure she wants us. The moment I reach for her, my fingers grazing her hand, bolts of delicious sparks course through me, making her eyes flash that gorgeous topaz shade again. A gasp leaves her, and our eyes meet, when she suddenly pulls away. She opens her mouth as if wanting to say something and, for a moment, I feel as if she’s about to reject me when she suddenly turns and runs. “Winona!” I growl in frustration. Why can she just not talk? 7

I turn, walking down the hall as she runs for the stairs and takes them two at a time. She’s a fast runner… I frown about to follow her when I realise what I’m doing and pause. I can’t follow her… Corrado’s asleep and maybe she just needs time…

I have to prepare to be rejected too… after all, I’m a man in his sixties… why should she settle for me?

I sit on the bottom steps of the staircase, running my fingers through my hair. My head is pounding, my wolf’s rage rising and my own irritation and hunger all combines… I don’t know how long I sit there, head in hands and I only realise when the front door opens and the sound of Azura’s voice makes my head snap up. “… eena’s tattoo looks perfect, when her new mark heals, I think they will both go so beautifully…” She trails off when they both spot me. “What are you doing here?” Leo asks, frowning sharply as he scans the hall. “Everything’s fine.” I reassure him, knowing that the break-in from a few months ago is playing on his mind. “I just …” I glance around the hall, trying to remember why I came here. “Ah, the bags.” I nod. “Kiara gave some stuff for Azura.” “What’s wrong?” Leo asks as he steps closer, his eyes flashing a steely blue. “Nothing…” I lie, staring at my hands, and observing the countless scars that cover my palms. Some are more prominent, whilst others are barely noticeable. What am I even to say to my son?

“Doesn’t look like nothing to me.” Azura says walking towards me, a hand on her stomach. She flinches and closes her eyes for a second. “Are you getting contractions?” I ask with concern. “Yeah, but Doctor Donna says there’s plenty of time left yet. Plus, my waters haven’t broken.” She says wincing again. “I’m not so sure.” Leo says glancing at her. ” So, the truth.” He says, his eyes hard when he looks down at me. How long will I deny it? With us being mates … I need to tell Leo myself.

“Tonight is the Blood Moon.” I state, taking a deep breath as I stand up. They both look at me, nodding as they wait for me to continue. I smil humourlessly. “Do you know, tonight I guess I am one of the rare lucky wolves who is blessed with a second chance mate.”

Azura’s eyes widen into saucers, but Leo seems stunned as he stares at me,


“Who?” He says as calmly as ever.

But I know that the calmness can be a

façade. However, there’s nothing to lose and I cannot keep this a secret any longer.



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