Alpha Leo and the Heart of Fire by Moonlight Muse Chapter 122

Alpha Leo and the Heart of Fire by Moonlight Muse Chapter 122

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It’s all one big blur of pure adrenaline, we’re through the hospital doors. I’ve taken Azura to a private room which has been prepared for her for the last few weeks. It’s already got everything our baby will need.

Kiara had wanted to be the one to assist with the birth, but Azura had said she’ll be fine, and refused to allow anyone but me and Donna into the room. That had been her plan from the start, and we all had to respect that.

Her eyes are blazing silver, and not one sound escapes her as she grips my hand and pushes. She’s strong, and I can see that in the silence she holds, as she pushes when Donna instructs her.m My own heart is racing, and I can feel her emotions through the bond; she’s nervous, excited, scared, and happy. As am I… There’s been a few times that I was tempted to know the gender over these past few months, but right now not knowing was f*cking exciting. “Oh, the pup is crowning! My, that’s a lot of hair.” Donna says. “You are doing incredibly well Luna. Now push for me.”

She grits her teeth, her nails digging into my hand as she pushes, and for the first time, a small grunt escapes her as she pushes. “You’re f*cking brave.” I whisper. I know she’s in pain… There’s no doubt about that. Her eyes are glistening with tears from it, but she’s f*cking incredible. “This is a piece of cake.” She says, glaring at me, her expression saying something miles different.

I smirk. “Oh yeah?”

“Yes.” She retorts, tugging my hand to her lips and kissing it softly despite her frustration. “Again Luna.” Donna says. With my free hand, I caress her hair slowly, her heart is racing and there’s a thin layer of sweat on her forehead. “Keep pushing.” “I’m trying.” Azura growls, as she pushes using all her strength. “Ah F*ck!” My stomach twists and I look at Donna. “Is she ok?”

“Yes, Alpha, this is the pushing stage. She’s almost there.” Donna replies.

We’d been here for only an hour, but she was already pretty dilated when we came in.

Donna had been surprised she was still at home with how strong her contractions are. “You’re carrying the next one.” She growls at me, her silver eyes on me and I c*ck a brow. Although I want to tell her that isn’t actually possible, I don’t think now’s the time for snarky replies, although the temptation to tease her is real.

“We won’t have another one.” I say instead, trying to soothe her.

That doesn’t work, and she swats my hand away.

“Why not?” She hisses. “Because you know the anatomy of human bodies? I can’t carry one and-” “I’m not fcking st*pid!” She snaps, “I know that! You are so annoying!”

I smirk. “It’s ok to vent.”

“Stop f*cking antagonising me!” She growls and I see Donna hiding a smile. “Sorry Baby Girl.” I say softly, hiding my smile, instead leaning down, I kiss her forehead softly, wishing I could take away her pain. Her hand tightens on mine as she holds it to her thumping chest. I move back slowly, and our eyes meet. Hers return to their gorgeous blue.

“You know I still love you, just let me be angry…” She whispers, but it ends in a strong push and gasp.

“I know. Unleash hell if you want, my S*xy Little P*ycho.” I reply with a small smile, giving her strength and calmness through the bond.

“Keep going Luna, the head’s almost out! You got this!” Donna says, pushing Azura’s knees wider. I reach down, placing my hand on top of the thin sheet that covers her midriff, and pulling her thigh back gently, helping her a little as her head lifts from the pillow and she pushes with all her might.

The thundering of her heart, the beeping of the machine next to her, and the sounds of her struggle as she births our child increase and for a moment, it feels like everything slows down.

Giving birth. It’s an incredible thing… Men may be the Alphas, but women are the f*cking Goddess’s. “One more push Luna!”

I snap back to the present at her words, and I lean down kissing Azura’s hand, which has mine pinned to her chest. Her face is scrunched as she pushes, and her eyes fly open as she gasps, and her head falls back onto the pillow.

Our baby’s cry fills the room, making my heart thud and I feel the aura of a strong Alpha.

A boy. 3

“Goddess…” Donna says, she looks at our child, in awe and confusion. “What’s wrong?” I ask, my stomach twisting in fear.

She shakes her head slowly. “The aura… it’s incredible… an Alpha…” I turn to see her holding our baby, a huge smile on her face. ” However, it’s a girl.” 16 I can’t help but smile as she quickly wipes our pup, and brings her over to Azura, who unzips her top, allowing Donna to place our pup against her chest. “A girl…” Azura says as she kisses the top of our pup’s head. “An Alpha female isn’t something unheard of,” I say, looking down at the pup in her arms as I bend down, kissing Azura’s forehead softly before she looks up and I kiss her lips. “Thank you.” I say quietly, before I place my lips against my little one’s head. “Like Alpha Scarlett Westwood herself.” Donna says softly.

“Yes.” Azura says.

I kiss our baby softly, caressing her face. Her scent is soft and gentle, and I feel an incredible storm of emotions.

An Alpha female… the fact her aura

awakened from birth shows that she’ll be as strong as her cousins. Stronger probably than the first Alpha female… her grandmother. The little one tilts her head slightly, and our eyes meet. They are dark blue-grey, eyes that I know will change as she grows, and I can’t help but smile at the confidence of our little one as she looks around.

“Would you like to cut the cord, Alpha?”

Donna asks.

I nod, knowing how this is done, since I had planned to do so. I take the scissors, and she attaches the clip at the end, and I snip the strong cord off.

“Just the Placenta to go Luna.” Donna says, “You’re ready to deliver it,”

Azura nods before she turns to me. “Want to carry her?” “Is that even a question?” I ask. She smiles, cuddling our child and kissing her head softly as Donna places a thin blanket around her. Azura holds her out to me. I take her slowly. She’s tiny, sure she’s big for a newborn, and she’s chubby as a plushie, but she’s tiny in my hands…

I lift her carefully, she’s really the most

precious little thing… Adjusting the blanket around her, I hold her close. “Hey, little one.” I say, kissing her cheek.

She yawns, and the way she moves her mouth shows she’s hungry.

You’ll get some milk soon.

‘We’re blessed to share that Azura has given birth to a gorgeous little baby girl.’ I say through the link to all of the Sangue Pack members. All those who didn’t have their

block up and were within the pack would hear, and soon, an influx of congratulations came back. ‘I want to see her!’ Dad says. ‘Yeah, we’re right outside waiting.’ Jax adds. I glance at Azura, who nods, and I slip outside the room with the baby.

Ok, I wasn’t f*cking expecting this many people here… The boys, their mates and Dad are all there, but they ain’t so f*cking small and are taking up the entire hallway.

“Whoa, she…” Ace is the first to speak when he looks down at our baby girl, who is now sucking on her hand vigorously. “She’s an Alpha.” I say proudly, with a smirk. “D*mn, that’s incredible.” Jax says. “I don’t think even Corrado had such a strong aura!” Dad chuckles. Guess it’s the mix of a Westwood with the Rossi gene.” My face remains passive, I hope that is what people will always think… That this child’s aura is stronger because the mother is a Westwood, she’s the daughter of the Heart

of Fire, after all. Corrado will always be my

firstborn and no one will be told of his

origin. He’s mine. 11

“Scarlett was only discovered as an Alpha female after her shift, oh she will be proud.” Dad continues as he takes our child from me. “Congratulations.” Li Sheng says, giving me a hug. They all congratulate me, complimenting and admiring our little one. “Do you have a name for her?” Dan asks as they gather around the hungry baby.

“We had a couple selected for both genders, but we haven’t finalised one.” I say, glancing back at the room.

“Go to her.” Dad says, handing our pup back. “Congratulations son, I’m proud of the man you are, and you now have your own little family. They are lucky to have a father like you, both her and Corrado.”

“Thanks.” I say as I look at him as I cradle. my daughter and re-enter the room. Azura’s lying on the bed, and everything has been cleared away. Donna removes her gloves, and she smiles at me as I pass the baby to Azura, who places her on her chest once more.

“She’s hungry.” Azura says, softly kissing her before adjusting her. I pull up the head of the bed for her and Donna looks at Azura.

“Do you need help, Luna?” She asks, coming over and helping adjust Azura’s position before our little one latches on and begins drinking like she’s never been fed.

D*mn, these kids are hungry monsters.

“Oh, look at that. You are both doing fabulously.” Donna chuckles. “I’ll leave you all for a short while, I will send food for the Luna, and I’ll come back in a short while to do some basic checks on the baby, but from what I can see she’s perfect.”

“She is.” I say as Donna leaves, and I take a seat on the edge of the bed. “How are you feeling?”

“I tore a little, but I’m already healing.” She says, but she does look tired.

“You did incredibly,” I say, brushing a few strands of her hair back as she holds our pups feeding her. A few times she adjusts her latch, but just watching her, I have no doubts she will manage everything.

“Thanks.” She replies. Her gaze flickers to my lips, and she gives me a pointed look. ” Kiss me.”

“With pleasure. Just don’t bite my tongue off for kissing you.” I tease huskily, cupping her face and kissing her hard.

She moans against my lips, kissing me back, our emotions fusing, and I no longer know which are mine and which are hers. This moment is one that I won’t ever forget… A loud cry startles me, and I move back to see the little one had unlatched and was blindly moving her head reminding me of a newborn bird. Azura chuckles. “She’s like a little hungry chick.” She says, kissing her cheek. I nod in agreement, and our pup begins crying. Azura latches her back on and I reach

over, adjusting the c*shion under her arm as I watch the duo.

Azura, she looks beautiful, even tired, she’s incredible, in every f*cking way… “So any name?” I ask her. “I still like the one you suggested.” She says, looking up at me. A name that I had thought of that reminded me of Azura’s transformation. “I think it suits her…. Phoenix Rossi and you know, Phoenix also means Dark Red. She’s the second alpha female, and you know Mama’s nickname has always been Red.” She says with a tilt of her head.

“A nice nod to her grandmother, then.” I say.

Azura nods. “Yeah, and I think she will be a fiery little thing.” I have no f*cking doubt from what I have

seen so far.

“Then it’s official. We have Phoenix Emilia Rossi here.” 1 “Emilia?” She asks. I nod slowly. This was something I had decided on if we had a daughter. “If it wasn’t for Amelia Westwood, I never would have been blessed to have you in my f*cking life. I think it’s only fitting to show how grateful I am for what she did. She sacrificed herself… for you, and in turn, for me to have you both.” She smiles slightly and nods. “Thank you. I think it’s perfect.”

“I’m glad and I think I’m the one who

should be saying thank you, for everything you’ve f*cking given me.” I say, and I’m surprised when she actually blushes under my gaze. I’m about to tease her when there’s a knock on the door. “I think your parents are here.” I say and then call out. “Come in.” The door opens to reveal Scarlett and Elijah standing there. Scarlett’s eyes go to Azura before she hurries over and wraps her arms around her daughter.

“Mama…” Azura says and I get up from the

bed, giving them a moment.

“Congratulations to you both.” Elijah says before hugging me.

“And to you.” I reply, hugging him back before I step away, and Elijah turns to his daughter and kisses her forehead.

“Are you ok? Kiara will be here soon.”

Scarlett says.

“I’m fine Mama, don’t stress. I’m healing already.” Azura reassures her. “Her aura…” Scarlett says, turning to her granddaughter and Azura smiles, nodding.

“Just like you Mama.”

“I think she surpasses me.” Scarlett says, softly kissing Phoenix’s cheek before she smiles at me, coming over and reaching up she cups my face, tugging me down and kisses my forehead. “Congratulations Leo.”

“Thanks.” I reply before she returns to sit beside Azura and my mind goes to Corrado, he is going to be f*cking ecstatic when he

finds out. 1

I smile faintly, watching my woman and daughter as Azura talks to the Westwoods.

And you know what?

Life is f*cking good.


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