Alpha Leo and the Heart of Fire by Moonlight Muse Chapter 123

Alpha Leo and the Heart of Fire by Moonlight Muse Chapter 123

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The week passed by in a blur, the struggle between feeding, trying to sleep and visitors has been intense. Although everyone helped, she constantly wants milk and I’m the only one who can give her that.

Liam, Kiara, and their families had come down too, Raihana and Rayhan and their families also visited. It was a pleasant time, albeit tiring. It was still very lively. Then there were all the pack members wanting to see the Alpha’s child. It was sweet to see the love and excitement they had at her birth.

At times I would sneak in naps, but it’s never enough when you have a little pup to take care of. Mama stayed on for a week and she’s still here, and Winona is really helpful too, although she and Marcel still avoid each other. I even notice Mama observing them, but she not once says anything. Back to this little hungry monster. I’m expressing a lot more now so I can sleep whilst someone else can feed Phoenix.

“Mommy, I think Phoenix is hungry.”

Corrado whispers as he peers into the Moses basket where she is sucking on her hand, fast asleep.

I smile and pull him onto my lap. “Trust me, she’s not,” I say, kissing his cheek. “She’s drunk a lot, but she’s just a Little Greedy Goblin.”

He giggles. “Not a Greedy Goblin Mommy. She is a princess who needs to drink lots of milk, so she gets big quickly, so I can play with her.” He states protectively.

“She will be big before you know it.” I say, hugging him tightly, remembering his reaction when he walked into the hospital


The sun is shining through the window of the hospital room. Phoenix is fast asleep in the cot and I realise Leo isn’t here. He did say he was going to go home to shower and bring Corrado back with him. I sit up, feeling much better, and look at the time. Just past 8am…. I stretch, deciding to take the chance to have a shower. After taking a shower I return to the room. when Phoenix begins stirring and so I decide to feed her before she starts screaming. It’s incredible how much love you can have for a child. It’s a strength in itself… I caress her cheek, smiling down at her. Mama had bathed her last night; she had looked in awe at Phoenix as she carried her. It will be a special connection that they have between them.

I finish feeding and burping her, before changing her nappy. I’m just buttoning up her onesie as she sucks on her hands, staring at me when the hospital door slides open and Leo is standing there holding Corrado’s hand. He’s clutching a cluster of helium balloons and a teddy. His little heart beats loudly as he stares with wide eyes at the bed, it takes him a moment to look from me to the moving bundle on the bed and his lips turn downwards.

“Mommy…” He says as Leo brings him over to the bed. My own smile fades, replaced by the concern at the tears in his eyes that he’s desperately fighting. “Oh my Cherub, what’s wrong?” I ask, reaching down for him. ‘He was incredibly happy on our way here.’ Leo says. I lift him onto the bed beside me and he clings to me tightly, but he doesn’t reply as he stares at Phoenix. Leo takes the teddy bear and balloons from him, placing them aside. “Hey Kiddo, look, it’s your baby sister.” Leo says scooping Phoenix up tenderly and kissing her. She looks so tiny in his hands, but seeing them together is unexplainably overwhelming in a good way… He holds her out to Corrado, who looks up at me. “Can I carry her?” He asks in a hushed whisper, making me feel all teary. “Oh baby, of course, you can!” I say, shuffling over and placing him between my legs. I kiss his forehead softly and give him a tight hug. “She’s been so excited for you to come and see her.” “She has?” He whispers emotionally. I nod as he holds his arms out. “Of course.” Leo places her in his arms. “She’s so small.” Corrado whispers, kissing her forehead softly, his little body shaking as he’s unable to stop his tears. “She’s so cute Mommy.” He s*bs, overwhelmed with emotions.

I cradle him tenderly. “Just like her brother.” I say gently. “I’m so, so happy.” Corrado s*bs, and I kiss him gently. I look up when I hear the click of the camera. Leo has just taken a photo of us on his phone.

“Think I found the perfect lock screen photo.” He says quietly. ‘Now I just need you naked on a bed for my unlocked screen.’ My stomach flutters, and as if realising what I want, he sits opposite us and reaching over, kisses me softly before he moves back and we turn our attention back to the precious moment between the two siblings. Corrado is crying softly as he looks at her adoringly. I brush his hair back, wiping his tears. “I will always take care of her.” He promises.

“I know you will.” I say softly.

We fall silent, letting him enjoy this moment

as Phoenix stares up at him, still sucking on her hand. I slowly reach over, moving her hand away and making her grip on his finger. She looks at him with those gorgeous eyes of hers and Corrado gasps, kissing her hand.

“Thank you, Mommy, for giving me a sister … I love you, and Daddy and Phoenix.” He says, his voice breaking as he s*bs. I hug him tightly and Leo slowly takes Phoenix from him.

“We love you too, my Little Cherub.” I reply, hugging him tightly.

“Yes, I can’t wait.” He says, simply sitting there and watching her with admiration.

I glance out through the lounge window. The weather is rather nice today, although it is still cloudy. The lounge door opens, and Leo enters along with someone I wasn’t expecting.

“Hi.” Nikki says as she looks over at us.

“Hi.” I reply. They are standing a foot and a half apart, but I can’t deny there is still that flare of jealousy at seeing them side by side. even if I know Leo is over her. “Why is Nikki here?” Corrado asks, looking at Leo suspiciously. Clearly unhappy to see them together.

I’m with you, kiddo. 1

“Congratulations on the baby.” She says walking over and placing down the gift bag I hadn’t even seen in her hands. “Thank you.” I say, my face blank, unable to figure out how to react. She’s dressed in her usual way as if nothing ever happened. Her hair is curled, full face of make-up, big earrings, and a trendy outfit whilst I’m here in a sports bra and leggings. Leo walks over to me where I’m sitting beside Corrado and lifts me up, sitting down in my spot and placing me in his lap. His strong arms wrap around me and I’m certain he had heard my thoughts. He kisses my neck softly before he looks at Corrado. “Why don’t you go play in the other room?” He suggests. Corrado looks between us before observing how Leo’s arms are around me, visibly relaxing before he nods. “Ok Daddy, I go to play but, when I come back then Mommy, Daddy, Phoenix and me, do something together ok?”

“Ok.” Leo replies, with a small, amused

smirk. It was obvious to all of us how he

emphasised all four of us. I turn to Nikki, who is still standing there. “Take a seat.” I say to her. ‘You could have told me she’s coming.’ ‘I met her outside; I didn’t know she was coming down, Baby Girl.’

‘Hmm.’ I reply. He kisses my neck, and I hate how it calms me. I know I’m being petty, but when I’m tired and emotional, everything gets to me. ‘I’m sorry, I can tell her to leave.’ ‘A tad too late for that.’ I clip back as the door shuts behind Corrado. “She’s beautiful.” She says as she looks at Phoenix.

“Thank you.” I reply, I really don’t know what to make of this visit…

“I actually wanted to apologise for everything I did. I know I crossed the line a few times but when you’re with someone for two years and then it’s just gone… It kinda hurts.” She begins. I’m about to say something when she waves her hand.

“But I’m not saying this is your fault. You

two are mates and Leo is happier now than he ever was with me…” She glances at Leo, and I turn to him.

“Will you give us a minute?” I ask. He looks between us and gives a curt nod. “Sure,” He says, gripping the side of my

neck and kissing me hard. I kiss him back before I ease off his lap and he stands up, caressing Phoenix’s cheek before leaving the room. Nikki sighs, crossing her legs. “What I’m saying is, although I know you two are perfect for one another, it still hurts. I still love him, and I don’t know when these feelings will go away.” “Why are you telling me this, Nikki? You’re already under watch for your carelessness involving Eric.” I say. “I know and because of that, and what I’ve done, or more like because of the consequences of my actions, I’ve made a decision. I’m leaving the pack. I mean, I’m still part of this pack, but I’m just going someplace else. Anyway, I’ve applied for a few job offers and had some replies too.” She’s leaving?

“Oh, I wasn’t expecting that.”

She shrugs. “Well, I’m the ex that everyone in this pack now hates. I messed up pretty

bad, and well… It’s not nice to be known as the other woman. So, I’ll leave. Although I know everything will be on my record, I’m still hoping for a fresh start. With Jackie gone, it’s lonely anyway.” For a moment her front drops and she hugs herself tightly and I can see the sadness on her face but then it’s gone and she shakes her head. “I’m sorry about Jackie, it must have been hard… I just wish things didn’t go as they did …” I offer, knowing that there are many who will always miss Jackie. “Yeah, if I had known what Eric was up to, I would have told someone, but I swear the way he and Emmet had issues, I never thought they’d be in on something together.” She shakes her head. She had made some bad choices. She had been questioned, and although she wasn’t in on the Garrons brothers’ plans; she had made mistakes and bad decisions without thinking of anything past herself. “Well, I hope that works out great for you. This Pack is still your home. When you feel you want to come back, you’re welcome to.” I say, brushing my hair back, only for the strands to slip forward again. “Thanks. Spoken like a true Luna.” She smirks. “You seem much nicer now. I mean, you were a little weird when you first came here.”

Yep, still the same Nikki.

“I’m still p*ycho when I need to be.” I

respond and almost smirk when she looks. unnerved. “I know you hate me for showing up, but I tried to keep away from him for

you, because I didn’t want to be the other woman to break you both up.” She nods, looking down at her nails. “Yeah, I know, Leo told me that… This isn’t your fault. He’s your mate. It isn’t really anyone’s position and then yeah, the situation was rough, but I won’t mention it again. You two have a family now. You’re marked. You’re happy, so I just need to find my happiness too – for me.” I watch her, thinking although we would never be friends; I think we finally understand one another to an extent. We are just unlucky enough to be part of a situation that just complicated everything. “That sounds good. I hope you find that too.” I reply.

She nods and we smile at one another.

“Thank you.” She replies before she looks back at Phoenix. “So can I carry her?”

“Sure.” I say and she gets up, lifting Phoenix from the basket. “Oh, she is so adorable! You two do make a cute kid.”

I smile, feeling content and calmer. Sometimes you just have to give people some time to open their eyes.

I turn when the door opens and Leo steps. inside. His eyes are on me. Neither of us says anything, but when he sits next to me and wraps his arms around me, I truly feel as if life is complete.

This is my life, one I never could have imagined or ever hoped to be so incredible.


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