Billionaire God of War Chapter 1118

Chapter 1118

“Yes, Mr Douglas! Don’t worry, Mr Douglas. We are well prepared this time, so we won’t let you down!” said one of the men.

“It’s not about letting me down,” said Douglas as he shook his head. “It’s the Chairman that you can’t let down, understand?”

He stared at the man in front of him, “Harold Greene, do you know how much effort it took for me to place you in this position? If you can’t run the Chinese market smoothly and even let Palmer Group take over our market share, then you had better find yourself a building and jump from its highest floor.”

“Yes, Mr Douglas!” said Harold Greene immediately as he trembled.

Then Harold didn’t dare to disturb him further. He immediately treaded out lightly with his back bent.

He could finally relax a little after leaving through Douglas’s office doors. The horrifying pressure that Douglas gave off whenever they met felt simply dreadful.

“Mr Harold���”

“Do as Mr Douglas Moore requested!” said Harold Greene immediately. “Whatever it takes, we must obtain the production data of Palmer Group’s new products and the compensation as well!”

“Yes, Mr Harold!”

Harold inhaled deeply. This was the north.

The north had changed completely. Once the powerful families he contacted found out that he wanted to deal with Palmer Group, they refused to collaborate. They even took the initiative to draw the line between them.

He naturally knew that Palmer Group no longer had the same status in the north. There was a night when he could strangle Palmer Group single-handedly. But now even a hundred of himself couldn’t stand a fighting chance against Palmer Group, and he was no different from an ant.

In a short span of time, this place had changed completely. Even he found it unbelievable.

Harold glanced at his office. Douglas was inside, so he didn’t dare to enter.

“He’s clearly a Chinese, so why does he have a foreign name?” cursed Harold silently. But he didn’t dare to say a word openly.

The Moore family used to be a powerful family in the north. But decades ago, their entire family moved overseas. Then they built a foundation overseas and became an even more influential family!

They even had shares in an international brand like L’Oreal.

The Moore family was especially powerful in the Chinese market, and almost single-handedly controlled the region. But the rise of Palmer Group almost destroyed their monopoly, so the Moore family was naturally anxious.

Douglas was here to handle Palmer Group. But he didn’t care about the current situation in the north.

He had no wish to find out, and it was beneath him to do so. Douglas didn’t even care about the powerful northern families.

After all, the Moore family was a powerful northern family as well decades ago. Since they had given up that status ages ago, why should they be interested now?

Inside the office.

Douglas sat leaning on the couch as he smoked his cigar leisurely. He had a somewhat pretty face but was calm and unscrupulous beyond his years.

“The Chinese market provides the Moore family with billions in profit. But the moment Palmer Group took hold, they instantly cut off our source of income,” said Douglas as he sneered. “I wonder who is behind Palmer Group. Which powerful family is backing it? Is it the Long family, the Snow family, or the Hunt family?”

“Humph, no matter which family it is, they have gone too far,” said Douglas as he laughed coldly. There was a trace of anger exuding from his face as he said, “It was one thing if they just worked the local markets. But they want to expand abroad now? They can dream on!”

Even Douglas failed to realize that the Moore family was reacting due to the threat that Palmer Group’s speedy growth posed. If they really didn’t care, why would they worry about Palmer Group now?

“I will cut off your expansion overseas!”


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