Billionaire God of War Chapter 1120

Chapter 1120

Ethan was right. There was no need for him to help with little things like this. If their opponent resorted to traditional methods, they would do the same, but come down much harder than them!

He certainly couldn’t keep going to Ethan to be their trump card and go in for the kill each time.

Ethan turned to glance at Diane as Owen ran off hurriedly.

“I think you are still a long way from retirement.”

Diane chuckled out loud. She couldn’t help laughing.

“You are the one who has been pampering them,” said Diane softly, “The employees of Palmer Group are actually all very capable and they all fight to do their best. As it is, they are already the best people.”

Ethan was too powerful, so Palmer Group barely faced any problems that couldn’t be dealt with. So there was little opportunity for their employees to get forced into a corner and make themselves stronger.

She looked at Ethan, but he shrugged, “Is it my fault?”

He was truly to blame for being too capable. So Owen and the others almost never put their heart into it.

Of course, Ethan also gave them immense confidence as well. Regardless of what they did, they knew that they had strong support, so they were more energetic.

“You are Palmer Group’s tower of strength,” said Diane solemnly.

Ethan didn’t like this title much. Who wants to be a tower?

“Brother Ethan! Brother Ethan!”

Just as he was about to lecture Diane and have her find him a better title, Owen came running in.

“The people from L’Oreal are here.”

“Why are they here?” asked Diane as she frowned, “Shouldn’t we be seeing them in court?”

They opposed each other like fire and water, and on top of that, L’Oreal even hired a lot of people to write articles to slander Palmer Group. So what were they doing calling on Palmer Group now?

“They said they have something to discuss with you.”

Ethan and Diane looked at each other and nodded.

“Let him in.”

Owen nodded and walked out.

Before long, he brought a middle-aged man with an extraordinary aura in. He clearly held high status in L’Oreal in the Chinese region.

“Hi both, my name is Lester Combs. I’m Chief Secretary of L’Oreal’s Chinese regions. I’m glad we can meet.”

Lester Combs was dressed in a suit. He didn’t regard himself as a stranger and had no intention of shaking hands with Ethan and Diane. Instead, he walked straight up and sat across them with a lofty expression on his face.

“How glad are you?” asked Ethan with no intention of standing up as he tilted his head slightly and looked at Lester.

Lester Combs was stunned, and his expression froze. He didn’t think Ethan would suddenly ask a question like this.

How would he know exactly how glad he was? He was simply being polite.

“Mr. Hunt is so humorous,” said Lester as he smiled. Then he glanced at them both and somewhat laughed before asking a little curiously, “I wonder who calls the shots in Palmer Group? After all, Palmer Group belongs to the Palmer family.”

The first thing he said after he came was provocative.

“It doesn’t matter since it isn’t you,” said Ethan before Diane replied. “Say it. What are you here for? Instead of waiting to see us in court, you came here first. It can’t be anything good.”

The corners of Lester’s eyes twitched. He had no clue how to communicate with Ethan.

He heard that he was always unpredictable.

“Hehe, if we meet only in court, then there won’t be a second chance for you,” said Lester calmly as he raised his head slightly. “I believe both of you have gotten wind of the recent media reports. It wasn’t easy for Palmer Group to reach this success, and if it gets wrecked, then it would be such a great loss to you.”

“L’Oreal is willing to give Palmer Group a chance for everyone to be friends instead of enemies. Don’t you think it’s a good idea?”


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