Billionaire God of War Chapter 1122

Chapter 1122

Ethan slapped Lester before he finished his words.

It was crisp and resounding!

“Do you have the right to call me by my name?”

A coldness radiated from Ethan, and it made Lester swallow his harsh words instantly. He didn’t dare to speak at all.


After stammering for a long time, he didn’t manage to speak further. He could only clutch his face as he stood there angrily and was incapable of doing anything about Ethan.

“Go back and tell the people behind you that I’m onto L’Oreal.”

Lester didn’t know what Ethan meant by that.

Anyone Ethan made a target of seemed to share the same predicament.

They vanished!

They would disappear completely!

Lester didn’t dare say a word. Instead, he ran off with his tail between his legs.

“It looks like L’Oreal isn’t very confident.”

If they were confident of success, they wouldn’t have sent someone here.

But they could have sent anyone instead of this useless man. Lester even wanted to oppress them with his power without considering who he was meeting.

Diane frowned slightly as she said, “Hubby, the people behind L’Oreal…”

“They might be related to those overseas players who are interested in the wild mines in the northwest district,” said Ethan calmly as he narrowed his eyes.

He told Winston to act swiftly and clean the northwest district of businesses selling wild mine ores overseas.

He must have touched many pies as a result.

Palmer Group was no longer merely a business and had different responsibilities on its shoulders.

“Don’t worry. I checked up on Justin, and he’s quite interesting,” said Ethan as he smiled. “Let’s wait for a good show.”

Then Ethan stopped thinking about the matter and turned to look Ashley up for some snacks.

After Lester arrived back at the office, he immediately went to look for Harold angrily!

“Mr Harold, Ethan didn’t know what was good for him and even slapped me!” said Lester furiously. “We must eradicate Palmer Group!”

Harold frowned even harder as he watched Lester become hysterical.

He had always been in the north. Even though he didn’t show his face, he knew how terrifying the recent huge disturbance in the north was.

Dozens of powerful families had vanished overnight. Even the supremely powerful Biggs family disappeared completely.

Most people might be unaware of this, but he found out through his channels that Ethan from Palmer Group was connected to this matter!

Ethan was from the north. And Ethan was the last person he wanted to hear about now.

Because he represented total annihilation!

Harold gulped at the thought as the fear in his heart intensified.

“Mr Harold?” asked Lester when Harold went into a daze and didn’t respond to him.

“Okay,” said Harold after he collected himself. There was an uneasy and even helpless expression on his face as he said, “Since Palmer Group refuses to settle out of court and wants to throw away the chance, they can’t blame me for playing rough.”

“Yes, Mr Harold. The lawyer is ready. Palmer Group hired Justin Saxon and I heard he stutters.”

Harold waved his hand and gestured for Lester to leave. He didn’t feel like talking anymore.

He wanted very badly to tell Douglas not to pit himself against Ethan.

To date, no one was able to live to tell the story after opposing Ethan. Even if some others might not realize how frightening Ethan was, surely Douglas did some homework before deciding on this course of action, right?

Since the Moore family was powerful, they ought to know something about this.

But he probably completely looked down on Ethan.

Harold sat with his brows tightly knitted. He was hesitating about whether he should betray the company!


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