Billionaire God of War Chapter 1125

Chapter 1125

The tables had completely turned!

Justin practically pinned his opponent on the ground and rubbed dirt onto his face while L’Oreal’s lawyer suffered brutal humiliation.

“Does the opposing counsel have anything more to ask?” asked Justin politely.


The lawyer from L’Oreal was so mad that he rolled his eyes right away and passed out completely.

The crowd was in an uproar!

Douglas felt as though someone had slapped him hard on the face. And this slap was in front of so many people. He was utterly embarrassed.

“I…I don’t know!” said Harold with his face equally pale. Then he turned to Lester and asked quickly, “What happened?”

Lester was just about to stand. But he knelt on the ground with a thud right away as his legs went limp.

“I don’t know! Mr Harold and Mr Douglas, I really don’t know! I didn’t tell anyone these things nor revealed them…”

Lester’s face became increasingly ashen.

“What did you do the last time you went to Palmer Group?!” yelled Harold furiously.

Lester’s face looked even worse and had lost all color!

He looked at Harold fixedly. Didn’t Harold send him there?

Why was he asking about what happened at Palmer Group?

Douglas couldn’t be bothered with Lester’s explanation. He was so angry that his body trembled, and even his voice altered.

He had set up an excellent trap, so even if Justin turned out highly eloquent, it would be hard for Palmer Group to turn the tables around. But those vital pieces of evidence led L’Oreal down a path to disastrous defeat!

He slapped Lester viciously across the face as he roared, “You’re dead meat!”

Lester shivered. Although he wanted to explain, Douglas refused to listen.

Douglas turned and left straight away. He didn’t want to stay and continue embarrassing himself in front of so many people.

He belonged to the Moore family from abroad. If he became a mockery in the north, how could he ever hold his head high again?

After Douglas took a few steps, he suddenly halted and walked over to Diane and Ethan. By now, he was devoid of his previous calmness and gentlemanliness.

“Humph, where did you find such a wonderful lawyer?” asked Ethan as he remained seated. He glanced at Douglas and said calmly, “Is he any good?”

Ethan waved at Justin, and he walked over immediately.

“Mr…Mr. Hunt…do you…you…need…need me?”

Justin stuttered and appeared somewhat constrained and even looked a little dull. Douglas’s face turned even more crimson.

He could feel blood gushing up from his chest, and he was about to cough it out uncontrollably!

Justin was a bloody stutterer!

How could he have lost to someone that stammered?

“See how everything turned out after all your effort and preparation?” said Ethan disappointedly as he shook his head. “If L’Oreal can’t afford a lawyer, Palmer Group doesn’t mind doing charity and donating you some money to hire a decent one.”

Did they want to donate money to hire a lawyer to sue them?

Palmer Group was so arrogant!

Douglas’s eyes turned frosty.

He stared at Ethan and said coldly, “Do you think Palmer Group is capable of keeping their new product patent? You ought to know that everyone will be after it.”

“No, I don’t actually,” said Ethan bluntly. “All I know is that greedy people usually come to no good end.”

“Hmph,” sneered Douglas as he flung his hands and left, “Just you wait, Palmer Group! You will regret this!”

There wasn’t a shred of emotion on Ethan’s face as Douglas left furiously.

How could a little thing like this rock his emotions at all?

“That man is the biggest shareholder of L’Oreal in the Chinese region. He’s the second son of the Moore family,” said Owen softly. “I didn’t expect some from the Moore family to turn up.”


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