Billionaire God of War Chapter 1126

Chapter 1126

“The Moore family?”

Diane didn’t know anything about the Moore family.

“The Moore family used to be a powerful northern family 20 years ago. There was a time when they were even poised to become a supremely powerful family, but they suddenly decided to migrate overseas. And they’ve been doing well these past 20 years.”

“The Moore family were the ones that helped L’Oreal expand into the Chinese region. They single handedly control the market,” introduced Owen. “Their family…is unscrupulous and resort to all means. In the trade, they have quite a bad name.”

He turned to look at Ethan.

“Brother Ethan, since the traditional methods failed, they will probably resort to something more unusual.”

Owen didn’t know why, but the moment he said this, he suddenly felt a little excited.

It seemed as though he was looking forward to seeing the Moore family resort to dirty tricks. Then he could see Ethan in action again!

Ethan lowered his eyes without showing any interest whatsoever. Instead, he even yawned.

“Let’s go wifey, the first round is over, and we’ve won beautifully! Let’s go celebrate,” said Ethan as he held Diane’s hand and walked straight out.

Owen had yet to realize they were leaving.

Shouldn’t Ethan say something?

Or say something harsh about L’Oreal at least.

“Mr Saxon, why are you laughing?” asked Owen when he caught sight of Leo laughing. He couldn’t help asking, “Was I wrong?”

“No, you were right. The Moore family isn’t to be trifled with,” said Leo as he turned his head and looked at Ethan from behind, “But offending Mr. Hunt is worse.”

“When L’Oreal sued Palmer Group, all you saw was danger. But Mr. Hunt saw an opportunity. The opportunity that came with this threat will be an extremely good stepping stone for Palmer Group.”

Owen’s eyes constricted slightly.

He was certainly aware that Palmer Group had both local and overseas expansion in their development plans. But all he thought about during this time was how to win L’Oreal’s lawsuit.

But Ethan was thinking about the steps to take after the lawsuit was over. And he had even thought two or three steps ahead!

Ethan didn’t think he would lose!

He kept considering what to do after they won the lawsuit and slapped L’Oreal hard!

“Congratulations, Mr Foss. You are probably going to get promoted,” said Leo, who left with Justin without speaking further.

He knew that the Moore family wouldn’t take it lying down. But the more they provoked Ethan, the worse things would become for them.

The more the Moore family invested in this, the better it was for Palmer Group.

Leo knew this all too well.

One could fight anyone except Ethan.

News of L’Oreal’s catastrophic loss became like a joke. In the blink of an eye, news of this had spread throughout the north!

L’Oreal was charged with the fabrication of facts and slander. Instead of getting what they wanted, they were even sentenced to compensate Palmer Group $30 million for damaging their reputation!

It was yet another tight slap on Douglas’s face!

Especially since pictures of Douglas throwing a fit in court with his face livid while he slapped Lester had already spread throughout the internet.

“Scoundrels! Everyone in Palmer Group are scoundrels!”

After Douglas saw the news, he almost wanted to kill someone.

Only now did he realize how careless he was. Countless reporters and media outlets were present at court. He initially thought Harold sent them there to spread the news of Palmer Group’s defeat as soon as possible.

In hindsight, he realized that Palmer Group arranged it to publish news of their failure and spread his embarrassing photos all throughout the world!

“Ethan, I’m going to kill you all!” bellowed Douglas.


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