Billionaire God of War Chapter 1127

Chapter 1127

Douglas didn’t expect things to turn out completely different from what he expected!

At first, Douglas thought a single lawsuit was enough to give Palmer Group pressure and make them bow to him.

New companies like them were most worried about their reputation. It would affect their plans to expand overseas, and they wouldn’t dare to offend an international brand like L’Oreal anymore.

But he didn’t think that Ethan was fearless!

Ethan chose to confront him head-on and even obtained crucial evidence to support their case.

“Damn!” said Douglas angrily. Important information like that was only made known to high-level L’Oreal employees. How did it leak?

If they wanted to beat them at the lawsuit and stifle Palmer Group, they had to insist that Palmer Group’s new product was created based on their data.

But it was too late now.

“Mr Douglas, here is the news that you wanted,” said the secretary as she walked over carefully. She had been in charge of Douglas’s matters during this time, and even Harold didn’t want to see Douglas, making her feel like quitting several times.

Douglas was temperamental and threw everyone into a panic.

His face turned increasingly dark as he read the news on the table.

He slammed the table hard as he asked, “Where’s Harold?”

“Mr Harold…isn’t in the office,” said the secretary cautiously.

“Where has he gone?” asked Douglas.

“I…I don’t know,” said the secretary softly. How would she know where Mr Harold had gone? And it was impossible to find out now.

“Get him to come and see me,” said Douglas somewhat impatiently.

Douglas told the secretary to get lost. Then he stood by himself in front of the French windows with a dark expression on his face.

His plan failed.

At first, he thought Palmer Group would be easy to eliminate, but they weren’t as easy to chew on as he thought.

The new product he wanted actually once belonged to Long Group. Although it wasn’t as easy as he thought, the Moore family didn’t give up until they got what they wanted!

“I wanted to be above board and use traditional methods. Since you want to retaliate, then don’t blame me for being unscrupulous!” said Douglas as he narrowed his eyes.

He went back to his seat and picked up his phone to dial a number.


At Palmer Group’s branch office in the north.

No one felt that this was a major victory. It was just one lawsuit, and they were on the right side of the law in the first place.

Everyone remained focused and continued working on their next step.

“Don’t let your guard down. L’Oreal has great ambitions and is greedy. They’ve coveted Palmer Group’s new product for a long time. They might have lost this time, but they won’t stop trying, so be on your guard!” instructed Owen. Every department was to raise vigilance and ensure that the development of Palmer Group’s branch office in the north stuck to the plan.

Ethan leaned against the couch in the office and appeared somewhat lazy.

Diane was patiently peeling grapes and putting them one by one into Ethan’s mouth. She didn’t look like Palmer Group’s CEO at all. All she looked like now was Ethan’s wife.

Even though there were outsiders present.

“Mr. Hunt, I hope you can give me a chance.”

Harold stood there with his back slightly bent as he smiled without daring to look the least bit disrespectful.

Even though he was much older than Ethan, he acted like a junior.

Ethan didn’t say a word. He casually reached out to stop Diane from putting a grape into his mouth. Instead, he fed it to her and said, “This one is sweet. You eat it.”

The two acted as though no one was around.

Diane took a bite. Sure enough, it was really sweet. Ethan had such a keen eye!

But Harold didn’t dare to say a word. If Ethan was going to ignore him, he didn’t dare to disturb them either.

After a long time, Ethan turned to look at Harold Greene.


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