Billionaire God of War Chapter 1129

Chapter 1129

Harold volunteered his services to help Palmer Group expand overseas. If it was anyone else, they wouldn’t have dared to take up the offer.

Especially since Harold was an experienced, wily old fox that had to be guarded against.

Moreover, he had just betrayed L’Oreal.

But Ethan agreed without any hesitation. As long as Harold could open up the foreign markets within the agreed time, Ethan would keep him.

Since someone wanted to join Palmer Group, why not use him?

Was Ethan afraid of betrayal?

Ethan knew how badly Harold wanted to live.

Harold didn’t speak any further. He knew that he had to accomplish his task first to prove himself, and there was no point in talking about it until then.

After bidding farewell to Ethan and Diane, he left immediately.

“Can he be trusted?”

Diane didn’t speak the entire time.

She didn’t have enough experience to judge if someone was good for the company.

But Ethan could do it.

“It doesn’t matter whether he can be trusted or not. The most important thing is that we still need someone to work on the foreign market. And to date, do we have such talent in Palmer Group?”

Diane thought about it then shook her head.

The fact that Palmer Group had such development locally was already a miracle.

In the short span of a year, Palmer Group had occupied almost 70% of the entire local market. Moreover, it bought over Long Group and got involved in other trades. So Palmer Group was destined to become a massive business!

In comparison to Long Group, it would become an even bigger and more stable huge company!

“Then aren’t you worried that he would betray Palmer Group?” asked Diane.

Ethan smiled as he said, “This is the same question as your previous one.”

He reached his hand out and touched Diane on her nose tenderly.

“Palmer Group’s corporate culture means it is destined that very few people will betray the company. Do you understand? Especially people like Harold, who has made enough money of his own. All he wants now is to pursue his dreams. He just wants to do things that he wanted to when he was younger but was unable to. And Palmer Group will give people like him the chance to fulfill their dreams.”

Palmer Group was like a massive dream factory!

Young employees could find their paths and dreams.

Even those who had worked in the corporate world for years and already lost all their rough edges could fulfill their original passionate ideals at Palmer Group.

Diane looked at Ethan with admiration brimming from her eyes.

She remained quiet and just kissed him. That was far more meaningful than words.

“Hubby, I’ve been hiding something from you,” said Diane hesitantly now that Ethan was in a good mood.

She glanced at Ethan furtively. But Ethan became nervous instead and his eyes floated down to her belly. “Are you pregnant?”

Diane couldn’t help laughing as she said, “No, I’m not!’

It wasn’t as easy as it seemed. Jenny told her, so long as she picked the right days, it would be easier to get pregnant. But there seemed to be no progress at all.

“I wanted to tell you that I got an invite…”

She glanced at Ethan as she spoke and pursed her lips out of fear that it would upset him. “To visit the Hunt family.”

The Hunt family.

They had the same family name as Ethan. Since Diane wasn’t stupid, she could make some informed guesses about their relationship.

Earlier on, Diane found it difficult to turn them down when she received an invitation to visit their home.

But she was more worried that Ethan would get upset.

“Go then.”

Ethan unexpectedly didn’t get emotional and merely nodded as he said calmly, “It’s very safe in the north now. I will send someone to protect you.”


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