Billionaire God of War Chapter 1131

Chapter 1131

When he finished speaking, Harold signed his name without any restraint.

Then Harold threw the resignation letter in front of Douglas and said, “Farewell!”

He didn’t drag his feet at all.

Douglas was stunned. He didn’t expect Harold to resign suddenly.

Also, Harold even did it by writing a resignation letter in front of him and giving it straight to him.

Just as Harold was about to leave, Douglas looked at Harold with his face livid and shouted sternly, “Stop right there! Stop right there now!”

He didn’t even bother looking at Harold’s resignation letter. A cold murderous look exploded from his eyes immediately as he said, “Do you know the consequences of your decision?”

Leaving like this was as good as a betrayal!

Douglas said coldly, “Harold, don’t dig your own grave!”

No one had ever dared to insult the Moore family like this before.

Harold turned his head and continued to smile unhurriedly. It was as though the previously high and mighty young master was nothing to him anymore.

“Mr Douglas, are you threatening me?” asked Harold with a smile. He wasn’t nervous at all as he said, “I’m not afraid.”


“Let me tell you. I’ve gone to work for Palmer Group.”

Harold seemed to be deliberately agitating Douglas. He glanced at Douglas’s dark face and straightened his back as he said, “Now I work for Mr. Hunt, so you should be more polite!”

Then he opened the office door and walked out briskly.

He left Douglas furious with his face red as he trembled in anger.

After the door closed, there was a loud commotion in the room, as Douglas threw random things against the door.

Harold didn’t care at all.

When he walked out, all the employees in the office were still overwhelmed with excitement about their raises and they were discussing why Harold would suddenly do that.

Also, he did it so decisively and even signed it off without the slightest bit of hesitation!


Harold clapped his hands again, so everyone turned their attention to him.

They wondered what Harold had to say this time.

“I’m leaving L’Oreal,” said Harold. The first thing he said created an uproar in the office, “Before I go, I wanted to increase your salaries. Thank you for your help and support all these years, everyone. I hope you have wonderful careers ahead!”

“Mr Harold, why are you quitting?”

“Yes, Mr Harold. You even gave everyone a raise. Why…”

“Mr Harold, did something happen?”


A few employees asked quickly.

It was too shocking for everyone.

Harold was in charge of the Chinese market and had been at it for years. It was almost certain that he would stay at this position until he retired.

But he suddenly quit just like that.

“When you’re out in the working world, some things can’t be helped.”

Harold sighed and turned deliberately to glance at his old office before shaking his head helplessly.

“In the future, if you need help, please look me up. I still have some connections in the industry, so I can at least guarantee you a job.”

He went to a few long-serving employees and shook their hands without speaking further. Then he turned and left without taking anything. He was so resolute that everyone instantly understood the reason he left.

It was the man in the office who forced Harold to leave!

Ever since the Moore family’s second son arrived, everyone in the company panicked and went on high alert. No one even dared to raise their voice when they were talking or working.

At first, Harold was around to help them with Douglas, but now even he had gotten chased away!


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