Billionaire God of War Chapter 1138

Chapter 1138

Elsa instantly turned to get cutlery and placed it in front of Ethan. She was beaming from ear to ear.

She was so happy and excited that she couldn’t contain herself at all!

Elsa glanced at Thomas, but he continued to blush and inhaled deeply before taking a seat. Then he continued to look at Ethan without saying a word.

This was probably the first time that this father and son had sat down at the dining table together in years.

“See? Auntie learned how to cook this specially for you,” said Diane. “She specially called my mother and learned it from her.”

Ethan didn’t say a word. He took some food and stuffed them into his mouth.

Then all the other three people stared at Ethan and his mouth.

“And this dish too. I know you like it, so I told Auntie in advance. She learned it from the chef. I tried it, and it’s not bad,” said Diane again.

Elsa felt her eyes almost going red and wanted to wipe her tears. But right now, these were clearly moments of joy.

Ethan continued to eat without saying a word.

“And this dish. I love it. Try some?”

Diane pursed her lips and looked at him with anticipation. Ethan didn’t speak and continued to take more food instead.

Diane came up with all manner of reasons for Ethan to sample the fine spread at the table.

Elsa’s eyes were red, but she forced herself not to cry.

Thomas’s eyes were red too. He glanced at Diane with gratitude brimming from his eyes.

“Hubby, you must be thirsty. Why don’t you have some wine?” asked Diane as she poured Ethan a glass. Then she poured a glass for Thomas too and said, “Don’t you always complain about how I tell you to drink less while you’re out? I permit you to drink today.”

Ethan wasn’t that domineering God of War at all anymore.

He was so obedient right now that it was inconceivable.

Ethan held the wine glass and placed it straight by his lips. Just as he was about to drink it, he put it back down. Then he looked up at Thomas before raising the glass again.

Thomas was still in a daze. Elsa nudged him gently, so he instantly held up his wine glass.

“I now know why Mum doesn’t blame you.”

Ethan finished the wine in a gulp.

Thomas clearly felt constrained. It didn’t seem like this man was his son at all. He quickly drank his wine while his usual composure was nowhere in sight.

Ethan poured himself another glass and looked at Elsa.

“Auntie Elsa, it has been hard on you,” said Ethan as he held the wine and shook his head quickly. “You managed to stay with this old man all these years, so you are just as foolish as Mum.”

Then Ethan drank the wine in a gulp again.

Elsa couldn’t help crying. She finished all the wine in her glass too.

She knew what Ethan meant by that.

The boy must have forgiven Thomas!

Ethan put down the wine glass and stood up to hold Diane’s hand. There was still a cold expression on his face, but Diane could keenly sense a tiny crack emerging on their longtime estrangement.

“Okay. We are done eating and drinking. It’s time to go back and rest,” said Ethan as he walked right out with Diane.

Thomas and Elsa stood up to see them off. When Diane secretly turned around to stick her tongue out and gestured ‘okay, they couldn’t help laughing.

Elsa couldn’t help feeling delighted and excited as she looked at the empty dishes on the table and thought about all the food Ethan had eaten.

She was immensely grateful to Diane.

“Diane is a kindhearted child. She’s a really good girl,” Elsa couldn’t help saying.

Thomas didn’t say a word and only nodded vigorously. Then suddenly he realized something.

“Have you given it to her?”


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