Billionaire God of War Chapter 1139

Chapter 1139

Ethan didn’t say a word after they got into the car. There was a cold expression on his face.

Diane didn’t dare to speak either. There was a pitiful expression on her face as she behaved cautiously and glanced at Ethan from time to time.

The atmosphere in the car was a little odd. Brother Geoff didn’t dare to say a word as he drove.

Based on his experience, it would be wisest to pretend he was nothing but air now.

Ethan wouldn’t say a word, so Diane sighed helplessly.

She took a box out from her purse. It looked old, and even the red cloth it was wrapped in had faded over time.

After lifting the red cloth, there was an exquisite wooden box inside. Diane glanced at Ethan again. Since he was ignoring her, she went ahead and opened the box.

A bracelet lay in the box quietly.

Ethan turned his head immediately and stared at the bracelet. There was something completely different about his eyes instantly!

“Where did you get this from?” asked Ethan as he looked at Diane and inhaled deeply.

“My mother-in-law gave it to me,” said Diane as she picked up the bracelet and looked at it carefully, “But you don’t look happy. Brother Geoff, go back. I want to return this. This bracelet is too meaningful for me to keep.”

“No, don’t!” said Ethan immediately.

Brother Geoff was put in a spot. So should he bloody U-turn or not?

“It belonged to my mother,” said Ethan as he looked at the bracelet.

He always remembered this bracelet from his childhood days. At the back of his mind, even after many years, he still recalled how it looked.

Although it wasn’t expensive and was only an ordinary bracelet, in Ethan’s eyes, it was the accessory that he cherished the most on earth.

“Auntie Elsa gave it to me. She said your mother left it with her for safekeeping. Auntie Elsa has been waiting to give it to the Hunt family’s daughter-in-law in the future,” said Diane solemnly as she replaced the bracelet carefully, “It’s too bad that it’s for the Hunt family’s daughter-in-law and not me. Brother Geoff, let’s go back.”

Brother Geoff pretended not to hear. Instead, he chanted the Diamond Sutra in his heart silently to make himself transparent.

“Keep it,” said Ethan with a sigh. He knew what the girl was driving at.

In reality, he had figured it all out.

But he was a little reluctant to express it.

Diane used her own way to help Ethan share his feelings. She helped Ethan, who was bad with his words, to melt his long-frozen affection towards his family slowly.

“Can I keep it then?”

Since Ethan gradually became calm, Diane instantly hugged the box with the bracelet like it contained the rarest treasure on earth. She didn’t want to let go of it for a moment.

“She gave it to you, so it’s yours,” said Ethan as he looked at Diane. Then he reached his hand out and pulled her into his embrace and said, “Wifey, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Brother Geoff was driving when he glanced into the rearview mirror and became distracted. Then he scolded himself for forgetting where he stopped with the Diamond Sutra.

What a lousy memory he had!

After the three of them returned to the hotel, Ethan told Diane to rest.

But Diane couldn’t keep her hands off the bracelet. She kept looking at it over and over again. The more she looked at it, the happier she was. Ethan had no choice but to let her be.

He called Brother Geoff over.

“Where is L’Oreal’s Douglas now?”

On the way back, Brother Geoff had already sent someone to investigate and they already established Douglas’s precise location.

Douglas had the guts to send his men after Diane.

He had ruffled Ethan’s feathers!

“Bring him over.”

“Yes, Big Boss!” said Brother Geoff and left immediately.

By the time Ethan returned to the room, Diane had fallen asleep with the box in her arms. She didn’t even bother to change.

He undressed Diane gently before tucking her in.

As he gazed at this kind hearted young woman, his face was filled with tenderness.


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