Billionaire God of War Chapter 1140

Chapter 1140

Ethan opened the box and took out the bracelet. He slipped the bracelet onto Diane’s wrist and looked at it intently before smiling to say, “It looks great. After you put it on, you aren’t allowed to take it off.”

Shortly after he put Diane’s hand under the blanket, his ear suddenly twitched. His eyes immediately constricted as an absolutely murderous look emerged on his face!

Ethan tucked Diane in before walking to the window and reached out to close it.

Two men were lying prone against the wall outside the window!

They were dressed in black and seemed to blend right into the night. They couldn’t be seen without close inspection.

After Ethan closed the window, they glanced at each other immediately. They appeared like lizards as they stuck closely against the wall and remained motionless.

The soft sound resembled the rustling of leaves and was hard to detect.

The two men gestured to each other the moment they heard the lights go out in the room. Then they took out their tools and placed it on the glass. They created a circular cut with a gentle swipe and removed it with a suction cup!

One of them reached into the window and unlocked it. He gently pulled the window open before they entered like ghosts without making a sound.

They went straight towards the person on the bed without hesitation. An intense chilliness exuded from them as they held up their daggers!

They pierced the bed viciously with their daggers. But there was no one there, and both their expressions altered instantly.

The lights came on!

Ethan stood by the door as he looked at these men in black. His expression darkened as he said, “It looks like someone simply refuses to give up!”

After failing at the first try, Douglas decided to try again. Did he think that Ethan didn’t dare to kill him?

“Kill him!”

They had failed their mission, so the two men immediately held their daggers up and charged towards Ethan without hesitation.

Their razor-sharp daggers glinted coldly under the light and were so bright that they were glaring. But Ethan was fearless.

Ethan raised his hands and punched twice to send them both flying through the glass window. They leapt downstairs and Ethan gave chase immediately.

Although they had only arrived in the north for a few days, they kept getting attacked. Ethan wouldn’t have cared if it was only about him, but they were clearly out to get Diane!

Ethan chased after them and caught up in the blink of an eye.

“Not leaving?”

Ethan’s speed suddenly quickly accelerated as though he was a cheetah, and he was shockingly swift.

In the darkness, he was scarier than a ghost!

The two assassins had no intention of fighting Ethan at all. They were so determined to leave that they were willing to get punched by Ethan if they had to.

But how could they withstand Ethan’s blows?

One of them immediately fell to the ground with a punch. He wasn’t even in time to scream. When the other assassin saw this, he bit down hard on the poison concealed in his mouth without hesitation. In a matter of seconds, his face turned blue-black, and he died instantaneously!

Ethan went over for a look. The Red Cloud tattoos on both their necks made Ethan’s face instantly turn dark as he said, “Were you luring me away?”

He immediately headed back to the hotel without any second thought.

Douglas made moves and caused Brother Geoff to be occupied. Then they lured Ethan away. These people had pretty good tactics.

Diane was lying on the couch in their hotel room. She was wrapped in a blanket and sleeping soundly.

In the corridor, a man in a long robe with a mask on his face was steadily approaching Diane’s room.

Under the mask were cold and murderous eyes!


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