Billionaire God of War Chapter 1142

Chapter 1142

The moment he saw Kain and Cyan standing there, Ethan realized what happened.

“Where is he?”

“He’s gone,” said Cyan, “It was His Lordship’s best agent, Daniel Cross.”

Ethan didn’t care who it was. Instead, he ran quickly to the couch. Diane had woken up because Ethan had crashed in so loudly. She was rubbing her eyes and looking sleepy.

“Why am I on the couch?” asked Diane as she yawned. “Who are they?”

“Two elders from the Hunt family,” said Ethan casually.

Now that Diane was fine, he felt a wave of relief surging through him. But that fury gradually intensified into a fierce murderous aura!

His Lordship was bold!

He had the guts to touch Diane!

She was just an innocent girl with no vendetta against Hidden Sect.

“Now that his plans for the north have been foiled, His Lordship won’t take it lying down,” said Kain. “His craze for the technique manual is far deeper than you think. His Lordship is determined to obtain them all, including the pages that you possess.”

“Why did he want to touch Diane?” asked Ethan with a murderous look in his eyes.

“He probably wants to warn you,” said Cyan. “Hidden Sect has no boundaries, and neither does His Lordship. The Hunt residence is the safest place in the north right now. Do you get my drift, Ethan?”

Ethan didn’t say a word. He turned to look at Diane.

If he were alone, be it Agent 1 or His Lordship, he would chase and kill him the moment he located him!

But Diane was with him now. She occupied the most important part of his heart and also the most fragile area.

He wouldn’t allow any accident to befall her.

“What happened?”

Diane could tell from their conversation that something was wrong.

“Nothing,” replied Ethan as he shook his head. “They just want to bring you to stay over at the Hunt house. This hotel can’t compete with the Hunt residence.”

Diane turned to look at Kain and Cyan. They were here to pick her up?

“What about you?’ asked Diane as she turned her head to look at Ethan.

She would stay wherever Ethan did.

“I’ll go back too.”

When Kain and Cyan heard Ethan, they looked at each other with surprise flashing across their eyes.

They thought to themselves that Diane certainly was special enough to make someone as stubborn as Ethan give in.

“Let’s go,” said Ethan as he looked at Diane. “I’ll send you to the Hunt house.”

He was worried. Even with Kain and Cyan around, His Lordship was still insane enough to touch Diane. Ethan genuinely wanted to skin him alive!

Elsa was beside herself with joy when Ethan came with Diane to the house. She quickly instructed the servants to prepare the room for Diane to rest.

It was Ethan’s room to begin with.

“Are you going out?”

Diane was worried when she saw Ethan turn to go out.

“Yup, just a little something to handle.”

Ethan wouldn’t let off anyone who wanted to touch Diane!

Thomas could detect the murderous look hidden in Ethan’s eyes!

“Don’t worry. Diane is at home and nothing will happen to her,” said Thomas sternly.

Ethan nodded. Then he glanced at Thomas and said, “Nothing must happen to you two either.”

Then he turned and left.

Kain sighed as he watched Ethan leave.

“What is His Lordship up to? Is he trying to provoke Ethan? Or is there something else he’s after?”

Ethan’s only weakness was Diane. If he wanted to take out Ethan, he would probably have to do it through Diane. It seemed that they were right to say he was completely unscrupulous.

“Whatever it is, it can’t be good,” said Cyan.

They knew full well what His Lordship was capable of. He would resort to any tactics to get what he wanted. For over two decades, countless people from the martial arts circle had perished at His Lordship’s hand…


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