Billionaire God of War Chapter 1147

Chapter 1147

The office suddenly went a little quiet.

All they could hear was the quiet sound of employees gulping their saliva. Almost everyone was staring at Ethan in disbelief.

This included Harold.

$20 million?

Did Ethan want to give them this money as settling-in allowance even though they were new?

It wasn’t a question of whether he trusted them or not. They were more shocked that he didn’t give a hoot about money.

“Mr. Hunt…”

“Oh, none for you,” said Ethan when he saw Harold wanting to speak. “You said you didn’t want a salary, so you don’t get a dime this year.”

“As for what you can get…” The way Ethan looked at Harold made him somewhat excited. “You go fight for it.”

These few words were enough to make Harold almost jump. Fight for it?

Then he had to count on his own ability!

“Yes, Mr. Hunt!” said Harold instantly. “We will not disappoint you as the pioneers of Palmer Group’s team to pave the way into foreign markets!”

He smiled and reached out to take the card and handed it straight to the staff behind him. Harold couldn’t help shaking his head when he saw them gulping and talking gibberish from the shock.

“Sorry, Mr. Hunt. They are still young.”

There were five of them, so it meant each one of them could only get $4 million. Was it worth being so excited over?

But Harold knew that it was a huge sum to these employees. More importantly, Ethan was too cool when he tossed them the money.

He didn’t even bat an eyelid!

“I want to see results in half a month,” said Ethan. “The first step is to chase L’Oreal out of the country! You may use any tactics and do what you are best at. If you can’t tackle something, get in touch with me directly.”

“Yes, Mr. Hunt!” said Harold and the others in unison.

Harold was almost 50 years old. But he felt hot-blooded, and energy was surging through his body!

He instantly felt young again.

The first opponent that Ethan gave them was L’Oreal. Although he had worked there for over a decade, neither he nor his employees found it hard to accept the task.

On the contrary, it had only taken a few days for Douglas to make any emotional ties they had with L’Oreal disappear completely!

Ethan gave them complete power and even gave Harold a black credit card to make things easier for him.

It made it even clearer to Harold that Ethan was truly remarkable.

Harold even felt that Ethan created Palmer Group just so that Diane could have some fun with it. Since he could casually hand out a black card or treat $20 million as pocket money, how could he be an ordinary person?

Ethan’s strong support made Harold realize for the first time that one could actually go about working with so much confidence.

He was going to move in on L’Oreal!

On the first day, they attacked L’Oreal’s Chinese markets without holding back.

He knew all of L’Oreal’s strategies so well that he attacked it on every front and every line, and caused L’Oreal to collapse all at once!

In an instant, they caused a huge wave in the north.

On the second day, L’Oreal’s Starling City markets suffered massive problems and epic losses!

On the third day…

Diane was already speechless.

She knew that the business world was like a battlefield. There were even times when it was crueler than war. Because even though there was no ammunition or bloodshed, it was already equally bloodthirsty and cruel!

“That’s incredible!”

After watching the news for a long time, Diane couldn’t help exclaiming!

All it took was three days for L’Oreal’s Chinese market to collapse completely.


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