Billionaire God of War Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149

The floor shook as they all knelt at the same time.

All of their faces were deathly pale.

The Moore family had paid quite a high price in order to get the rights from L’Oreal. Even though they had earned a lot and covered the cost they paid back then, nobody complained about earning too much money.

And nobody would think that a never ending source of profits would be anything bad.

But now, this source was gone!

“Spare your lives?” Dalton looked at them and his voice remained calm. “Did I say I was going to kill you?”

He hadn’t said that, but the more he didn’t say it, the more fearful the men felt.

Dalton was in his early fifties, but his hair was jet black and didn’t look much older than forty.

Time seemed to find it difficult to leave any traces on his face.

His gaze in particular, was as deep as a galaxy. Anyone who looked into them would feel like they were being sucked in and they wouldn’t even be able to control their soul.

“Mr Moore, it’s that Harold! He betrayed the Moore family and suddenly turned on us to join Palmer Group instead. And that’s why we ended up losing time and again!” one of them hurriedly explained. “Harold knows how we work, so he knows how to deal with us. He doesn’t have any boundaries at all and he’s like a mad dog who doesn’t care about what the company has done for him in the past!”

Dalton scoffed.

What they had done for him in the past?

There was nothing they needed to do for him. Harold was a dog working under the Moore family. He was just a tool for the Moore family to earn money in China.

The Moore family knew this well, and Harold knew this even more clearly.

So by doing this, Harold hadn’t really betrayed the Moore family. It was the Moore family who had pushed him into a corner.

“I don’t want to hear about why,” said Dalton. “I just want to know if we can still take these assets back.”

These were assets were tens of billions and now they were gone just like that. Even the Moore family couldn’t accept this.

And of course, this was a problem of his own reputation.

“If you’re talking about using legal methods, then…it’s a bit hard,” one of them finally spoke up after a long period of silence.

There was no way to get anything back legally. Harold had completely taken over L’Oreal’s local market share.

He had used the same methods he had used to get this market share against L’Oreal and the Moore family. All the people who had been able to work well for L’Oreal only because of Harold’s training were completely unable to hold up against his attacks.

“Oh, is that so?” Dalton narrowed his eyes. “Since the legal methods don’t work, then let’s use a different method. Harold knows a lot about snatching things away from me, doesn’t he? Then let me tell him that actually, he still doesn’t know anything.”

The men kneeling on the floor immediately shuddered at these words. They could all feel an icy cold murderous air instantly shoot through their bodies.

A man suddenly appeared behind Dalton.

Nobody knew when he appeared. The men on the floor instantly started breathing more quickly than before, but they had to force themselves to hold their breaths if possible and didn’t dare to make any sound.

“Kill Harold. This old dog is disobedient.”

The first command sent all the men kneeling on the floor shivering.

“Take back L’Oreal’s market. We can’t afford to lose this business. Since Palmer Group wants to provoke me, then make them disappear.”

The second command came with a soaring intention to kill!

“Cillian, go visit the north for a bit. If they don’t see you for a year , they won’t remember you,” said Dalton calmly.

The men kneeling on the floor were already shuddering. They never expected that Dalton would send this man back.

The Moore family was very powerful overseas and had plenty of highly skilled fighters. The Moore family themselves had several highly skilled fighters among themselves. But when it came to dealing with Palmer Group, Dalton had chosen to send this man instead.

Cillian Murphy!

His life had been filled with absurdity.

He said that all his life, he had never made the right decision before. His life was just filled with absurdity after absurdity. But everyone knew that the only decision he made was to kill others!


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