Billionaire God of War Chapter 1150

Chapter 1150

Twenty years ago, Cillian Murphy was already a highly skilled fighter in the north. In order to take revenge, he had killed so many people in the north, and he was one of the reasons why the Moore family had been able to stabilize their position in the north.

And the Moore family was actually sending him back to the north?

The men kneeling on the floor felt like they could already see Harold dying and Palmer Group collapsing.

“It’s been a number of years since I went back.”

He was dressed in a grey long robe, and it was so plain looking that he seemed strange.

Cillian Murphy strolled out. His body was thin, but he was as straight and firm as a mountain, and could hold the sky up!

“It’s true, you haven’t gone back in too long,” Dalton sighed as well. “The environment back home is better now. Back then, we came out because of the resources overseas.”

“But no matter where these resources are located, the Moore family is having it all.”

Cillian glanced at Dalton. “I’ll go then.”

He didn’t say anything anymore and left the bungalow.

The men kneeling on the floor immediately stood up and ran after him. But of course they couldn’t catch up. After heading out of the door, they couldn’t see any trace of Cillian anymore.

Back in the living room.

Dalton was still seated there with his eyes half closed and a threatening look flashed across his face.

He was like a demon that was slowly awakening in the dark night, and he was exuding murder and viciousness.

“Palmer Group. Palmer Group again. Those wild mines that my family controlled were also destroyed by you, weren’t they?”

Enemies always crossed paths again and again.

Dalton didn’t know what sort of background Palmer Group had, but it didn’t matter to him.

Even if they were backed by a supremely powerful family, he didn’t really care.

A supremely powerful family?

Twenty years ago, he might have coveted their position and wanted to push his family up one level to become one of the supremely powerful families of the north. But now that he had become a huge power overseas, Dalton preferred the freedom he had here.

He preferred how he could overwrite the rules with the power he wielded, and he had the freedom to snatch anything he wanted away from others!

It was probably the same back home.

“I wonder if those old friends hiding away would still be able to hold themselves back now that Cillian is going back.”

Dalton narrowed his eyes and scoffed coldly.

The martial arts circle had remained silent for about twenty years now.

Ever since the news of the Extreme Fist Technique Manual came out, the martial arts world went insane for a couple of years. They really went insane back then!

But after that, everything slowly became silent again.

That was the time when Cillian entered the care of the Moore family and became one of the important reasons why the Moore family had risen in power overseas.

He knew what Cillian wanted, and he also knew what all these highly skilled fighters of the Moore family wanted. As long as the Moore family could give it to them, or rather, could give them the hope of ever getting it, then everyone could continue to work together.

But it was just working together.

This level of relationship was enough.

“The reality of this world is that we all have to keep snatching from one another.” Dalton scoffed and didn’t say anymore as he slowly closed his eyes.


In the north.

The L’Oreal branch office had become very quiet. It had been three days, and not a single employee had reported for work. Even though they hadn’t officially declared themselves bankrupt, that announcement was probably happening soon.

Everyone was talking about how the entire L’Oreal brand was going to withdraw from China.

But Ethan knew that even if the L’Oreal headquarters could endure this loss for the time being, the Moore family wouldn’t.

Ethan was now leaning against the couch and looking all relaxed.

“Ten days. Ten days was all it took for L’Oreal to collapse entirely. Mr Harold, your capabilities are really quite amazing,” said Ethan calmly as he ate his fruit.

“Oh no no, without your support, there’s no way I could have achieved this,” Harold replied with a hearty laugh.

“Alright. Now you can tell me what you want.” Ethan glanced at him.

Harold immediately stood up straight.

“Mr. Hunt, I want to live!”


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