Billionaire God of War Chapter 1152

Chapter 1152

The Moore family was actually only one of those powers.

“I want to live,” said Harold. “And Mr. Hunt, you are able to help to keep me alive. That’s why I’ve chosen Palmer Group.”

Ethan nodded.

This reason was very sincere and he wasn’t faking it.

Who didn’t want to survive?

“Alright, then you can assume that you’re going to stay alive,” said Ethan directly without beating around the bush.

When Harold heard this, his anxious heart finally calmed down.

“As long as I’m alive, I will definitely help Palmer Group to expand its markets overseas!”

He clasped his hands together and bowed just like those in martial arts.

Ethan didn’t say anything. He waved a hand and told Harold to go and rest.

Has someone from overseas already come?

He hadn’t gone overseas for some years now. He wondered if those old friends of his were still doing well.

But of course, this wasn’t the time for him to go overseas yet.

The martial arts world within the country was slowly becoming active again. He had news from Ivan that just within a month, he had discovered several old friends coming out again.

Traces of Hidden Sect had disappeared, but the activity in the martial arts world has increased. There was something strange going on here.

But Ethan couldn’t be bothered with thinking so much.

It didn’t matter who it was. As long as they made trouble, he would kill them with one punch!

Right now, his focus was entirely on Diane. Accompanying her and protecting her was more important than anything else.

Diane wanted to expand Palmer Group and train herself up, so Ethan was going to help her expand Palmer Group and watch her mature.

He could leave the rest for a later time.

First thing the next morning.

Harold came rushing in and couldn’t hide any of the worry and anxiety on his face.

“He’s here!”

He was a little panicky even though Ethan had already told him that he would remain alive. But all Ethan had to say was one phrase – the other party was really here!


“Cillian!” Harold’s voice trembled a little. “It’s really him!”


“He came to the north last night, and the first thing he did was to visit his enemies from the past…the Hale family!” Harold was shuddering. “And in just one night, he wiped out the Hale family!”

Ethan’s pupils narrowed slightly.

“And this morning, Cillian went to a bungalow estate in the countryside, and not a single person was left alive!”

Harold was even more fearful now.

It really was that man! That man who was practically a lunatic!

Back when he was still in the north, he had raised a panic. And now, he is back!

“He said that once he’s back, he’s going to visit each of his old and new friends one by one.”

“Twenty years ago, he went crazy and killed a lot of people for revenge, and then many others came attacking him in return. If not for the Moore family, he would have died long ago. And now, he’s even stronger and more terrifying than he used to be. And now he’s here! I’m sure he’s here to get Palmer Group!”

Nobody knew how many people Cillian was going to slaughter this time. All the powerful families of the north were already in a panic.

This madman from twenty years ago was suddenly back and nobody could trace his footsteps. Nobody knew which family would be the one he visited next.

At the moment, Cillian’s capabilities were completely different from him twenty years ago. He was way more formidable now!

He was one of the Moore family’s three advanced grandmaster level fighters.

Harold’s throat went dry. “Mr. Hunt…”

Ethan just continued to sit where he was without moving. Harold’s voice was filled with terror, but Ethan’s expression didn’t change at all.

He suddenly laughed and touched his chin with a very meaningful expression on his face.

“I wonder if I’m considered a new friend or an old friend?”


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