Billionaire God of War Chapter 1153

Chapter 1153

Harold froze for a while and didn’t know what Ethan meant by that.

A new friend or an old friend?

Ethan had never met Cillian, so they couldn’t be old friends. Besides, to Cillian, any ‘old friend’ would definitely be on his hit list right now!

“Mr. Hunt, you have to be careful,” said Harold after taking in a deep breath. “Cillian was famous as the grim reaper back then, and it’s impossible to count how many he has killed!”

“Do you know why he went around killing others?” asked Ethan suddenly.

Harold was stunned for a moment before shaking his head.

He didn’t know about any of those things and it was impossible for him to find out.

This was a highly classified matter, and perhaps only the head of the Moore family, Dalton, would know. And that was why the Moore family was able to help Cillian when he needed it the most. They took him in and he helped to establish the foundation for the Moore family to expand.

“You don’t know, but I do.”

Harold was surprised by Ethan’s words.

Ethan looked only around 30 years old, while Cillian was around 50 already. The two of them were a generation apart, and Ethan was only a child twenty years ago.

So how could Ethan know anything about this?

“And he was the one who told me about it.”

These words made Harold shudder from head to toe.

His face was filled with disbelief.

Cillian was the one who told Ethan?

What was going on?

“Alright now, you don’t have to worry. Nobody can kill anyone from Palmer Group,” said Ethan calmly. “You just have to take care of the duties you’re in charge of. By the way, besides L’Oreal, the Moore family should have other assets within the country, right? Like the mining industry in the northwest, for example.”

“Yes, there are!” Harold immediately nodded.

“Since there’s more, then do I need to say anything else?”

“No problem, Mr. Hunt, I know what to do.”

Harold felt his heart tremble.

Ethan really didn’t fear anything. He was clearly going to force all the assets that the Moore family had in the country to collapse.

He was going to chase the Moore family right out of this country!

He knew that Ethan was domineering, but he didn’t expect Ethan to be this domineering.

Over the past few days, he had been trying hard to tell Ethan about how powerful the Moore family was and how formidable and strong their background was, but Ethan didn’t seem to have heard him at all.

Or perhaps, Ethan didn’t care at all!

“Mr. Hunt…the more powerful you become, the better it is.”

The more powerful Ethan became, then the longer Harold was going to survive.

Harold had made this decision after considering every single possible area. It included how he would definitely die if Ethan failed.

But it was still better than being a dog to be at the beck and call of the Moore family, and to perish anytime the Moore family wanted him to.

When he thought of this, Harold felt his motivation rise again. He rubbed his hands and there was murder written all over his face.

“The Moore family…after so many years, I wouldn’t consider it a favor anymore. Let’s settle it once and for all!”


The atmosphere in the north was now rather tense.

That was because Cillian was here!

The moment he arrived, he was like how Broken Sword had come to the north to slaughter the Torres family back then.

But the difference was that back then, only the Torres family had to be afraid of Broken Sword. Now, the entire northern region was in a panic because nobody knew who Cillian’s next victim was.

“Why did he come back? Didn’t he say he would never return?”

“Back then, so many people drove his woman to death, and now he still wants to take revenge for that?!”

“Hasn’t he killed enough people yet? If the Moore family hadn’t rescued him back then, he would have died here a long time ago! But he’s actually dared to come back here?!”

There were all sorts of opinions on this matter. Most of them belonged to the older ones who had witnessed that massacre back then.

Back then, Cillian went by a different name, and was only at grandmaster level. But he had become furious and wiped out six powerful families like he had gone mad, shocking all of the north!


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