Billionaire God of War Chapter 1157

Chapter 1157

Diane bit her lips and didn’t roll her eyes. But her eyes were now all red and her face was slowly reddening too.

She continued staring at Ethan like this. All the emotions she felt earlier and how she was so touched she was about to cry had completely disappeared.

Her period was here?

HIS period was here!

He could get a period everyday for all she cared!

“Hubby, I would like to officially inform you that…” Diane took a deep breath and emphasized every word, “For the next one minute, I don’t want to see you!”

“Yes, CEO Palmer!” Ethan responded with a laugh and walked out of her office.

After a few steps, he turned back to take the bag of potato chips out with him.

After the door closed, he could hear Diane going into a frenzy inside.

Ethan stood at the door and finished the bag of chips when he could hear Diane calling for him already.

He looked at the time.

“This one minute passed very quickly.”

He then grinned and went back into the office.

Ethan wasn’t bothered by Cillian’s arrival, but the other powerful families of the north didn’t dare to be careless about this matter.

That included the Long family and the Snow family.

Angelica had paid the Hunt house a visit twice but didn’t get to see Ethan, so she told Thomas several times that he must tell Ethan to be careful.

Edwin went straight to Elsa to tell her to get Thomas to advise Ethan, because this was no laughing matter.

Now the three supremely powerful families were tied together, so if one prospered they all did, but if one fell, they all fell together. The key to their existence was Ethan, so they couldn’t allow anything to happen to him.

And because of this, both the Long and Snow families had arranged for their own highly skilled fighters to enter the Hunt house to assist Ethan whenever necessary.

But Thomas felt like his head was spinning.

How could he be able to persuade Ethan otherwise?

Perhaps even Diane wasn’t able to.

Ethan had never retreated in such situations and he would never retreat in any situation anyway.

If he chickened out, then the confidence in his heart would disappear and he wouldn’t be able to improve in the future.

Right now, the entire northern region was feeling afraid and uneasy because of Cillian’s appearance.

Many powerful families had been wiped out and they were shocked at how powerful Cillian had become. They knew very well that Cillian was taking revenge just as a matter of convenience. The one he was really after was Ethan!

It was Palmer Group!

Everyone felt uneasy every time night befell.

But all was calm and peaceful in the Hunt house.

Ethan and Diane sat in the courtyard as Ethan talked to her about his childhood.

He didn’t want to talk about it, but since Diane asked, he had to tell her about it.

A pot of light tea wasn’t very fragrant, but it still relaxed one’s heart and mind.

“Angelica called me and told me to make sure you don’t go out for the time being. And that I shouldn’t go out for the time being either,” said Diane as she looked at Ethan.

“Then let’s not go out,” said Ethan with a laugh. “In any case, he’s still going to come looking for us.”

Diane sat up straight. “You’re so sure?”

She glared at him for a while. Ethan was so sure that the other party was going to come knocking on his door but he didn’t look worried at all. Even if Ethan was really powerful, surely he shouldn’t take his opponent lightly, right?

A set of footsteps came from outside the door. They seemed light but they were actually very heavy.

They seemed to be stepping on people’s hearts, and made everyone’s heart start pounding wildly!

“He’s here.” Ethan looked up and snorted calmly.

How could this guy still smile?!

Diane was a little nervous, but she didn’t get to say anything.


Several figures immediately appeared behind Ethan.

Cyan, Kain and several highly skilled fighters from the Snow and Long families immediately appeared.

They were already within the Hunt house and were all waiting for Cillian!


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