Billionaire God of War Chapter 1159

Chapter 1159

Ethan was smiling but it wasn’t a relaxed smile and it most certainly wasn’t one with good intentions.

To Diane, he looked more like an unscrupulous businessman.

When did Ethan become an unscrupulous businessman?

“You want to use this small thing to return the favor you owed back then? I don’t think that’s fair.”

“Mr. Hunt,” said Cillian. “Given your status now, you really don’t have to extort me, do you?”

His mouth twitched a little as he recalled how he met Ethan overseas back then.

At that time, he was almost going mad with fury.

In order to make himself more powerful, he went around finding people to kill, and he was already known as the Crazy Grim Reaper in Las Vegas.

When he met Ethan, he was beaten to the floor eight times in a row by Ethan, and Cillian almost broke down.

He never imagined that he would be defeated by such a young man.

But then he felt so ashamed that he wanted to commit suicide, Ethan slapped him awake.

It was just to make him wake up, but also to motivate him to improve his boxing technique.

He was grateful to Ethan for that slap until today.

And he had finally returned that favor of slapping him today.

“I just want to take revenge,” said Cillian.

“Of course I know that.” Ethan poured a cup of tea for him. “After so many years, you’ve killed everyone whom you’re supposed to, but the mastermind behind all this is still alive, so it’s really hard on you too.”

Cillian didn’t say anything.

“You’ve investigated the matter thoroughly right? I didn’t lie to you, right?”

Cillian remained silent.

“By letting you come back here, I think someone is hoping you’d die.”

Ethan sighed.

Even if Cillian didn’t die at his hands, Cillian had to die in the north at the hands of those highly skilled fighters of the powerful families.

The north was not like how it was twenty years ago.

The north was now filled with many highly skilled fighters.

Even just the two advanced grandmasters in the Hunt house right now were sure to kill him off if they worked together.

Cillian’s eyes narrowed slightly. Of course he knew that Dalton had allowed him to return because he wanted Cillian dead.

This greedy head of the Moore family was the one who caused the death of his woman back then!

He wanted to take Cillian under his wing, so he planned all of this carefully…

If he hadn’t known Ethan and gotten him to investigate, Cillian might never find out that he had been used by Dalton as a tool and would have been made use of all his life.

“He’s noticed,” said Cillian. “I’ve not been contributing as much as I used to, so even if he doesn’t suspect me, he won’t allow this sort of thing to happen.”

Suddenly, an intense look of murder covered his face.

“To him, everyone is a tool. Once you don’t meet the requirements he has of you, then there’s no need for you to continue existing!”

It was the same case for Harold and anybody else working for Dalton. Even an advanced grandmaster like himself would meet the same fate!

Ethan remained expressionless as he looked at the threatening and aggressive looking Cillian. Diane was a little frightened, but more than that, she could sense the pain and sadness in Cillian’s heart.

Even though he hadn’t said anything, she could feel the anger and despair in this man.

“I’ve drunk the tea and I’ve returned the favor. I’ll return the rest once I come out alive.”

Cillian then stood up and left.

After taking a few steps out, he turned to look at Diane with a conflicted look in his eyes. He felt that for a brief moment, he could see her in Diane.

“Protect your woman well, don’t be useless like me.”

Cillian then vanished without a trace.

Ethan continued to sit in a relaxed manner. His expression was calm but his heart was determined.

Of course he was going to protect Diane well. He was going to use all the strength he had to do that. Even if he had to fight the rest of the world, he would never allow anyone to harm Diane.


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