Billionaire God of War Chapter 1160

Chapter 1160

“Was he here to bid farewell?” asked Diane.

She thought that Cillian was here to kill Ethan, but it turned out that these two knew each other and there was even a backstory to them.

After hearing their short conversation, Diane could sense that Cillian had returned with a determination to eventually die, and it was such a cruel decision to make.

“I suppose you could say so. For some people, staying alive is more painful, so death is really a release for them,” said Ethan. “From today onwards, Cillian has died. The world will no longer see Cillian again.”

His gaze slowly grew colder and sharper.

“All that’s left will be a grim reaper!”

Diane’s heart trembled when she looked at Ethan’s gaze.

“Hubby.” She stretched a hand out to hold Ethan as she said very seriously, “I will protect myself well.”

Ethan turned around.

“I won’t let anything happen to me, and I won’t let you fall into an abyss of darkness because of me.”

“No matter what happens, I will always work hard to come back to you, because I know that if anything happens to me, then you’re going to live the rest of your life in self-blame and hatred.”

“I don’t want you to become like that.”

Diane’s eyes were a little red.

The more she said, the harder her voice trembled.

After looking at Cillian, she understood that to men like Ethan, their most beloved woman was this important.

She didn’t think this way in the past.

Instead, she thought that since Ethan was so outstanding, then he could find another outstanding woman to be by his side for the rest of his life even if she died.

But now she was very clear on this.

She was Ethan’s only beloved one, and Ethan was also her only dearly beloved.

Neither of them was able to leave the other.

Ethan reached an arm out to pull Diane into his arms as he gently stroked her hair.

“I know, I know my wife cares for me more than anybody else. I won’t become like Cillian and both of us will be together forever.”

He took a deep breath but couldn’t help thinking about what Cillian talked about.


He wasn’t going to become like Cillian, because he wouldn’t let his woman suffer any harm.

Ethan knew very well that he had to increase the amount of protection around Diane. He couldn’t just arrange for more people to protect her, but he also had to help her slowly become more powerful herself.

It was late at night.

The two of them continued to sit in the courtyard. Diane wanted to hear Cillian’s story, so Ethan told her about it.

At the same time!

In a hotel in the countryside.

Men from the Moore family were gathered here.

They were in charge of business matters and they were all very excited now.

In just a few days, the north was a complete mess.

Cillian had made an attack and sent tremors through the north.

“Humph! Now they know how powerful the Moore family is, right?”

“Tonight, after Master Cillian goes to the Hunt house, he will definitely kill off all those people from Palmer Group!”

“Everyone, Mr Moore has given instructions for us to rebuild the Moore family’s prestige and to continue building the business they have here within the shortest time possible. Tomorrow, we shall make a move and destroy Palmer Group!”


They were all more excited than they had ever been before.

They felt like they could already see how the name of the Moore family would shine brightly in the north, and how the assets of the Moore family would rise to the top of the country once again!

A figure suddenly appeared.

“Master Cillian!” all of them immediately greeted him respectfully.

“Master Cillian, is that Ethan…dead yet?”

There wasn’t a single drop of blood on Cillian’s robe at all. It was probably really easy to finish off that Ethan!

Cillian looked at them and met each of their five faces.

Suddenly, he lifted his hand and the dagger in his hand sliced across all five of their throats.

Blood spurted everywhere in an instant.

“And who can kill him?” scoffed Cillian.


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