Billionaire God of War Chapter 1161

Chapter 1161

Cillian had no idea exactly how powerful Ethan was.

His tenacity was already powerful enough in itself. Cillian had murdered so many people that he was already infamous overseas, but Ethan had repeatedly struck him down so many times all the same.

If Ethan wanted to kill him, he would die in an instant.

And that was despite Cillian being at advanced grandmaster level.

But if Ethan hadn’t shown him the way, then he would have never improved by so much over the past two decades.

Kill Ethan?

Cillian’s brain wasn’t that muddleheaded.

The men from the Moore family all widened their eyes in shock as they clutched their throats. None of them dared to believe that Cillian would actually kill them!

Wasn’t he…wasn’t he someone loyal to the Moore family?

Cillian didn’t even look at these men a second time. He put his dagger away and disappeared.

From today onwards, Cillian would cease to exist in the world. He was taking this chance to remove his outer shell and to completely cover his tracks.

If he couldn’t annihilate the Moore family, then he was not worthy to be a human being!

The next morning came, but the shocking news that everyone was expecting didn’t arrive.

There was no movement in the Hunt family nor Palmer Group.

It was as if Cillian had never come back and he hadn’t gone to look for Palmer Group.

He just disappeared like that.

He was like a tiny pebble that was thrown into the sea, and didn’t even cause a ripple.

But in no time, something else started happening.

The assets belonging to the Moore family within China started to collapse one after another.

The major brand they controlled, L’Oreal, had fully withdrawn from the domestic market. After that, it was their mining business in the northwest, then their food business in the northeast, and also their tourism business in South Island.

This was nearly $1 billion of assets, and Palmer Group chased them down and thrashed them so soundly that they had to retreat and announce that they were withdrawing from the local market.

This was a truly shocking earthquake!

Nobody expected that the Moore family would end up being beaten by Palmer Group so badly that they couldn’t hold their heads up high, despite the Moore family provoking Palmer Group first.

Three days later.

At Palmer Group’s north regional office.

“All of the Moore family’s assets have withdrawn from the country, they can’t remain here anymore,” said Harold. “All the assets that I know about have all collapsed.”

Ethan had instructed him to finish off all the assets that the Moore family had within a week, but Harold had completed this mission in three days.

“Your hatred towards the Moore family is quite serious,” said Ethan. “In just three days, you’ve aimed your attacks very accurately and the Moore family couldn’t retaliate at all.”

Harold was the one who knew best about the Moore family’s strategy in the country. Using him to attack the Moore family was much easier than using someone who didn’t know anything.

“Anyone who knows the history of the Moore family would not be truly loyal to them, not willing to sacrifice their lives for them. I’m just doing what I wanted to do.”

“They specialize in snatching resources from others, both locally and overseas. Countless people have lost their loved ones or have been separated from their families over these years because of the Moore family.”

“They’ve been stealing resources from the country, especially those wild mines in the northwest, which I believe you know about. This sort of thing really makes people angry!”

“I didn’t have a choice in the past, but now, I want to be a good person!” said Harold with determination.

Ethan nodded.

“Good. Tell the Moore family that they can forget about stepping into this country ever again!” Ethan’s tone of voice suddenly grew sinister. “Otherwise, I’ll kill anyone who comes!”

This news spread quickly. The powerful families of the north were well used to how aggressive Ethan was.

But they didn’t think that Ethan would dare to be so aggressive towards the Moore family since they were based overseas.

Was Palmer Group going to expand overseas?

Wasn’t Ethan worried that when Palmer Group tries to go overseas, the Moore family would definitely go crazy trying to get back at them?!


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