Billionaire God of War Chapter 1162

Chapter 1162

But the truth was that Ethan really didn’t care.

From the moment he found out that the Moore family was one of those illegally stealing the resources from the wild mines in the northwest, Ethan had already put them into his blacklist.

This blacklist was actually a hit list!


In the Moore house overseas.

Dalton’s expression finally changed.

His second son was useless now but he didn’t have to care. He had so many sons, so he didn’t have to count on one Douglas to keep the family’s expansion plans going.

But the assets of the family had collapsed under attack one after another, especially those that he had built up over many years within China. This was provocation to him!

Provocation to the Moore family!

And Ethan even said that the Moore family was never allowed back into China again, otherwise he was going to kill anyone who came his way!

How audacious!

He was really too arrogant!

“Cillian is dead?” shouted Dalton with eyes as cold as dead stars.

“He’s dead. We received reliable news that Cillian fell into Ethan’s trap, and several men came together to kill him.”

“Where’s his corpse?”

Dalton was not assured if he didn’t see the dead body.

“Our men only saw him from afar and it should be him,” replied the subordinate truthfully.

If even an advanced grandmaster like Cillian could get killed by Ethan’s men, then there was no way any of them were going too close to take a look.

Just seeing the corpse from afar was dangerous enough.

“If he’s alive, I want to see him walking in front of me! If he’s dead, I want to see his dead body!” Dalton’s eyes widened and his voice suddenly increased in volume. “Do you hear me? If he’s really dead, then bring his dead body back!”

If Dalton couldn’t confirm for sure that a highly skilled fighter like Cillian was truly dead, he would remain worried about this.

“Yes, Mr Moore!”

All the subordinates left the room.

Dalton stood up and walked to the window to see that dark clouds had gathered outside to form a black layer in the sky. His gaze became colder and colder.

“If I want to enter the country, I will! What can you do about that?”

“I was the one who decided that Kings Sect shall move out of China. I wasn’t forced out by these people from the martial arts world. They don’t have the capability to force me out!”

Dalton’s voice was filled with intense murder.

It was like he had been deeply humiliated. His expression had not changed for the past few decades, but now he looked frighteningly threatening.

A flash of lightning cut through the sky and went through the dark clouds.

Dalton clenched his fists and his knuckles cracked loudly. He suddenly threw a punch and the force of the punch exploded to break into a series of crackling sounds.

It sounded like the sound of soybeans getting fried in a pan.


Dalton kept his fists away and narrowed his eyes. “Ethan…one day, you will die at my fists!”

Then his eyes narrowed suddenly as he turned to look at someone standing in the darkness.

“You’ve been here for quite a while,” scoffed Dalton. “Why, he’s here too?”

A figure slowly walked out of the darkness and removed the mask on his face.

Dalton’s expression changed slightly, and didn’t seem surprised at all.

It was Daniel Cross.

The second in command to His Lordship of Hidden Sect, Agent 2, Daniel Cross.

“His Lordship isn’t here. He wants me to ask Elder Moore how the collection of the technique manual is going,” asked Daniel casually, as if he didn’t see how Dalton had purposely swung a few punches in front of him.

“The technique manual is difficult to find and His Lordship knows this. I’ve been overseas for so many years now but we still haven’t found anything,” said Dalton calmly. “Agent 2, you can reply to His Lordship that way.”

Daniel nodded.

“His Lordship has said that as long as the Moore family can locate two pages, then he would give the Moore family a chance to bring Kings Sect back to China.”

Daniel suddenly started looking at Dalton with a strange smile.

“But…it seems like someone isn’t letting you go back.”


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