Billionaire God of War Chapter 1165

Chapter 1165

L’Oreal’s headquarters had sent someone to negotiate a peace deal with Palmer Group.

This was a piece of good news alright. The international big brand, L’Oreal, had finally felt threatened and was willing to humble themselves before Palmer Group.

That was because they knew that if they didn’t do this, they could forget about keeping their market here.

“Brother Ethan, this person from L’Oreal is a real heavyweight,” said Owen very seriously.

“How many pounds?” asked Ethan casually.

“It’s not the weight,” Owen shook his head and continued to reply with a straight face, “It’s her identity.”

“The one coming is the heiress to the L’Oreal family. Apparently she holds 30% of L’Oreal’s shares and she’s no ordinary person.”

He couldn’t help but glance at Diane. This big shot was like Diane. She was pretty and she was very smart at doing business too.

She was even more impressive than Diane.

She was still so young, but her reputation was excellent both locally and overseas.

“Since they want to strike a peace deal, then of course they have to send someone important. I’ll leave it to you to negotiate with them.”

Ethan wasn’t very interested in matters like these.

He didn’t like to interfere with the business side of things. It wasn’t because he wasn’t professional, but these were matters that had to abide by many rules, and he never liked to behave according to the rules.

“Got it,” Owen nodded. “When the time comes, I might still need CEO Palmer and Brother Ethan to make a few decisions.”

He was in charge of the discussion, but Ethan and Diane still had the final say. Palmer Group now had the upper hand, and profit and benefits came first in the corporate world. Nobody had to fight to the very death.

Diane nodded. “You can look for me anytime.”

Owen then left the room.

Tom Foster looked like he still had more to say.

Kings Sect returning to China was no small matter. He had talked to Winston about Kings Sect’s history and what sort of power Kings Sect held right now. Even though only a portion was returning, it was enough to stir quite a storm within the local martial arts circle.

They all had to be careful.

“What else do you want to say?” Ethan looked at Tom Foster.

“Don’t we need to make any preparations?” asked Tom Foster.

If they were going to let Kings Sect come back, then they should at least make some preparations.

Either in the north or in Greencliff.

“No need,” said Ethan directly. “They can’t come back.”

“I say so.”

Tom Foster understood.

“Got it.”

Tom Foster nodded and left.

Ethan never worried about this matter at all. If only one or two members of the Moore family wanted to come back, it was probably still possible. But since they made such a big announcement, then there was no way they could come back.

He knew what the Moore family was up to. They wanted to use their presence to threaten everyone so that they could step all over Palmer Group and return to the country?

They could dream on.

“Is it because of Cillian?” Diane was very smart and immediately connected the dots.

There wasn’t anybody else in the office, so she could mention his name.

Ethan got up and reached out to pinch Diane’s little face. “My wife is so clever.”

“Alright now, pack your things and we’ll return to Greencliff. Sticking around in the north means a lot of people will keep coming to make trouble for us, it’s so irritating.”

Ethan then turned to leave and Diane immediately followed behind him.

When it came to the things her husband said, she believed in him fully even though sometimes she didn’t know what he meant. But if she waited it out, things would eventually become clear.

Right now.

At the Las Vegas airport.

The Moore family had booked a plane to send several people back to China.

The more aggressive Ethan’s words were, the more Dalton couldn’t wait to slap his face. He wanted more people to go back because he wanted everyone to see that if the Moore family wanted to return, nobody could stop them.


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