Billionaire God of War Chapter 1166

Chapter 1166

“We must only use our own people, including the flight crew.” These were orders from Dalton.

He was very cautious and didn’t dare to be too careless about things.

After expanding overseas for so many years, the number of opponents and enemies that the Moore family had created were not only residing in China. Now they were returning for their future, and also because the Moore family were now able to solidify their position within China and threaten those supremely powerful families.

He could use the identity of the Moore family back then and all their connections to snatch all the resources in the country.

As for their assets overseas, the Moore family already had a firm position in Las Vegas. So if they could get resources from China to help them to go up by another level, that would be even better.

“Mr Moore, the first batch has 106 people, and they’re all Kings Sect’s next generation. They have all boarded and are ready to leave,” reported a subordinate in real time.

“Alright, be careful.”

Dalton repeated the instruction to be careful again and again. He had a bad feeling about this whole thing but he just couldn’t put a finger on it.

He stood at the gallery of the airport and watched as the plane slowly started moving. He suddenly started frowning.

“Something is wrong. I just feel that something is very, very wrong!”

His expression suddenly changed as he watched the nose of the plane slowly rise and was about to take off. He just felt his heart pounding extra quickly.

He reached a hand out and pressed it against the French windows. Blood surged through his body rapidly.

The plane had just started taking off and hadn’t left the runway yet when it suddenly shook violently and made a turn. The nose of the plane smashed hard against the runway and sparks flew everywhere.

This caused a violent explosion that was like an earthquake. Flames shot up into the sky and blinded Dalton, causing his eyes to nearly fall out of his head.

Something really happened!

“Save them!” he ordered as he gritted his teeth.

This plane carried the younger generation of Kings Sect, and a number of them were descendants of the Moore family!

He had planned to let them return to China to gain some experience. But in the end…

The huge flames shone brightly against Dalton’s face. His expression through the windows became intensely threatening. He couldn’t hear the screams of the passengers, nor could he hear the shouts of the rescue team.

The quiet yet terrifying image Dalton witnessed through the window made the murderous look on his face more and more intense.

“Not letting me return…”

Dalton clenched his fists and his knuckles cracked loudly.

He never expected something like this would happen. Who did this? Who was so cruel?


In the north.

Someone had booked the presidential suite of a high end hotel.

As the little princess of the L’Oreal family, Amelia had extremely high standards of living. She wouldn’t never allow anyone to affect her mood even when she was abroad.

Right now, Amelia L’Oreal was seated on the couch and crossed the long legs beneath her short skirt to reveal her beautiful curves.

She was very pretty, with golden hair and blue eyes as well as bright red lips. She was a rare beauty of the west. Her voluptuous figure could compete with supermodels, and just sitting still was already a breathtaking scene.

She sat on the couch and swirled the glass of red wine in her hands. Her long eyelashes fluttered slightly and there was a knowing smile on her face.

“The plane crashed?” she said calmly. “Mr Moore is really dumb by publicizing this so openly. Did he think that his opponents were all people with moral boundaries?”

Amelia L’Oreal looked at the subordinate in front of her and asked curiously, “Tell me, do you think the one who did this was an enemy of the Moore family overseas or someone within China?”


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