Billionaire God of War Chapter 1167

Chapter 1167

Nobody dared to answer Amelia L’Oreal.

Amelia was someone who was too beautiful to touch. It was just her beauty, it was also her identity.

As one of the most important people in the L’Oreal family, her position was extremely high and the respect and reverence her subordinates had for her was much greater than most people could imagine.

Amelia sounded like she was answering her own question as she placed the glass down on the table and said, “I’m guessing it’s within China.”

She turned to look at her secretary. “Have you contacted Palmer Group? I said I’m here to make peace, what’s their reaction?”

“Miss Amelia, they said they don’t mind a discussion.”

“That’s all?”

Amelia was a little surprised.

Just five words. They don’t mind a discussion.

Palmer Group was pretty confident of themselves.

She figured that this plane crash in Las Vegas had cost the Moore family quite a bit and it definitely had something to do with Palmer Group. But she was curious as to how Palmer Group managed to get someone overseas so quickly.

According to the information she had, Palmer Group hadn’t stepped out of the country yet.

“Looks like I’ve underestimated them.”

Amelia stood up. Her tall stature made everyone’s eyeballs feel like they were locked on her.

She looked out of the French windows. “Then we’ll have a discussion.”

“Do you need me to book a time with them for a formal discussion?” asked the secretary quickly.

Amelia smiled and shook her head. “No need. There’s no need to be too formal about a meeting.”

A sly smile appeared on her lips as her hand waved about gently, and her secretary immediately understood what she meant.

At the same time.

News of the plane crash in Las Vegas had already reached Tom Foster.

Tom Foster was already convinced by Ethan a long time ago, but he was still so shocked this time that he was speechless.

Ethan said that the Moore family couldn’t send anyone back, and something really happened.

But he was very sure that Ethan hadn’t done anything to cause this.

In fact, Ethan wasn’t even worried about this matter.

“The Moore family has cancelled their plans to return and they’re handling the plane crash now.” Tom Foster immediately came to report to Ethan once he got the information from Butler Zed. “Apparently two of his direct descendants died in that crash.”

“This is only the beginning,” said Ethan. “We don’t have to worry about the Moore family for the time being. They don’t have any excess energy to deal with us now.”

“Got it,” Tom Foster nodded.

After Ethan said this, he understood.

“We’ve cleaned up pretty much all the illegal circles in this country and we’ve put new rules and order in place. Is there anything else we must do?”

“You can just do whatever is needed,” Ethan laughed as he waved his hands. “I really wish I could retire and not bother about anything. Being with Diane everyday will be enough for me.”

Tom Foster laughed. He really admired Ethan for having such a mindset.

Ethan could have gotten a lot more and he even had the power to control a huge proportion of the resources in the world. But Ethan wasn’t interested at all.

He only wanted Diane, and he only wanted to stay by her side.

“Sure, I’ll settle any small matters directly, and ask you only if it’s absolutely necessary.”

Tom Foster didn’t want to waste Ethan’s time either.

Ethan needed him precisely to solve problems. If he could resolve them, then he didn’t need to trouble Ethan.

Tom Foster left, and Ethan sat alone in the office and felt bored.

Diane was very busy and didn’t have time for him. Recently, she would call Angelica out to go shopping with her and he couldn’t even tag along.

He had to give her space, he had to give her some space.

Ethan always reminded himself of this. Diane was not his private property and she ought to have her own private circle.

But of course, no matter how big or small Diane’s circles were, Ethan was always right at the center.


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