Billionaire God of War Chapter 1168

Chapter 1168

Ethan got up and decided to secretly take a smoke since Diane wasn’t around. He got into the lift and just a few floors down, the elevator stopped.

The door opened and an incomparable woman walked in. Ethan’s gaze didn’t change and just nodded slightly in acknowledgment when she looked at him.

Only two of them were in the lift as it continued moving a few stories down after the doors closed. Suddenly, the lift shook violently.

Ethan remained expressionless as he held a hand against the lift walls, while the other woman paled a little.

“AHH!!” she screamed and felt like the lift was rapidly moving downwards.

“Help!” she shouted loudly. She lost her balance and fell towards Ethan, and he caught her.

The lift suddenly stopped and the lights inside went out, leaving only a warning light on. It continued to flash and made one more panicky.

“I’m…I’m sorry!” A voice came from within the darkness. “I didn’t mean to fall on you.”

“No worries,” replied Ethan calmly.

He helped her to stand properly but she yelped again and said in a pained voice, “My ankle is twisted.”

She then slowly grabbed the handlebars and sat down to rub her ankles. Her face was filled with fear and pain.

“This lift has never caused any problems before.”

Ethan glanced at her. Even in the darkness, he could see clearly what this woman looked like.

A great beauty.

That was the only way to describe her.

She exuded a western sort of charm, and her blonde hair and blue eyes were still considered to be extremely pretty even overseas.

And that curvaceous figure of hers as she suddenly fell onto him earlier would have made any man go crazy.

Ethan wasn’t someone who only cared about looks, but he was still stunned by this woman’s beauty.

“You don’t seem to work in this building,” said Ethan as he looked at her. “Why haven’t I seen you before?”

“Are you able to remember everyone you’ve seen?” asked the woman in return.”

“If I want to remember them, I can.”

“My name is Amelia,” the lady introduced herself as she sat on the floor without caring about what she looked like. She rubbed her ankle as she looked up at Ethan. The lift was rather dark, but she could still make out that silhouette with a tough jawline.

“Can you remember me?”

Ethan laughed and squatted without saying anything. He reached for the woman’s ankle and immediately smiled.

“You’ve tried so hard just to meet with me. If I say I can’t remember you, wouldn’t you be terribly disappointed?”

Amelia’s heart skipped a beat and was rather surprised.

“Alright now, stand up, your foot’s fine. Besides, aren’t you afraid of indecent exposure since you’re sitting on the floor with such a short skirt on?”

Ethan then stood up after saying that. Amelia just laughed. It was so dark, what could he see?

But Ethan had actually seen through her ploy so easily.

She didn’t stand up and just continued to look up at Ethan’s face in the dim light.

“Do you like this sort of informal meeting?”

Amelia knew very well that Palmer Group could come this far not because of Diane or anything else. It was because of Ethan!

Even the Moore family had been chased out of the country because Ethan had been aggressive.

She wanted someone like that too.

“It’s not about whether I like it or not. I don’t want to be alone with other women,” said Ethan as he pressed the button for help. “My wife will get jealous.”

“Will she not want you?” Amelia smiled. “If she doesn’t want you, then I want you. How’s that?”


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