Billionaire God of War Chapter 1169

Chapter 1169

“You’re very humorous,” said Ethan expressionlessly. “But I don’t like such jokes.”

He continued to press the help button and cursed the building management in his heart. They were so enthusiastic about collecting management fees but they were so slow when something happened to the lift.

Amelia continued sitting on the floor and looked up at Ethan as she slowly relaxed.

She suddenly felt that it was quite fun to be stuck in a small and private space with an interesting man whom she could tease.

“This isn’t a joke,” said Amelia. “I’m quite interested in you. Besides, I’m sure I’m even more charming than your wife.”

She was full of self-confidence.

This sort of confidence wasn’t put on and wasn’t a pretense after years of training. This was a confidence that only those in high society and women from truly wealthy families could exude.

Ethan glanced at her. First he looked at her face, then her upper body, then finally the long and straight legs that were now seated casually on the floor.

“Have you heard of this ancient proverb?”

“Which one?”

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” replied Ethan.

He pulled his phone out to find that there was no signal at all.

Ethan turned to look at this woman in front of him. He shrugged and laughed, “You’ve really made very good arrangements. How long do you intend to stay here with me?”

“I just want to chat with you.” Amelia reached a hand out to pat the space in front of her as she smiled brightly and said, “Sit down.”

She wanted Ethan to sit across from her and didn’t seem to care that she was wearing a short skirt. And she didn’t think Ethan would be able to see anything under such dim lighting anyway.

But so what if he could see anything?

That was also part of her plan.

Ethan sat down, but he sat down next to Amelia so that he could avoid seeing what he shouldn’t be seeing.

“Let me introduce myself formally. My name is Amelia, and my full name is Amelia L’Oreal!”

“Mr. Hunt, you have forced L’Oreal to withdraw from China and this has greatly angered my father. So he has sent me here to finish all of you off.”

She spoke about this matter as if it wasn’t anything important. She didn’t seem to care that this was a classified mission.

After all, she couldn’t hide something like this from someone like Ethan anyway.

“Go on.” Ethan was equally calm. The two of them spoke calmly and didn’t sound like they were at each other’s necks at all.

“But after meeting you, I don’t want to harm you anymore. I think you’re very interesting and very charming. I want to take you away with me, and I don’t mind giving Palmer Group the Chinese market,” said Amelia very directly.

They had originally given this market to the Moore family to manage it and to earn part of the bonus every year. After all, there were too many powers involved in L’Oreal Group.

They had no choice. For the sake of this market, they were willing to go all out. This was considered part of the Moore family’s assets, and if anybody wanted to retaliate, the Moore family should have been the one to take care of it.

“You’re quite generous. My wife might be very happy to hear this,” said Ethan. “She will know that her husband is actually so valuable.”

Back then, Angelica was willing to exchange Long Group for him, and now Amelia was willing to use the market share that L’Oreal had in China in exchange for him.

Ethan suddenly felt that he was still not low-profile enough.

Even though he had hidden himself away very well, he was too charming and so it was easy for someone to notice him immediately.

“But Miss Amelia, it seems like you’re still not understanding one thing correctly.”

He looked at Amelia and laughed. “L’Oreal has been chased out of China, so this market doesn’t belong to you anymore. How are you going to use something that doesn’t belong to you to exchange for something else? Don’t you think that’s hilarious?”


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