Billionaire God of War Chapter 1170

Chapter 1170

“The Moore family is useless, but it doesn’t mean that the L’Oreal family is useless too, Mr. Hunt.”

Amelia bent her knees to hug them and suddenly looked rather disappointed as she looked at Ethan pitifully. “You mean I’m not charming at all and I’m not able to move your heart at all?”

Ethan could even see tears really forming in Amelia’s eyes even in this darkness.

But Ethan wasn’t moved at all.

He looked at the lights on the lift and saw that the electricity was coming back on soon. He poked a few lift buttons and the lights came back on.

Ethan immediately stood up.

“If you were an actress, those movie stars would be nothing next to you.”

“The lift doors will open soon. If I’m not wrong, there’s probably a huge crowd outside. You’re alright with exposing your legs to them?”

Amelia immediately got up when she heard him.

Just after standing up, the lift chimed and its doors opened.

There was a whole bunch of people with anxious faces outside the lift. Some had tools while some had phones, and Owen was among them.

“Mr. Hunt!” Owen cried out anxiously. “Oh my gosh I got such a shock! The lift suddenly broke down and I realized you were inside when I saw the CCTV footage!”

He then glanced at Amelia and gulped hard to swallow a mouthful of saliva. He cursed in his heart to show how beautiful he thought she was.

“Mr. Hunt, are you alright?” The manager of the management office was covered in cold sweat. “We check this lift every day to make sure there are no problems, but I don’t know why today…”

“No worries, the weather was bad today and the lift has its own temperament”, replied Ethan casually.

After that, he pointed to Owen and said to Amelia, “This gentleman here is the one in charge at Palmer Group’s north regional office. Miss Amelia, if you need to talk to someone, you can talk to him.”

“You can even talk to him about romance.”

Owen immediately gulped again and cheered for his precious Brother Ethan in his heart.

It was true that as long as he followed Brother Ethan, he would definitely be well taken care of!

Ethan never only thought about himself when it came to sharing good things. He always remembered his subordinates.

With that, Ethan left. He had already made calculations. Since Diane wasn’t back yet, he could smoke one cigarette and brush his teeth six times to make sure there was no cigarette smell left in his breath.

Amelia wasn’t angry at all as she watched Ethan walk away. Instead, she was even more curious about him now.

“Miss Amelia…” Owen smiled. “I didn’t expect you to already be in Palmer Group. We can head to my office for a discussion.”

Amelia glanced at him and nodded slightly. “Sure. Just nice, I want to see what sort of business this Palmer Group is all about.”

The two of them went back into the lift to head for the floor that Palmer Group was on.

Ethan walked out and turned the corner. There were a few people standing there and chatting while smoking.

“Bro, could I borrow a lighter?” said Ethan with a smile. “Oh and could you spare me a cigarette too?”

He lit his cigarette and walked to the other side to call Winston. The call connected almost immediately.

Ethan exhaled a mouthful of smoke and narrowed his eyes slightly. His expression was rather stern.

“The situation isn’t that simple now. More and more people are joining this chess game.”

On the other side of the line, Winston’s expression was equally grim.

He knew what had happened almost immediately, including the plane crash in Las Vegas and also that Miss Amelia from L’Oreal was in the north.

Ethan exhaled another mouthful of smoke and said, “Looks like a lot of people are going to die!”


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