Billionaire God of War Chapter 1172

Chapter 1172

“Miss Amelia, don’t mind me saying this, but that’s not sincerity.” There was a look of self-confidence on Owen’s face. “Palmer Group doesn’t need any branding because Palmer Group is the biggest brand in the country right now.”

“Doesn’t that mean there’s nothing left to discuss?” Amelia got up and her high heels clicked against the floor.

“Of course there are things to discuss. Like I said, it depends on the sincerity of L’Oreal.”

“Is this coming from you?” Amelia walked right up to his desk and looked down at Owen to reveal her curves, but Owen’s eyes didn’t move.

“What do you think?”

“Alright, I get it.” Amelia nodded and didn’t say anymore. She rapped the table twice and turned to leave.

“I need some time to consider this. Bye.”

She pulled the office door open, walked out, and slammed it shut behind her.

Owen took a deep breath, then exhaled deeply and was ready to loosen his belt.

He was about to unbutton one shirt button when the office door was pushed open again, and he immediately sat up straight.

“Next time, I hope to discuss things with Ethan. You’re too weak.”

Amelia glanced at Owen and smiled seductively before slamming the door shut again.

Even though Owen had gone through many storms now, he was still red in the face and even his ears were red. He felt like he had just been insulted.

Any man would feel like he had been dealt a heavy blow if he heard a woman say, ‘you’re too weak’!

Owen took a deep breath and instantly understood that Amelia had purposely walked near to him to reveal her cleavage.

She was telling him that he wasn’t worthy to negotiate with her.

“I can’t hold up against her,” Owen shook his head and sighed. “Who can keep it together in front of such a woman?”

Ethan’s face appeared in his head, so he corrected himself, “There’s one.”

When he thought about Ethan, Owen started laughing again. He sat up straight and there was a smug look on his face.

He knew that he wasn’t as powerful or as charming as Ethan, but…at least he didn’t fear his wife.


Brother Ethan was probably furiously brushing his teeth right now.


At the Moore house.

Dalton’s expression was as dark as the night sky.

“Check everything! Check again! Find out exactly where it went wrong!”

He was deeply enraged.

The plane crash had cost his family heavy losses.

It was a great loss of power, but it was also a tremendous loss of reputation for the Moore family.

Who was behind this? Who was so cruel as to cut off the next generation of the Moore family so viciously?

“No news about Cillian?” Dalton narrowed his eyes and looked at the people around him.

“Not yet. Someone has taken away his body and we’re still hunting it down.”

“Hunt it down!” Dalton narrowed his eyes and he had a bad feeling in his heart. “If he’s alive, I must see him. If he’s dead, I must see his dead body. Either way, you must find him!”

“Yes, Mr Moore!”

He was really going crazy.

On one hand, Ethan had said that if the Moore family dared to send anyone back to China, he would kill anyone who came his way.

On the other hand, the environment around the Moore family overseas had suddenly become very hostile.

The L’Oreal family had become very harsh and wanted to take away the Moore family’s management rights, and bad things kept happening to the Moore family itself.

In just two short days, three important people in the Moore family had been killed.


Dalton didn’t think a young punk could go this far.

But it was clear that the Moore family was involved in somebody’s game. But as to when he had been dragged in, he still had no idea!

His eyes suddenly narrowed violently.

“Ever since Palmer Group started targeting L’Oreal, the Moore family couldn’t escape being involved in this mess!”


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