Billionaire God of War Chapter 1173

Chapter 1173

Dalton immediately figured out who was behind all of this.

He should have known that His Lordship wouldn’t have allowed the Moore family and Kings Sect to return so easily. This wasn’t within his plan at all.

His Lordship wanted to hunt down pages of the manual and needed informants everywhere. Keeping the Moore family in Las Vegas was just one of His Lordship’s many tools.

Even if he wanted to go back, why would His Lordship be willing to let him do that?

Back then, His Lordship had allowed the Moore family to leave the country and head overseas precisely to fulfil His Lordship’s ambition.

And now that His Lordship didn’t need him anymore, His Lordship was going to kick him aside?

If Dalton still hadn’t figured this out by now, he had lived the past fifty years in vain.

“Did you think you could use one Ethan to exterminate my family? My Lord, you are really too full of yourself!”

“And you’ve underestimated what the Moore family is capable of!”

After he sorted his thoughts out, Dalton calmed down instead.

His eyes exuded an increasingly grim coldness. It wasn’t hard to turn this situation around. He just had to…kill Ethan!

He soon reached a decision. Kings Sect had to return!

Even if more people died, Kings Sect had to get someone back into the country to kill Ethan and stir up the martial arts world.

Otherwise, not only was Palmer Group going to make sure that the Moore family wouldn’t be able to go back, but His Lordship would also use this to force him to hand over the technique manual.

They were all wily old foxes themselves, so of course Dalton knew what His Lordship was thinking about.

And the moment he resolved the crisis back home, then L’Oreal would stop being nasty to the Moore family. They would come begging the Moore family to continue managing their Chinese market!

Dalton got up and left the bungalow without bringing anyone along.

At the same time.

Back in China, in the north.

Diane was ready to head back to Greencliff.

Everything in the north was settled, so she didn’t have to stay on anymore.

The road for Palmer Group to expand overseas was now open.

Harold had broken through this area in a short time. Diane couldn’t help but feel shocked at Harold’s abilities. She had learnt a lot from this veteran in the corporate circles.

She returned to Greencliff but Ethan didn’t return with her.

She knew about how Amelia had looked for Ethan but she didn’t say anything about it. She had faith in her man.

More importantly, she had faith in herself.

The two of them didn’t need to say too much to one another anymore to understand each other’s heart.

Diane left for Greencliff, while Ethan headed for Starling City instead.

He felt that the fire burning now wasn’t burning brightly enough.

This couple’s every action was being tracked down by Amelia. She had already arranged for her subordinates to follow their every move

The moment the two of them went separate ways, Amelia didn’t hesitate and immediately followed Ethan to Starling City. It was as if she was never giving up if she didn’t get Ethan.

The two Wren siblings knew early on that Ethan was returning to Starling City.

Ethan was no longer situated in Starling City, but his legend never disappeared.

Everyone knew that the legend of the illegal circle of Starling City was Tristan, but even more people knew that even the powerful Wren family was once on the brink of getting wiped out, and they managed to make a comeback because someone from Greencliff came.

Ethan was now in their car and he glanced at the rear mirror.

Amelia’s car was behind them and was tailing them openly. She even honked a few times to tell Ethan that she had come along.

Tristan focused on driving and didn’t say anything. But next to him, Sabine had a conflicted look on her face.

“Mr. Hunt, you like this western sort of woman?”

“You got it the wrong way round,” Ethan glanced at her. “It’s clear that this sort of woman is following me.”

He waved his hands about. “Sometimes it’s pretty frustrating to have too much charm.”

Sabine didn’t respond to that.

The sort of charm a man like Ethan exuded all over wasn’t something that most women could stand up against.


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