Billionaire God of War Chapter 1175

Chapter 1175

The significance of Kings Sect’s old address was tremendous. Once Kings Sect returned, they would definitely choose this place as their headquarters and absolutely nowhere else.

The price of this estate alone was already enough to put everyone off.

But now Ethan wanted to buy it over and turn it into a farm?

Amelia thought she had heard him wrongly.

She looked at the green grass and found it hard to imagine what it would look like if it were littered with cow or sheep or horse dung.

“Are you just joking?” she couldn’t help but ask.

“I’m not joking,” replied Ethan seriously. “I’ve looked at this piece of land for a long time now but I’ve never been able to decide what to do with it.”

He looked at Amelia. “And now I’ve decided. It’s most suitable to be a farm.”

“What do you think? You’re the heiress to the L’Oreal family, so what do you think of this business deal?”

Amelia stared at Ethan like she was looking at a monster.

Turning this place into a farm wasn’t a business. It was a provocation!

This would provoke Kings Sect and would most certainly provoke the Moore family!

Once Kings Sect got wind of this overseas, they would definitely all come rushing back to skin Ethan, drain his blood and cut all his nerves off!

“I think this is a viable business.”

Amelia took a deep breath. She now looked a little differently at Ethan.

She didn’t continue looking all mesmerized with Ethan and stopped trying to use her eyes to seduce him. There was a wary look in her eyes now.

This man really wasn’t afraid of anything.

“I just knew it, this business is definitely viable,” said Ethan. “So does the L’Oreal family want to work together?”

He looked at Amelia. “This chance only comes once.”

Amelia didn’t say anything and they looked at each other for five whole seconds.

She knew that Ethan wanted an answer from her right now. But the moment she chose not to work with him, then there would be no chance to do so in the future.

This man was really vicious!

“Mr. Hunt, it looks like I’ve underestimated you,” said Amelia. “You purposely drew me to Starling City to talk about this deal, didn’t you?”

L’Oreal wanted to negotiate with Palmer Group and she even wanted to take Ethan away from Palmer Group. But it was clear now that this whole matter was within Ethan’s control all along.

In fact, Ethan had possibly already planned everything from the moment she landed in the north and got out of the plane.

“Our cooperation will not be in the north. L’Oreal has an office in Starling City too, so we’ll start from here.”

Ethan then turned to leave.

Amelia looked deeply at Ethan and clenched her fists gently as she thought to herself, “Father was right. This Chinese man isn’t that easy to deal with.”

This was considered the first time they were confronting each other. Oh wait, this was the second time.

The first time was in the elevator, and she had lost miserably too.

She had dolled herself up and purposely wore very s*xy apparel and even created a chance to be alone with him. In that dark place, even if Ethan did anything to her, she couldn’t fight back at all.

But this man had never even really looked her in the eye.

Being ignored like that was a form of humiliation to a woman.

Ethan walked out and Sabine walked up to him.

“Done discussing?” she asked.

Ethan nodded and pulled a black card out to toss it at Sabine. “I’m buying this place. Turn it into a farm within a week.”

Sabine froze and her entire body stiffened as she held onto Ethan’s black card.


This was Kings Sect’s old address for crying out loud!

This estate alone was worth a few hundred million, and Ethan was buying it to turn it into a farm?


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