Billionaire God of War Chapter 1177

Chapter 1177

Even when Kings Sect left to go overseas, they never had to suffer such humiliation.

Everyone knew that Kings Sect would return someday. That old estate had been left alone in Starling City for many years, and not even those with power and clout dared to touch it.

Ethan was really bold!

“If we don’t kill Ethan, we’re not fit to be humans!”

“If we don’t wipe Palmer Group out, then who would fear and respect Kings Sect?”

All the leaders started shouting away angrily.

They never had any regard for one mere Ethan and didn’t care for one small Palmer Group. They didn’t care if this company was powerful within China. But now they had dared to offend Kings Sect.

Did they think that Kings Sect was a pushover?

“Chairman! Kill that Ethan! My Tigers will do it!”

“Why should your Tigers do it? You conniving bunch, my Snakes are enough to kill him!”

“He’s just a young punk, so there’s no need for all of you to do this. My Monkeys will suffice!”

All of them started arguing and everyone wanted to be the one to finish Ethan off.

“Enough!” Dalton slammed the table and looked at all of them.

“Did you think this Ethan is so easy to deal with?” His voice was thunderous. “Did you think the one behind Ethan is so simple?”

“Killing him isn’t difficult, but what about the person behind him?”

Dalton’s voice was deafening and all twelve leaders immediately shut up.

“This Ethan isn’t the one who’s not allowing us to go back, because he doesn’t have that sort of capability. It’s the one behind him…do you understand?” Dalton continued to shout, “Why did we leave back then to come out here? I’m sure some of you know why. And now we still need permission from that man to go back, are you happy with that?”

Suddenly everyone realized what was actually happening.

It was that man!

So it was His Lordship of Hidden Sect who didn’t allow them to go back?

“I’m not happy about that at all!” The leader of the Dragons stood up first. “It’s already been twenty years and he thinks we’re still as easy to bully as we were before? No way!”

“I’m not accepting this either!” declared the leader of the Snakes loudly. “Kings Sect is now much more powerful than before, so what is he to us? Does he think a young punk would be able to block us from going back?”

“He can dream on!”

All of them started shouting similar things.

They were certain that Ethan was just a representative of Hidden Sect and was just a dog working for His Lordship.

He was preventing Kings Sect from returning because those were His Lordship’s orders.

He could forget about it!

“Listen up, all of you!” Dalton shouted, “That man is not easy to deal with, but it’s not impossible!”

“Kings Sect has been humiliated for twenty years now, and it’s high time we returned!”

He stood up and all twelve leaders stood up too.

“I don’t care what method you use, but find a way back and kill that Ethan! Smite that Palmer Group! Show His Lordship that nobody can stop us!”

“Yes, Chairman!” everyone shouted in unison.

The meeting was dismissed and all the leaders left to make arrangements for their own people.

Dalton’s expression was still as nasty as ever.

The old estate of Kings Sect had been insulted so terribly. It was as if someone had stripped him of all his clothes and flung him out on the street. That sheer humiliation made his face and ears all red.

Even when they had been chased out of the country to slave for His Lordship overseas, he had never felt so insulted.

“Ethan…” Dalton narrowed his eyes. “Did you think you did anything you wanted just because His Lordship is supporting you?”

He clenched his fists hard and his knuckles cracked loudly. The cold and murderous air coming out from him instantly caused the temperature around him to fall by several degrees.

In no time, Kings Sect had reacted to this news.

Dalton had given orders to kill Ethan.

All twelve leaders started making their move.


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