Billionaire God of War Chapter 1178

Chapter 1178

Various highly skilled fighters were at airports all around the world secretly trying to return to China.

“I’m sorry, Mr Makin, but there’s a problem with your passport,” an officer at the immigration counter said with a stern expression. “China does not allow you to enter at the moment, please assist us in our investigation.”

The moment he heard that, the man wearing a cap instantly paled and didn’t say a word. He snatched his passport back and ran off.

The same thing was happening inside several other airports at nearly the same time.

These highly skilled fighters had used the fake identities they had been using for years, but they were unable to get past immigration.

It didn’t matter whether they were travelling by air or by sea. As long as they had to go through some sort of immigration checks, their identities would prove to be a problem. They were either marked as fugitives, or their identities were too sensitive and immigration would notice them immediately.

Some of them were arrested on the spot and were found to have murdered a number of people.

Nobody in any of the twelve sub-sects of Kings Sect were successful in returning to China.

Dalton’s expression was even darker than the night sky now.

“ARGH! Who is the bastard behind this? Who leaked information about our members? WHO?!”

He was really going nuts.

China was just there but his people couldn’t go back in at all.

And his assets within the country had all collapsed already.

Either Harold had attacked it, or it had been sealed off for investigations by the authorities. Everything had fallen overnight.

The Moore family had really become the Moore family that was overseas. They had no more standing back home now.

“I don’t care what method you use! Smuggle yourselves over or take some illegal mode of transport! But you must return! You must find a way!!” Dalton had really gone mad now.

He sent an order to make the leaders think of any way possible. Even if they had to find a really unusual method, he wanted to send a highly skilled fighter back to kill Ethan off!

His reputation, the Moore family’s reputation and Kings Sect’s reputation were all in tatters now!

They couldn’t set foot in China!

Ethan said he wouldn’t allow them to return and they were seriously unable to.

First he suffered a terrible loss in both manpower and reputation with that plane crash. Then immigration started barring all members of Kings Sect. And now, all his assets within China had collapsed.

On top of all that, someone from the Moore family would be assassinated every now and then even as they lived overseas.

The entire Moore family was living in great fear.

Ethan was pushing them into a corner!

Dalton was so angry that his entire body was shuddering. He exuded a tremendous amount of murder and he gritted his teeth fiercely.

“Ethan!” he roared loudly and couldn’t wait to crush Ethan between his teeth.


Back in the north.

Ethan leaned against the sofa. Amelia sat across from him without saying anything. Besides looking surprised, she also looked very wary of him.

“I always remind myself to think more highly of you, but I keep on underestimating you instead,” said Amelia. “Exactly who are you?”

She had used the power of the L’Oreal family to find out the identities of the Moore family and many important fighters of Kings Sect. She didn’t think this information would have been of much use to Ethan.

But Ethan had actually used the immigration counters around the world to bar them from coming back.

He had forced all the members of Kings Sect to find some other illegal method to smuggle themselves back instead.

If he didn’t have sufficient authority, he wouldn’t be able to do this.

Ethan glanced back at her.

“Me?” He said calmly, “I’m just an ordinary person. But even so, all humans should keep their promises.”

“For example, if I say that I want to wipe your entire sect out, then I would definitely make sure I leave no one alive!”

Ethan suddenly started laughing, but Amelia felt herself tense up.

She felt that the one in front of her was a human, but a really terrifying grim reaper!


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