Billionaire God of War Chapter 1180

Chapter 1180

After that second man said that, everyone didn’t dare to say anymore.

They had just heard that someone in this ship wasn’t an ordinary man and he had returned to China via this route.

But they didn’t know who it was and didn’t dare to ask about it. They clearly couldn’t afford to offend this man.

The ship docked and several men quickly put out the bridge. A man on the ship waved and gave a signal so that both sides knew that they were on the same team.

After that, the deck of the boat was opened and many people started clambering out from the cabin. Even in the dim light, one could see that these people were all disheveled with a dazed look on their eyes, and they all smelt terrible.

“Hurry up!” The man on the boat scoffed. “All of you, hurry up!”

He even had a leather whip in his hands and whipped those illegal immigrants like he was whipping animals. None of them dared to protest and just covered their faces without saying anything.

After all the illegal immigrants got out of the boat, someone came to take them away and they all vanished from the jetty.

After that, the men waiting at the jetty walked onto the deck.

A figure walked out of the boat and the men standing on the deck immediately straightened themselves up and had respectful expressions on their faces.

“Mr Lee!”

That figure just nodded without speaking. He walked off the deck and the men followed behind him.

A car was parked a distance away and they quickly ran over to the car.

One of them opened the car door.

“Mr Lee, this way please.”

Lee Chaolan was about to get into the car when he suddenly stopped in his footsteps.

A few figures walked out from the darkness.

“Lee Chaolan, we’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

The one standing right in front was Brother Geoff!

The five or six men behind him surrounded Lee.

“Who are you?”

“We’re here to kill you!” Brother Geoff didn’t bother beating around the bush. “Nobody from Kings Sect is allowed to set foot in China. Kill him!”

Everyone dashed forward and immediately unleashed everything they were capable of without holding back.

A battle immediately ensued.

A scene like this was happening in several other places at the same time. The members of Kings Sect had tried all sorts of methods to get into China, but the minute they set foot in this country, they were destined never to leave again.

Either they couldn’t even get out of their own countries, or they were slaughtered the minute they stepped into China.

After hearing news of this happening, Amelia realized that Ethan was right in saying that she was stupid.

Ethan called the shots in this country.

Kings Sect wanted to come back, but as long as Ethan didn’t give the go ahead, they could forget about coming back.

She felt like she could already see Dalton hopping around in fury.

The Moore family was so powerful overseas, but the sect he controlled didn’t even get the chance to fight Ethan. It was too hard to even get anywhere close to Ethan, never mind actually fighting him.

Perhaps the Moore family had never been so humiliated before.

The news of this happening reached the Moore house, and Dalton’s expression was extremely threatening now.

“Impossible! That’s completely impossible!” he roared. “How could Ethan be capable of doing this? Is he in control of every single illegal circle in the country? How could that be?!”

He seemed to have gone completely mad.

The twelve sub-sects had sent 36 men out, and they had lost contact with 29 of them already.

The remaining ones were probably doomed as well.

To Dalton, China was now like a huge whirlpool. As long as someone from the Moore family or from Kings Sect dared to go back, they would be swallowed up and nobody would even be able to find their bones!


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